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[eSerbia in eUK] Announcement: Remembering True British Heroes

Day 1,803, 10:47 Published in United Kingdom Serbia by dr.doom

Before the announcement about Remembrance month, let me give you a quick update about parliamentary elections in eSerbia.

Like in the rest of e-world, elections were held in eSerbia too. Although eSerbia has a strict presidential system where, after a president is elected, he or she appoints the government, parliamentary elections are important as they give a hint of the national public opinion.

It is safe to say that the new eSerbian congress will continue with the same policies as we had during this month and that the current government will continue with its work until the next big test - Presidential elections. Internal politics have no real impact on eSerbia’s foreign policy which has full backing of all important political parties and the entire online community.

eSerbia stands with its friends and allies regardless of its internal political processes.

Within my public diplomacy programme, in my next article I will try to remind us all about strong and wonderful ties that hold the UK and Serbia together. True heroes of the past must not be forgotten and their stories should live forever. Their stories are incredible, heroic and inspiring.

I am not going to reveal more for the time being but will give you a hint with this teaser poster:

Until the next time, when we meet true British heroes who have given their hearts to Serbia.

Sincerely yours,

Ambassador of eSerbia to the eUK



Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,803, 11:45


Kravenn Day 1,803, 11:46

You are making a good job as ambassador !!!

Nessko Day 1,803, 11:55

докторееееееее! мајсторееееееее! ај кад се вратиш из еУК да пијемо кафу 🙂

zlatanaleksic Day 1,803, 12:01

Great job, your Excellency :😁

ePocalypse Day 1,803, 12:21


StrideR 83
StrideR 83 Day 1,803, 12:47

really good job o/

The Snow White
The Snow White Day 1,803, 12:54

Great job, your Excellency. o7

Slingshot Day 1,803, 12:56

good job o/

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Day 1,803, 12:58

Good job 07

coolinbun Day 1,803, 12:58

Flora Sandes

one of the most beautiful streets in my town is named by the name of this heroic woman!


PRC PRC PRC Day 1,803, 13:02


Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,803, 13:09

Great work o7

Mitra33 Day 1,803, 13:17

Football fans party \o/

Banatjanin Day 1,803, 13:50

Hey, where is the part about racism in Serbia? Hmm, i think that people of UK will not see this!


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,803, 14:13

Good article doktore o7

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,803, 14:27

There's racism everywhere, I don't mind if we keep it out of this game - great article btw!

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,803, 17:09

Banatjanin, Sadly we've seen too much of the racism in Serbia from the u21 England v Serbia match... Let's not try to make out like every Serbian feels that way.

I wrote a short piece about the incredible and inspiring story of Serbia in WWI in this article:
I look forward to hearing about more Serbian history Dr. Doom!

kiril73 Day 1,803, 17:25

@Danie Fox
"There's racism everywhere, I don't mind if we keep it out of this game - great article btw!"

Mirigellan Day 1,803, 18:34

Great job, doctor!

Алал ти плајваз!

Buck Taylor
Buck Taylor Day 1,804, 00:30

Looking forward to the next article.

Niemand Day 1,804, 00:38

Good to see eSerbia will not change it policy. Voted!

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,804, 04:19

What a tongue-twister of a language. Been trying to pronounce the Serbian equivalent of United Kingdom. Must clean off my monitor screen. lol

Good article. Interesting to see something about the internal workings of the eSerbian government. Presumably this is fairly closely aligned with the way it works in the real world, too.

But, honestly, Football Fans Party?

GameChanger Day 1,804, 08:29

You are one of the best ambassadors I have ever seen!

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,804, 11:09


Rfeist Day 1,804, 15:35


Kamoris KSC
Kamoris KSC Day 1,804, 18:08

Fantastic 🙂 o7

Nerazuman Lavirint
Nerazuman Lavirint Day 1,806, 06:04


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