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Quick-start guide

When you first join you shall be taken to the initial page, this page is called your home page and you are able to view important information here. On the right side of the page is your shout box. Shouts from your friends are shown here; there is also a tab on the right showing shouts/orders if you have joined a military unit. More information on military units can be found later in the document.

There are four essential elements every eCitizen must know and practice to eSurvive and thrive:
• Wellness
• Fighting
• Money
• Socialising

WELLNESS: To maintain and obtain wellness, you can:
• Eat food (By clicking on eat food under your wellness on the right hand side of the screen)
• Use energy bars (Gained by doing missions, ranking up or by completing the order of the day)
• Use a hospital on a battlefield (Hospitals are rare now as they are not able to be created anymore and so only rich countries are able to afford them)

FIGHTING: Some things you must know about fighting:
• The amount of health you currently have left (Basically how many times more are you able to hit). Don’t hit more than you can afford to recover.
• Don't fight if your side is above 55% (It is just a waste of influence otherwise)
• Make sure you pick the right side in a Resistance War ( You would be surprised by how many old players pick the wrong side and start “tanking” for the enemy)
• Buy tanks so you can save your bazookas for those rainy days or when there is an important battle on.
• How many clicks it takes to finish off the enemy you are currently on so the enemy actually dies before you run out of wellness. (You mostly have to guess, look at the guys strength, if it is higher than yours assume that it it will take four or five hits to take him out.

Money: Money is important in the game of erepublik. It is used to purchase things that are necessary to survive. Here are a couple of ways to earn money:
• Work in a company of another player
• Selling goods on the market
• Using the monetary market effectively

Gold: Gold is such an important currency that I decided to give it, its own section:
• Gold is earned by getting medals, completing certain missions, buying it with real life money, plying the monetary market or getting it donated to you by other players
• Gold can be used to create new companies, upgrade current companies or training facilities, can be converted to large amounts of currency, purchase a newspaper, used on special deals like buying extra energy bars or bazookas (when the administrators decide to let you buy bazooka parts) or give an extra health boost in the battlefield.

Interaction: Interacting with other players is the highlight of a lot of erepublik players as there are some interesting communities out there. The main methods of communication are:
• Articles
• The IRC (Internet relay chat)
• Forums
• Erepublik wiki

Missions were created to help keep player entertained as well as provide a jumpstart to the things that new citizens get to help them develop in-game. They are also there to help the new citizen experience everything that there is to experience about erepublik.
The complete list of missions can be found here:

Mission 1: Training Day

Strength is important, train every day to increase it.
Train for the first time
Click the train button from your Training grounds
+2 Q6 Weapons

Mission 2: First steps in battle

Increase your military rank by fighting on the battle field!
Achieve the rank of Private
Restore 100 health in 1 day

Click the Fight button on the battlefield.
+1 Energy bar
+10 Q5 Food

Mission 3: A future Hero

Fight until you defeat your enemies to help your country.
Defeat 5 enemies
Go to the battlefield and click the Fight button until you defeat an enemy
+3 Q6 Weapons
+2 Experience points

Mission 4: First Paycheck

Work day after day to increase your wealth.
Get a Job

Go to My Places and click on Get a job
+100 Currency
+2 Experience points

Mission 5: Daily Task

Dedicated players get rewards every day
Complete the Daily task
Everyday you should work and train to complete your daily tasks
+5 Strength
+5 Experience points

Mission 6: Leveling up

Fighting is a good way of earning Experience points and advancing to a higher level
Reach level 5
Work train and fight every day to reach a higher level.
+ 1 GOLD
+5 Experience points

Mission 7: A better place to live in

Have a high quality Town center. It helps you fight more every day
Upgrade your Town center to level 2
Go to your health Buildings and click on Upgrade Town center.
+500 Currency
+2 Experience points

Mission 8: Join the army

The army is about being united and fighting where your country needs you.
Join a Military unit
Go to your Military Unit page to choose your Military Unit
+3 Q6 Weapons
+3 Experience points

Mission 9: Full Membership

Defeating enemies will help you become a full member
Acquire full membership in a Military unit
Complete your recruits orders to become a full member
+1 Energy bar
+3 Q6 Weapons

Mission 10: Every day job

Work and train every day so your country can rely on you.
Work for 2 days
Train for 2 days

