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[keers repost]mayday, mayday, we need solidarity

Day 1,623, 15:47 Published in Germany Germany by Skalg von Tuari

Dear friends,

This May Day we celebrate our unity as players to strike a blow to the game administration and show them that our wishes cannot be ignored forever without consequences. Constant changes to the economic and military aspects of the game designed to force players to buy gold only turn the game we all enjoy into nothing more than an ego-fest for the real-life super rich.

For the sake of all the good times we’ve had in this game, we are uniting in a day of action against the admins.

We won’t fight for 24 hours. We won’t buy gold. We won’t play your game.

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Rona1d Day 1,623, 16:03


TXPo Day 1,623, 16:43

Internationaler Kampf und Feiertag der Werktätigen für Frieden und Sozialismus o7

Pratama Akbar
Pratama Akbar Day 1,623, 17:14


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