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[MoD] Day 1933 // Varna

Day 1,933, 07:35 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

The is the official newspaper of the Ministry of Defence, the Country President’s representative on military matters.

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Battle Orders

(Bulgaria v Turkey) Varna

If you have any suggestions, or queries relating to orders we welcome you to have a look at this page. Otherwise, you can contact Garth Lidlington with any queries.

We encourage UK citizens to /join #MoD on Rizon IRC, where supplies are distributed during critical battles!


Direct link to Live Chat/Strike Room for eUK Military!

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Armed Forces Group

The Legion | Royal Navy | Tank Nation | Funky Militia | Prinny Squad | Royal Air Force

The Armed Forces Group is a collection of Military Units, working closely together to create a powerful, fun and dedicated fighting force for the eUK. Every unit in the Armed Forces Group is interested in developing the military power of it’s members, not their politics, and any of them would make a great choice for anyone looking to join a military unit, safe in the fact that their first priority will be to the eUK.

UK Forums

Almost all of the eUK institutions are based on our official eUK forums. You’ll find several government offers helping you establish yourself here in the eUK, along with the forums having the central role in government, political and military decisions – with The Legion and several Militias having private forums as well. We also have a huge off-topic sections, for games, real life discussion and the ancient Church of Boblo.

Register on the eUK forum and you’ll have access to some great services 😉.

Welcome to the new MoD term, hopefully this month will go as smoothly as last time!


Garth Lidlington

Ministry of Defence


Strength and Honour

Rfeist Day 1,933, 08:13


FragUK Day 1,933, 08:15


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,933, 08:20


Xaeleam Day 1,933, 08:20


Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,933, 08:26


ViciousDeeds Day 1,933, 08:58

Voted o7

Rob Reid
Rob Reid Day 1,933, 10:54


john GB
john GB Day 1,933, 11:07

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mick cain
mick cain Day 1,933, 12:19

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alexg737 Day 1,933, 12:36


Spidey1978 Day 1,933, 15:10

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Xaeleam Day 1,934, 00:29


Ashton Anfinson
Ashton Anfinson Day 1,934, 04:59

You guys are going down, Norway will have her freedom!

fredrikz Day 1,934, 06:03

Don't understand why you care for sørlandet, but loosing you are 🙂

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