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[Fed] Here are your candidates!

Day 1,968, 09:08 Published in USA USA by fingerguns

Hellooooo Feds!

This is the last one, I promise lol

The nominations have come in, people have accepted and it looks like we have 3 stellar candidates for Party President. I asked our media department to put together a little something about these 3 players, but then I realized I'm probably in a better spot to do that than anyone. I love these guys and they've all been superstars during this term.

All 3 of these candidates have already been involved in the planning for a new MU and would oversee the launch during their potential term.

If you have any questions for these candidates, ask them here.

Also, tune in to Fed Radio tomorrow for a debate/discussion at 18:00erep #efpr

First up, Duncan Crowe.

He served 2 terms as Party President very recently. Some of the highlights from his service include a big burst in forum and IRC activity and the organization and execution of A Helping Hand, a program that continues to serve the general public and attract new party members. He lost re-election for his third consecutive term to gnilraps, but continued to serve with dedication as his Vice Party President and then under me as Media Director.

This month I laid out a list of objectives for the Media Team. 90% of those were accomplished before the first official day of the term began and he challenged me to come up with more for his team to do. He's an extremely hard worker and I've often described him as the pure embodiment of p/h. What I mean by that is Dunks is kind of the ideal Fed. Give him something to do and it gets done. He solves problems, he doesn't start them, and his pride comes from the work he does, not the accolades he receives. He's available and usually pretty reliable, which is quite a feat considering he's still a high school student in real life and his schedule is sometimes out of his immediate control. You'd never know it. He's one of those people that was always a Fed even before he was a Fed. I trust him completely.

Dunks for PP?

He's seeking the Presidency again and his focus is on the areas where he has the best track record and the biggest passion- helping new players and strengthening the Fed community.

Next up- EnterAwesome (AKA TaigaTheGangsta)

She has served in a variety of positions both in the party and on the national level, mostly in education and media. She's a very ambitious young player who is constantly seeking new experiences and is eager to learn new things. Taiga became something of an instant celebrity in eRepublik. She's adorable and goofy but also absolutely serious about doing good work and becoming an influential player. People are drawn to her. The initial inclination is to want to take care of her, but if you know anything about the avatar she has chosen- the palmtop tiger doesn't need your protection, dog.

I asked her to serve as my Vice Party President this last term. I think she was treated very unfairly by a couple people because they didn't really know anything about her, so I wanted to give her a platform to show what she's made of. No pity. I believe in her. As my VPP, I left it up to her to decide what she wanted to focus on for the term. If she just wanted to watch and ask questions as we went along, that was fine, or if she had a pet project, she had my full support. She decided she wanted to learn about party security and the FBI and has spent the term working under our agents while also staying on top of what was happening in the other departments. She has become an instrumental member of the party because of her creativity. Work doesn't feel like work when EnterAwesome is around and we've all been impressed by the new things she dreams up.

EA4PP- Third Time is Best Time

Taiga is seeking the Presidency and her focus seems to be on team-building and encouraging creativity among all party members.

Last but not least- Malarkey83

Malarkey was actually PP when I first came back to the game and is a big part of why I stuck around and reinvested myself in the Feds. The party was coming off a string of difficult months and leadership was a skeleton crew of very hard workers. If I remember correctly, Malarkey had taken on 4 or 5 party jobs himself and overall party activity was really struggling. His passion for the Feds was obvious, but the party was in a bad spot. We had quite a few rather lengthy conversations, spit balling ideas on how to turn things around. I get a lot of credit for breathing new life in the Feds, but let me be absolutely clear here- Malarkey set those wheels in motion and it took an entire party believing things could be better for it to happen.

In my term, Malarkey was one of our FBI agents. However, I can't really talk about Malarkey's role this last term without mentioning EZC. As everyone knows, the MU broke off from the party at the beginning of the month. What could've been a very difficult situation for everyone actually went rather smoothly, despite the mismanagement, because of Malarkey (and the other FBI staff). They refuse to choose between the two, insisting it's a false choice...because it is. In addition to screening new party members and keeping our forum secure, Malarkey stepped up to help in other departments- really anywhere extra hands were needed. He's a human swiss army knife. He has also been very helpful to the Feds in forming this new Military Unit, although he remains completely dedicated to Easy Company. Malarkey has rare qualities and is a man of great character.

Malarkey83 for PP

Malarkey is seeking another term as Party President to test his mettle during better times for the party. He has stressed attention on a formal Education department.

Thanks for reading,

Get involved. Get active. Shape the future.

Need some tingle in your Fed dingle? Read this (members only).


fingerguns Day 1,968, 09:09

All 3 make me p/h

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Day 1,968, 09:17


EnterAwesome Day 1,968, 09:36

So much honor and respect... Very awesome Fingerguns, very.. awesome. *smile*

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,968, 09:51

In either hands, the party is going to continue to succeed.

Best wishes to all of them.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,968, 09:55

I thought, that Duncan had done a good job with, reaching out to the 6th parties.
I'm not sure if my endorsement, helps him. But, I'm opinionated.

EnterAwesome Day 1,968, 11:13

Sure endorsements are great to have! Be sure to support him loudly and proudly!

ligtreb Day 1,968, 11:20

Some strong candidates there.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,968, 12:12

Awesome job writing this up fingerguns! I really like your desription of me, and it fits the person that I've always tried to be.

super p/h!

Bucephalus92 Day 1,968, 13:01

Good luck to all the candidates, there really isn't a wrong choice here.

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 1,968, 13:41

If I was a Fed at this moment. I would vote Dunks TBH.

Dunks HOOD :heart:s you bro.. 😛

AlexJ1890 Day 1,968, 13:54

Malarkey83 doesn't need a cabinet! And he can't have one! : P

crashthompson. Day 1,968, 15:49

YAY for Feds

We win either way!

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Day 1,968, 16:51


bigcdizzle Day 1,968, 17:23

Good slate of candidates. p/h

Beamiaibota Day 1,969, 07:21

Good luck to all the candidates^^

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,969, 07:24

Omfg stfu already.

fingerguns Day 1,969, 20:28

lol how bored are you?

Vigoroth Punk Day 1,969, 22:46

Comment deleted

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