[ICF] Change is Needed in Ireland!

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We at the ICF believe that change is needed in this country. Ireland is continuing down the road of stagnation and weakness. We at the ICF are only party pushing for radical reform of Ireland for the better.

-Erepublik is a Game-

At the ICF we recognize Erepublik for what it is – a game. We would like to see attitude change in Ireland to reflect this. Many citizens in Ireland are too serious about matters. Neutrality and isolationism are boring. There is nothing wrong with waging war for war’s sake, or moving and fighting in a war for experience and fun. Some citizens dismiss our economic views based upon their real life views. They again fail to realize that this is a game. Limited amounts of communism and State control of the economy can be very successful. Citizens of Ireland need to start treating Erepublik more like a game.

-A Strong, Economically Powerful Ireland-

At the ICF we believe in expanding the role the government plays in the industry. We will start to push for a higher income tax to bring more revenue for the government. Through this revenue the government can set up and maintain more State companies, providing high wages and plentiful goods for Irish citizens. This will also allow us to better equip and fund our military for the defence of Ireland from conquest and political takeover. For more details on our economic plan please see our manifesto.

-Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum-

At the ICF we believe in expanding our military capability and action, and making Ireland a larger player in the world. Do you want to listen to the defeatist views of our current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eamon_de Valera?

They will talk about needing to put eIreland on the international stage, something that is simply impossible to do, due to our size and lack of RM that make this nation less popular than the larger nations.

NO! Ireland should rise up from weakness! The attitude for far too long has been that unless we are neutral and isolationist, we will be subjected to the wills of stronger countries, or conquered. This is not the case! There is a middle path! Ireland can be a nation that stands proud with her allies on the international stage, and on the battlefield.

Only with the overthrow of the current government can these dreams be realized. On June the 5th, cast your ballot for change. Cast your ballot for a stronger Ireland.

The Irish Citizen Front

The Irish Citizen Front. The only party fighting for a stronger Ireland, and stronger Irish citizens.