+200 Currency
+5 Experience points

Mission 11: Refill your inventory

Need more Products? Go to the market place!
Buy 10 food
Buy 5 weapons

Go to the marketplace tab, select the type of item tab you want.
+10 Q5 Food
+5 Q5 Weapons

Mission 12: Complete your Orders

The army is about being united and fighting where your country needs you.
Complete Daily Order
Restore 300 health in 1 day

Defeat 25 enemies in the daily order to receive a reward
+1 Energy bar
+10 Q5 Food

Mission 13: Rank up

Fight every day to increase your rank
Achieve military Rank of Sergeant
Having a higher military rank will increase your damage in the battle
+1 Energy bar

Mission 14: Strength Up

The stronger you are, the higher your damage will be
Reach 50 strength
Increase your strength to inflict more damage on the battlefield
+10 Strength

Mission 15: Start Production

Work in your companies to produce stock so that you can fight more.
Work in your own Companies
Choose to work as manager in your companies and start Production
+1 Iron Mine

Mission 16: First Weapon Factory

It's easier to take down enemies when you have weapons rather than fighting with your bare hands.
Have 1 weapon factory
Create or buy a weapon factory so that you can start producing weapons.
+500 Weapon raw material

Mission 17: A better place to live (II)

Having a higher quality Town center helps you recover more health per day.
Upgrade your Town center to level 3
Upgrading your town center will allow you to have up to 300 health at a time.
+500 Currency

Getting started
This picture details what the home page looks like:

To access this page just click on the house symbol furthest to the left on the tabs bars. This should take you directly to this page.

Name, experience and citizenship: This is where your current avatar, your name (if clicked on it will take you to your profile page), how much experience you have in the form of a bar and what country you are currently in.

Wellness: Wellness is required to do a lot of things in erepublik, like fighting, working or training. Each of these activities requires 10 wellness points to do. To recover wellness points click on the eat food button located under the wellness.

Amount of currency and gold: This is how much gold and currency that you have currently, which may include many countries’ currency
Missions: Missions are located under your current currencies and completing these missions give many rewards. In-depth information can be found here.

Alerts, messages and logout: If someone sends a citizen a personal message (PM), the citizen that received the pm will receive a notification as a number on the left, which will be located next to a bell shaped icon in the middle. If something happens like a wage increase, a citizen likes or comments on a shout, a new law proposal, and many other things will be received under the bell shaped icon as stated before. The logout button is used to quit eRepublik after you have finished with your session. The game also automatically logs a citizen out after being Idle for a certain amount of time.

Daily orders set by military unit: This is where, if the citizens is part of a Military unit (MU), daily orders of the day will be shown. If the orders are completed, a bazooka and an energy bar will be given as a reward.
Campaign of the day: This is set by the president to alert the general public where he/she would like them to fight normally due to it being an important battle.

News tabs: Clicking on one of these buttons will take the citizen to a particular news tab. Some people still use this way, by just clicking on the link, but also a lot of people prefer to use the shortcut shift + T to access the news tabs and then change the settings to suit them, such as setting the location to the country you are in to receive local news. As this way is suggested as more user friendly, and can save time and effort and is probably easier to do.

Shouts: This is pretty much the same as posting a status update on facebook. Only friends will be able to see these and also you are only able to view your friends. If there is a second tab next to your friend’s shouts, this will be the military unit, in which you have joined.

Find citizen box: If you wish to search for a certain citizen, type their name in here and click enter. This will bring up a list of citizens with the same name and hopefully the one you are looking for.

My Places
This picture details what the my place tab screen should look like with a couple of additional buildings.

To access “My places” click on the “My places" tab located on your list of tabs located at the top of the screen.

The different tabs located to the right of your player’s name are representative of the different buildings located in your places. From the left to right in order are:

Your companies – This is where the companies are created, updated and also where the ability to work as a manager and sort out the employees you may have.

The box directly underneath the tabs is your job tab. This is where you may work and earn money for yourself.

The addition symbol (+) next to where it says companies allows you to purchase additional buildings for example additional food factories or raw material factories

The minus/subtract symbol (-) allows the user to sell buildings or dissolve them for half of their cost.

The arrow pointing upwards allows the user to upgrade their food or weapon companies for a sum of gold.

Underneath this box where it says “My companies” are where your companies are located.

