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[MoD] Day 1787 - Lithuania Minor

Day 1,787, 03:18 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

Battle Orders

Priority 1: Lithuania Minor

Help Lithuania against Germany! This is one of the reason we helped Lithuania yesterday: the baltic region (which contains 3 of our good friends Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, also known as 'ABC' or the Alliance of Baltic Countries) has been a hotbed of activity, with Germany, Russia and Sweden all looking to gain regions there. Lets return some of the love that Lithuania has given us over the years!

The British Expeditionary Force has gone under some change recently. The full reform can be read in this article by the Country President, Magic Hereos.

We encourage UK Citizens to /join #MoD on Rizon IRC, where you'll get voice and free strike kits during important battles!

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The Ministry of Defence

Count Drakula (Minister)

jamesw (Deputy Minister)



Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 1,787, 03:27

As far as I know it is a TW between Germany and Lithuania and Russia only invaded Latvia to complete the NE missions.

Sharass Day 1,787, 05:47


zDunz Day 1,787, 05:48


Tautis_LT Day 1,787, 05:51

Kain Propan you are correct, but allies of germany are fighting hard. We don`t know is it on purpose or are they just noobs 🙂 anyway we need do to win Lithuania Minor and that would close our war with germany. I have word based NAP with Sweeden so we are hoping to end fron with asgard

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,787, 10:27

Needs more Call to Arms!

Niemand Day 1,787, 14:32

Call to Arms indeed!

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