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[Glove] Are you Not Entertained?

Day 1,983, 17:17 Published in USA USA by GloveisLove


The waves are coming. You have a Romania that has joined TWO and an Eden that is quickly collapsing. These are the times where great things can be done, or great calamity occur.

We are widening the corridors and adding more lanes.

There is great uncertainty in the world, and times like these require a great leader. I think for a long time, we have been blindly accepting a monochromatic, repetitive, and quite simply---boring, leadership style.

I could go on and say what I think would be the appropriate choices to make, but instead, I challenge all presidential candidates to answer my questions, the one with the best response will get my endorsement, of what value that may be.

As of now I know of three presidential candidates, so I will list them:

Dr Luis Sentieiro

I will add to this list as I become more aware of any other candidate(s).

In honesty, I am familiar with all three of you, but many of us are not, and as so I think this public forum serves some good. So my questions are as follow:

Question 1: Why should I vote for you?

Question 2: What are your thought on Romania, is it okay to go to war with them directly, even after all we've been through?

Question 3: Do you think we should rekindle with Canada, if not, why?

Question 4: Do you accept Dio as your one and only God Emperor?

Question 5: If you could bang any eRep chick, who would it be?

Question 6: Who posed a greater evil in their prime, the USWP or S.E.E.S?

Question 7: What will you do for D2 fighters such as myself?

Question 8: Will you promise me a direct war, I grow rather tired of training wars and neutrality?

Question 9: Will you let Pfeiffer in your cabinet, if not, why?

Question 10: What are your thought on Ronald Gipper Reagan?

Question 11: How would you envision a world with an active Max Mcfarland II, a Josh Frost, and a Glove?

Question 12: Who was your most favorite eUSA president, why?

Question 13: What have you done within the last 30 days of value?

Question: 14: What do you consider your most monumental achievement here?

Question 15: Who would you reach out to in foreign affairs? Where do you see CoT going and do you think we really have a place in it? If so, provide examples of CoT and USA prideful moments/benefits.

Question 16: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Question 17: Will you join my harem?

Question 18: What are your thoughts on the JCS?

Question 19: If you could change one thing in eRep history, what would it be?

Question 20: How many times have you watched Fight Club?

Question 21: What did you think of this video?

Question 22: Am got meme?

Question 23: Do you think we should continue "Unity" Elections, if so, for how long and why?

Question 24: Where did TERRA go wrong? How can we avoid this in COT?

Question 25: Will you give us a purpose? What do you envision for the eUSA?



GameChanger Day 1,983, 17:21

Good questions, I hope they are answered!

Cubby Day 1,983, 17:27

If these questions are all answered: Glove = Epic.

Cubby Day 1,983, 18:23

Just to prove that it can be done (and should be) I answered the questions. These are the correct answers, by the way. No cheating!

Candor Day 1,983, 17:30

I'm sure the world would be safe with any of those three. But what the nation has sorely missed in these times of "Unity" is vision and storyline. A leader who can entertain in a game meant to be entertainment.

Someone who can bring back some energy and inspire the nation to be excited to follow, edge of the seat fun. What will happen next?

Forget the "greatest POTUS ever lists". I'd like to see a list of "Most FUN POTUS ever". Cause no one's been much fun in many, many months, if most have been mechanically ok.

Dogpyle Day 1,983, 17:59



Cubby Day 1,983, 18:24

I dare you:
Just to prove that it can be done (and should be) I answered the questions. These are the correct answers, by the way. No cheating!

Tenshibo Day 1,983, 18:56

I usually don't respond to Glove, because no offense to him or his supporters, but since I've been here, he's been kind of a troll.

This isn't that. These seem like a range of quality and fun questions, which I'll respond to him an article this weekend.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,983, 19:07

None of the current list inspire anything in me but a yawn.

I'd vote Glove.


fingerguns Day 1,983, 19:19

I think every individual should make demands of all the candidates.

Cubby Day 1,983, 19:27

me too!

LordOther Day 1,983, 19:40

I am not a dioist I am a gloveist

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 1,983, 19:44

Gauis Julius most fun president ever loved his articles loved his personality, loved how damn sneaky crafty Emerick was. He played those indos

chickensguys Day 1,983, 20:29

Voting Glove >.>

Galaad Blancas
Galaad Blancas Day 1,983, 21:22

You again?

Go home, you are drunk!

GregoryG Day 1,984, 00:01

Glove there is no uncertainty. We know exactly what will happen.

JyM23 Day 1,984, 17:56

You mean like the Greek MPP?

Alfadi Day 1,984, 07:52

Nice gif right there

Now off to listen to Gladiator theme song

Tiacha Day 1,984, 08:00

I'll be waiting for the answers from each candidate. I love these questions!

klop123 Day 1,984, 11:31

The correct answer to #3 is yes.

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,984, 11:33


JyM23 Day 1,984, 17:52

Good article, big vote.

Mamihlapinatapai Day 1,984, 18:27

I did not read but I bet it says something about joining EDEN, leaving CoT, invading México, love Canada, Help Argentina.

GunsAreTooQuick Day 1,984, 21:29

sorry, gays are not allowed here

Mamihlapinatapai Day 1,985, 05:19

you entered my profile? owned! No country for you

Evil.Elvis Day 1,984, 23:39

some of these questions are brilliant.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 1,988, 07:07

I wouldn't want to be confined with Pfeiffer in a whole house, let alone something as small as a cabinet.

What a nightmare that would be.

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