The left column shows the companies that you currently own.

The “Work as Manager” column allows you to work in your own company at no extra cost besides for the usual 10 health penalty. This can only be done once per day. If you have more companies than you do health as long as you have food in your storage you shall be able to work as the food will automatically consumed to provide you with the health needed to work. Click on the head to decide on which companies to work in. They will be replaced with green people if you have already worked in them today or if there is a bug with the system.

The employee’s column allows you to distribute the work force that is currently working for you.

Underneath this column where it says “Employees assign” the left number details how many employees are needed and the right number is how many are available

The final two columns let you know how many raw materials are needed and the final products that will be produced allowing the player to plan what they need to buy and if they have enough storage space.

After you have chosen all the options you wish to use click on the “Start Production” button to commit the actions.

Training Grounds
The second tab is the training grounds tab where all the strength buildings are.

These buildings can be used the same way as if you were a manager. Beware of the gold cost of some of the training centers.

The addition symbol allows you to purchase more training grounds, like the ones that require gold to use.

The next tabs located on the tabs bar are your storage and health buildings respectively.

Items that are located in the storage tab of you’re my places page are shown here:

(Ignore the toolbox, it has been removed from the game)

There are 5 different types of food. Q1 food restores two wellness points for every one consumed, Q2 food restores 4, Q3 restores 6, Q4 restores 8, Q5 restores 10 and Q6 restores 12 health

Weapons are used in combat when you fight on the battle field. The higher the Q level the more damage it is capable of doing

Food raw materials and weapon raw materials:
These items are able to be used to create food or weapons if you have the appropriate company.

Weapons of mass destruction, they are capable of doing 10000 influence per hit and 1 hit kills on the battlefield. They also have three uses each.

Energy Bars:
Recovers full wellness points when one is used.

Health Buildings
The page details the amount of health able to be recovered by the player.

With each building purchased or town centre upgraded the max about of health able to be recovered increases.

This picture details what the market tab should look like:

To access this page click on marketplace under the market tab.

Items that are for sale: Lists the items that are for sale. A description of most of these items can be located under the inventory section.

Houses: Unable to be produced anymore but recovered a small amount of health per day.

Tickets: Unable to be produced anymore, allowed the user to move countries at the cost of wellness. It is now cheaper to use citizen currency to move countries.

Hospital: Unable to be produced anymore, but restores a small amount of wellness to the user. (Only able to be used on a battlefield)

Defence systems: Unable to be produced anymore. When used on a battlefield, it produces a small amount of influence for the person who uses it.

Monetary Market
This picture details what the monetary market tab should look like:

It is accessed under the market tab.
The random erepublik add on is an add on that is able to be downloaded for a web browser so it probably won’t show up for the ordinary user.

What you are buying using what currency: The two tabs are labelled buy and sell, under the buy tab are all the currencies listed in the game along with gold. Choosing a currency allows the user to see what offers are on the market at the time.

Under the sell tab are the currencies that are currently located in the user’s account which the user can then use to buy other currencies with.
Show my offers and post new offers tab: These tabs take the user to a different screen from which the user is able to put up offers.

*WARNING* When setting up and offer keep an eye on what you are selling and at what price it is at. The first time I tried to use it I set up 5g at 0.01 IEP which isn’t very smart as many players will tell you and it is waste of gold.

Amount of currency: This is the amount of currency and gold located in the citizens account that has relevance to what offers of currency are being looked up.

Job Market
This picture details what the job market should look like:

Can be accessed under the market tab.
Daily Salary: The amount of money earned each time you work there.
Apply: Joins the company.

This picture details what the citizen’s profile page looks like:

It can be accessed by either clicking on your citizen’s name or another citizen’s name.

Location: This is where you are located at the current moment. Click on change next to locations, which is located under your profile picture

Citizenship: This is what nationality you currently are. To change your citizenship, move to your designated country and click change to apply for another citizenship.

Political party: This shows what political party your citizen is currently in.

Military unit: This shows what military unit your citizen is currently in.

Press Director: This is under your profile page and shows the newspaper your citizen owns.

Overview and account tabs: Overview is the default tab. The accounts tab shows a detailed list of what currencies you currently own.

Experience: How much experience your citizen currently has earned.
About me: A user created description about you.

