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[FedPP] Dunks for Federalist PP!

Day 1,876, 15:37 Published in USA USA by Duncan Crowe

In just two short days, the Fed PP Primary will be posted on the forums.

Please, read my campaign article and consider making an informed decision to vote for me, in the primary, on the 10th.


Part I - Introduction

Fellow Federalist Party Members (and non-Feds too :3),

If you don't know that much about me, for almost five months now, I've had the awesome opportunity to enjoy myself and work within the Federalist party to completely integrate myself with all party affairs. I've done as much as possible to improve the standing of this party, and I hope you were satisfied with my last Party President term.

Last month, it was a joy to lead the Federalist Party, with the help of my overwhelming intelligent and hardworking staff. I continue to be surprised by the dedication, work-ethic, and moral of the Feds.

I care for the Federalist community, and I want to continue to help them succeed in the role of PP. I hope you look at my run as opportunity for you to re-elect a dedicated, active, and supporting candidate to be your PP.

Please, consider the other candidates equally, but remember...

I'm Duncan 'Dunks' Crowe, and I'm campaigning to the the Federalist PP for the month of January!!

Part 2 - Strategy

Right now, I am confident that I have a very good understanding of how the Federalist Party works, and what it can do. Likewise, I do see a vast number of ways in which our party could be improved.

I don't want to exert an iron-fist of dominance and force the Feds into submissive policies, or something that they don't want to do, but my leadership strategy has always been to encourage certain ideas, and push for those ideas as much as possible, without feeling as if I am stifling other viewpoints.

So, my strategy will be to listen to all viewpoints in a fair light, and then make the decision on what would be best for the party. I will add my own ideas into the mix, and use my administration as a "think tank" and well as using them to consider all my ideas.

I'm very active, as well as hard-working, so an additional point of my strategy will be to utilize these two aspects of my personality to best serve the Federalist Party.

The below section will elaborate on many of my ideas and goals. If you're not yet bored to death by this wall of text, continue reading 🙂.

Part 3 - Ideas/Goals

If elected, I will do the following:

->Continue Rapid Recruiting Rate

Currently, we're the #1 legit party in the eUnited States. However, we are not yet truly #1 in the in-game rankings.

So, one of my goals will be to get us in the #1 ranking spot, by actively and aggressively encouraging brainwashed AFA members to join the Feds. I will continue AHH, which encourages members to join the Feds.

I will work towards getting at least 600 members under my PP administration!

->Continue Major Fed Media Influence

In the past, the Feds have been a very dominant and influential voice in the media.

Through current Media Director OneTakeTony, as well as the Media staff, I will encourage frequent posting to keep at least 1 Fed article in the top 5 every three days.

In addition to this, I will post my own Fed articles and maintain a very transparent administration.

->Continue Fed Radio

Fed Radio was a very awesome thing last term, and I think it's imperative that we keep this program running into my new administration.

Founding this program and co-Hosting it was a pleasure, and I will work on improving it for next term.

->Continue Helping Newbs

AHH, a very important newb program, continues to help newbs establish themselves in the community.

It is great to help newbs in this way, and it's something I want to continue doing!

->Create New Programs

-RR - Recruiting Rewards
>>I want to establish a program that rewards players that encourage their friends and/or just random people to join the Feds. I know some of you are already doing that, and I love you for it. I just want to encourage everyone to recruit.

-NM - Nub Mentoring
>I know a lot of Feds have significant game knowledge, but I want to create a program that allows all Feds to gain experience in this party. I know we have a strong leadership population now, but this game is rapidly evolving with many different aspects and we need to prepare our newbs.

-FDoE - Feds Department of Education
>>If elected, I will work to integrate the party with the national DoE and as well as keeping our forums full of edumacational stuffs made by our own members. I'll appoint a director to work on this.

As well as all of the above, I plan to...

->Inspire Activity on IRC and the Forums
->Encourage Voters to Vote Fed
->Push IRC Meetings
->Actively recruit and encouraging p/h
->Inspire a new generation of leaders

Part 4 - Leadership Team

Now, I know that I can not lead alone. So I’ve created a team of amazing Feds to help me.

My Cabinet

VPP - Jefferson Locke
CoS - Tiacha

Department Directors:

Political - AlexJ1890
Recruitment - Logamac
Retention - Exploration
FBI - HarryHill (EZC) /Stewy (Forum)
Media - OneTakeTony
FOP - GreeKM4N

Part 5 - Conclusion

Feds, I'd be honored to be your PP for the 2nd time. If you do not know how my first term went, read this article.

Please, considering voting for me in the Federalist Party Primary on the 10th. If you’re not in the Feds., let this serve as an example to the awesomeness of the Feds.

If you're a Fed and not running, you can still get involved in the race by
asking your PP candidates questions!

Question Thread

See my answers here.

Please vote, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed!


Fed. Party Page -
Fed. IRC -



Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,876, 15:41

first reserved for fed p/h

Jetsmets Day 1,876, 15:52

What's the difference between NM and FDoE?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,876, 16:16

ENDORSED old friend! o/

Bucephalus92 Day 1,876, 16:46

RGR, back to pretending to endorse people that you have little to no contact with? I have to admit if I was you I would probably find doing that deliciously hilarious.

Candor Day 1,876, 17:14

Good luck!

(and do continue the radio show!)

7etracampeon Day 1,876, 19:13

dRunks will be better.

Sejanus Saturninus Lex
Sejanus Saturninus Lex Day 1,876, 19:22




Kody5. Day 1,876, 22:48

I believe the media director is one sky unless you changed that.

I endorse this candidate o/

Devil.s.Dance Day 1,876, 23:19


Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Day 1,877, 01:44


One Sky
One Sky Day 1,877, 04:22

p/h dunks

Jasher Day 1,877, 05:09


fingerguns Day 1,877, 06:25

You've been an excellent PP


Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist
Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist Day 1,877, 11:34

+1 fingerguns!


Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 1,877, 13:10

ReDunk the FEDs!!!!!!!!


Joe Crowe
Joe Crowe Day 1,877, 14:36

total support

Dudeheydude Day 1,877, 16:09

Hard Voted!!!!!!

Greene12 Day 1,877, 17:29

Indeed, Dunks has done quite well, we're lucky to have him.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,877, 18:39

Dunks, you've been a great PP, and it's been an honor to be your VP!
You show everyday what makes this party great, o7

Vlada 505
Vlada 505 Day 1,878, 00:59

Weapon Raw Materials @ 0,045 cc

*With direct link to the offer

Davidlator Day 1,878, 13:29

¿Plato is on twitter?
-_-_-CHAIN SHOUT-_-_-

Magnanimous Day 1,878, 15:09


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