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Independent Party is a unique party since it´s members are completely Independent and aren´t centrally governed. So having the party-president as a spokesperson to help form a government is quite a challenge.
We have asked all our Congress members their opinion about all the different forms of coalitions that could be made (using Boklevski´s article as outline).
I want to stress to the formateur that these figures are absolute, meaning that if 1 congress-member disapproves with a certain form of coalition, this seat must NOT be counted in the total seats of the coalition-government. Independent stays Independent!

Remember, this isn´t a Party-verdict, but a mere accumulation of individual opinions about this present moment. It does not say how the Independent Party thinks about specific parties. Conclusion drawn upon these figures we see as pure speculation, and the sole responsibility of the person drawing these conclusions.


Big parties+IP

approve: 3
neutral: 5
dissaprove: 0

right wing coalition

approve: 4
neutral: 3
dissaprove: 1

left wing coalition

approve: 2
neutral: 3
dissaprove: 3

Small party government

approve: 2
neutral: 2
dissaprove: 4


approve: 4
neutral: 3
dissaprove: 1

when asked what would be your First choice:
3 x right coalition
2x big parties+IP
1x left coalition
1x centre-left coalition

when asked what would be your second choice:
2x big parties+IP
2x left wing coalition
1x right coalition
1x centre-left coalition

Would you take place in government?
yes: 6
no: 0
maybe: 2

Generally speaking: a right wing-coalition seems the most favored at this moment, followed closely by a big party-coalition. A center-left coalition also seems a proper cause for most IP-congress-members. Less popular are Left wing coalition (maybe CPNL is considered too fresh on the scene for now?) and least favorite is a small party government.

We hope this helps in the forming of a coalition.

Daniel Parker
Party President Independent Party
Vice Party President Independent Party
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