Achievements: Also know as medals; an in-depth explanation about each of these can be found here.

Military skills: How much strength and rank points a citizen has. An in-depth explanation can be found here.

One of the main features of erepublik is fighting. To gain additional resources your country has to expand its borders which can only be done through fighting and capturing regions.

This tab can be accessed by clicking on wars at the tab at the top of the screen.

Campaign of the day: This is set by the president to alert the general public where he/she would like them to fight, normally due to it being an important and vital battle.

All wars that are currently happening in Ireland: Lists all the battles that Ireland has a direct influence on and is not through and MPP.

Allies campaigns: These are battles in other countries that can be participated in from the country you are currently in via a MPP (Mutual protection pact). Basically an alliance between countries.

All wars: Lists all the wars that are being held all over the eWorld

The battlefield
This is where the majority of the fighting takes place. The rest of it is done on the IRCs, forum, via personal messages and other means of communication.

Battlefield: Says which region the current battle is being held in.

Crowns: Each crown represents a round or a battle. The blue ones are the rounds won by the side you are fighting for and the red crowns are the ones won by your enemy. First to 8 rounds wins the battle and captures the region

The bar: This is a representation of how the battle is going. If the bar has more blue in it, the battle is currently going in your country’s favour. If the bar has more red in it, the battle is currently going against you. The numbers on the bar represents how many points the country you are fighting for has currently earned by keeping the bar in your favour, the first side to get to 1800 points is the winner of the round.

BH Friend: Battle Hero (BH) is an award given to the person who does the most influence in a battle on one side. This person receives a medal and is given five gold at the end.

BH Enemy: Same as above.

Military units
Military units are a fairly new update introduced by the administrators. The main reason to join a military unit is the bonuses that are able to be received. When an order is set via the military unit, if you are able to kill 25 enemies in one day you are able to receive a energy bar and a bazooka.

This page can be accessed by clicking on the military unit tab located under community.

Recruit’s orders: This is what must be done to become an official member of the military unit.

Order of the day: Completing the order of the day rewards the person with a bazooka and a energy bar.

Commander: The commander of the military unit is able to set the orders of the day and the recruit’s orders. The commander is basically the leader of the military unit.

Captain: The captain of the regiment is able to set the order of the day for the regiment. The captain is elected by the members of the unit every month.

Members: This shows who is currently in the military unit.

Companies are a major part of erepublik as this is where everything is produced from food to weapons. Also when used correctly companies can be a major source of income.
Companies can be divided into two different types, raw materials and Factory companies. Raw material companies produce raw material which factory companies are used to produce food and weapons.

Resources are vital for the production capacity of companies. The more various types of resources a country controls the greater the output of every citizen’s companies. Detailed information can be found here.

There are 10 resource types in total, 5 for food and food raw materials and 5 for weapons and weapon raw materials.

For food there are:


For weapons there are:


Each country can have as many of resources that they can conquer or keep. Each of these resources are assigned to regions throughout the eworld. They are worth a 20% production bonus each but they only count once. For example country A has a grain region and country B has two grain regions. They will both have the same resource bonus of 20% towards their food and food raw material production.

Purchasing Companies

Clicking on companies for sale under the market tab takes you to this page.
Types of companies for sale: Only food and weapon companies are able to be bought and sold.

Country: Located in the top right of the screen under the tabs is a small drop box. The flag represents which countries market you are currently in.



The government is in charge of the country. The positions of government are all player made besides for the country president and congress. Therefore only the country president and congress members are the ones who have the real power. As mentioned before all ministry positions are made up by players to split the work load they have when president.

Positions of government

Country Presidency, CP - The CP holds the highest amount of authority in the nation, his primary duty is of course to govern the country. He may focus on the military aspect, by perhaps assigning the Irish Army to certain tasks, reforming the state of the Irish Army, set up some kind of cooperation between the different military units in the country or even break them down. He might focus on the foreign affairs aspect, by setting up negotiations, bonding with new allies, or older ones, planning cooperation with nations or quite the opposite. He is, in short, involved in all aspects of government.

Vice Presidency, VP - The duty of the Vice President is to assist the president in everything he does, give a second opinion on things, and step into the shoes of the president when the president can't be present. Perhaps the president decides to take a trip? Well, should that be the case, the Vice President would take over from the president, and govern the country, until the president should return. He is the closest associate of the president in the government.

Chief of Staff, CoS - The Chief of Staff is the line of communication between the president (Or Vice President, should that be the case) and the rest of the executive government. Many people associate the work of the Chief of Staff with the army, but this is however not necessarily the case. The Chief of Staff may assign the ministers to certain duties planned by the CP/VP, for example. It is also his duty to make sure that the ministers are doing their job, and should they not he has the authority to warn them, Should they still not fulfil their duty, he might even remove, and perhaps replace, them, should the CP/VP comply.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MoFA - The MoFA is the nations face outwards, to the rest of the world. He assigns, take care of, and should he want, removes or replaces ambassadors. He negotiates with foreign governments, ensures his nations integrity abroad, and keeps good, and bad, relations safe. There will be a deputy in this ministry assisting the minister in his work.

Ambassadors - An ambassador has the quite simple task to communicate with a specific country assigned to the ambassador by the MoFA. This involves chatting on their IRC channels, partaking in discussions on their forums etc. The ambassador may forward messages of lesser importance to the nation in question's government, and possibly even partake in negotiations with the nation.

Ministry of Defence, MoD - The MoD is the highest authority, after CP and VP, in the army of the nation. He makes sure the army is organized and functioning, assigns the army missions, constantly works to improve it, and keeps the recruitment going. He may for instance deploy the army to strike for an allied country, appoint people positions assisting in his work or discharge inactive or potentially harmful soldiers. There will be a deputy in this ministry assisting the minister in his work.

Ministry of New Citizens, MoNC - The Minister of New Citizens has one primary task. To keep newer citizens motivated and going. He is to publish guides, communicate with the citizens, attempt to get them to IRC, help them with any potential questions and such.

Ministry of Immigration, MoI - The Minister of Immigration has the task to accept or deny individuals seeking to acquire Irish citizenship. He is to asset all the requesting individuals and make a judgement whether or not they are deserving of Irish citizenship. This is mainly to battle potential political takeovers from hostile nations.

Ministry of Community, MoC - The task of the MoC is to keep the activity of our dear community going, by for example setting up games in for example articles, our forums, IRC etc, holding contests and taking care of the Citizens Awards.

Ministry of Communications, MoCM - The duty of the MoCM is to keep the different military units in the country communicating with each other, coordinating damage, perhaps setting up common ways of communicating, such as IRC channels or even forums. He works closely with the MoD to organize the damage in Ireland, and make sure that the military unit knows what the nations priorities are. [1]

The 25th of every month, congress elections are held. Congress members are given 5 gold and a medal after being elected. Congress members have the ability to propose laws as well as vote on the laws proposals. They are also able to give out citizenships to those who apply for them.

Political parties
Only members of the top 5 political parties may run for congress. To run for country president you must be nominated by at least one political party. Political parties are a way of expressing personal views about politics.

This page allows the user to view data about the political situation in their country. Besides for the top buttons namely show all members and resign. The party president if the leader of the party. The powers that the party president has include:

• The ability to run a party member for a presidential election or support another parties candidate

• Changing the name, avatar and description of the party.

A citizen is able to apply for congress by clicking on the candidate button located under the congress section of the page.

Getting to know people is helpful in the world of erepublik. Besides for being able to give advice and support you are able to make friends and make erepublik more fun. Some ways of contacting people are listed below.

The easiest way to communicate with people on erepublik is by using what called an Internet Relay Chat also known as the IRC. [4]

Details about it can be found here:

Forums are another easy way of communicating about erepublik. The Irish forums can be located at:

To find other countries forums and IRC channels there is a erepublik wiki page dedicated to it:

The erepublik wiki is a vast source of information including erepublik history, details of each country, individual citizens, military units and more all created by the players themselves. The link to the wiki is:

Useful links.

Erepublik Jargon: [2]

Erepublik Tips: [3]

List of useful articles for new citizens: [5]

Table of contents that link to other erepublik guides that I have written and some others that other people have written:

eCanadian new citizens guide: Information Index - ECanada Wiki
eAmerican new citizens guide:

Resistance War helper:

Hints and Tips
General Tips
• Work, train, make friends, have fun. Don’t give up. The game is fun if you don't let the "little minded" people belittle you (Lanyislost
• Come on the irc and chill (xNosferatux
• Usually do not use weapons, work on your economy side until you can get enough food to be self sufficient, join the forums, make use of the free stuff threads and find some kind of community to be a part of. People who last tend to last because they are part of a community, whether it is political or military or w/e (Dan Moir
• Save your gold, don’t spend it on wars, health packs or others things. Different companies when he have some companies for to sustain him economy, he can do anything he want with that (Aldea Oculta de la Hoja
• The best advice would be, be on IRC as long as you can (ave-imperator
• o7 is supposed to look like a guy saluting, IRC is the best way to communicate, IRC is the biggest time waster I have ever known (Patrick O’Leary
• Save gold for companies. Join a militia to get daily supplies and to try and get as involved in the community as they can (Jade Anon
• Save gold for 3x Q2 Food, and one Q5 wep factory. Buy raw industry only for local currency. Join military to get more wep and food, and for the love of God join the chat or you will die from boredom. The goals you need to reach are: 1) Enough food for all your daily hits. 2) Enough weapons. 3) All the training boosters every day. Collecting all the medals is also a nice goal for a new player. And it is doable in a reasonable amount of time. (Igorb31
• If you have too many small companies you end up spending all your time working and not being able to fight much, this game is built on war now days not economy so it becomes counterproductive. (Raw Materials )Q4 is the cheapest for non gold buyers, but only effective for manager work, only Q5 companies are worthy of employees (Henry The 8th

Military tips
• <srg91> I usually puts 400k at the start showing i mean business that usually puts some BH hunters off cause they see it as your medal then at the end with 10 min to golog on again and see if anyone wanna snipe you if they are 100k off you <@Schoft> or already did <@srg91> assume they will snipe you check if they are online if they are keep waiting until the last 2 minutes and add damage to useless battles there are a lot of factors actually anyone who has more than 40 BH had a lot of misses and close calls they are more experienced unless they are just rich then it’s just pretty much tanking and tanking and tanking but some other players usually relate to snipe idea is put damage out first to mean commited business this drives off majority of the BH hunters then come back online in the last 10 minutes to see who else has committed look their stats up strength, ranking, and BH medal amount, and if they are online the more bh they have the more likely they will snipe you but most new players will snipe in the last 5 minutes whilst the older players will snipe literally in the last seconds (srg91 and Schoft

Political tips
• Try to interact with fellow citizens, you will never get elected for congress, party president or country president if you don’t talk and let people get to know you. (Darragh Davis

Economical tips
• Work on getting a few Food RM companies and then some Q2 Food Company, after that work on weapon supplies. If they get that far they will have a good grasp on the game. Stick with Q1, unless there's an upgrade offer going on. I always wait for them. (EZStreet and Wally Cleaver

Works Cited
[1] ChewChewShoe, "[Chewie] The Cabinet - Duties and Applications," The Crossover, vol. I, no. 12, p. 1, November 2011.
[2] Sean Power, "eRepublik Glossary : Understanding eRep "Game-speak"," The Gateway Drug, vol. 1, no. 46, p. 1, July 2010.
[3] Veruvia, "[ESO] Five Top Tips for New Players," Dramatis Persona, vol. unknown, no. unknown, p. 1, November 2011.
[4] MrConwayTwitty, "[ISF] Guide To The IRC," The Irish Social Front, vol. 1, no. 2, p. 1, October 2010.

*Note* As you can probably guess it is difficult to write a tutorial for erepublik due to the ever changing game mechanics so when this is published some parts of it may be rendered obsolete but I will try to update it as soon as possible. I have also written other bits an pieces to help new players so just browse through all my articles by clicking on the newspaper name at the top of the webpage if interested. My other articles aren't even close to as long as this one or at least I don't think so.



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Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,645, 22:04

voted and subbed, amazing guide

W.A.R Day 1,645, 22:09

LOL @ "random erepublik add-on "
Was it so hard to turn off the script while making print screens?

green insect
green insect Day 1,645, 22:42

the best article for new players ever

Irasian Day 1,646, 01:10

@Fremenul, yes, yes it was ; )

Irasian Day 1,646, 04:00

@Mike Ontry
I think I will probably ditch the google doc as I find that most people prefer to stay on-site to see these things (guides that is)

ChewChewShoe Day 1,646, 04:08


Kansas67 Day 1,646, 07:39

Comment deleted

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