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[ENN] Empire News Network is Born

Day 1,878, 00:17 Published in USA USA by Hadrian X

Hello my friends! I have returned to eRepublik and with me, I have brought a new media endeavor. To increase the quality and consistency of writing in the eUS, starting on Friday, January 11th, EMPIRE NEWS NETWORK will begin awarding prizes to authors of the best articles of the week.

The purpose of ENN is to encourage and support good writers in the eUS by increasing the visibility of the highest quality articles and providing recognition and rewards for truly exceptional writing.

Every Friday, the editors of, led by the illustrious and brilliant Rainy Sunday, will select five (5) of the best articles of the week to be posted on a poll and voted upon by you. The writer of the article who receives the most votes will be donated $100 (USD) in game and awarded an ENN – Writer of the Week Award.

The ENN editorial staff will keep a close eye on eUS media for articles worthy of consideration. However, writers themselves and the general reading public are encouraged to submit articles for consideration on our website.

We will also be having a number of other writing programs, including the start of an eUS Writer Hall-of-Fame, with voting to begin on Monday, January 14th.

In addition to writing awards, ENN will also be producing a new radio podcast, GUERRILLA RADIO, hosted by myself, featuring a one-on-one interview with some of the eUSA’s most prominent citizens. It will be similar in structure and tone to my previous newspaper interview series, The Q10, but in audio form.

The premiere episode of GUERRILLA RADIO is online now, with guest President Fingerguns, ready for streaming and download.

We hope to see lots and lots of great articles from talented eUS writers in 2013! Vote and Sub for all the latest updates. Thanks for reading and listening!



ligtreb Day 1,878, 00:23

This is an excellent idea and I'm glad you're writing again.

Thedillpickl Day 1,878, 00:50


Vlada 505
Vlada 505 Day 1,878, 01:01

Weapon Raw Materials @ 0,045 cc

*With direct link to the offer

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,878, 01:04

Wowee... as ligtreb said it, great idea. Honestly, the nation needs more things like this and less chain shouting SPQR over and over again.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,878, 01:16


Hadrian X
Hadrian X Day 1,878, 01:19


Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,878, 01:21

Yes... I love infrastructure projects.

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 1,878, 05:54

Good luck!

Arrden Day 1,878, 08:29


fingerguns Day 1,878, 08:35

Thanks for having me on Hadrian!

One Sky
One Sky Day 1,878, 09:47

Great idea

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,878, 10:14

Awesome stuff 😃

MazzyCat Day 1,878, 10:46

Love this! < 3

Candor Day 1,878, 16:36

v Mo good media!

Lord Krauser
Lord Krauser Day 1,878, 18:09

King Kong ain't got sh*t on Guerrilla Radio.

bombonato Day 1,878, 18:46

Hadrian = quality stuff.

welcome back!

redbirdusa Day 1,878, 20:40


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,878, 20:51

what is this, "old home week" at Hadrian's Bunker?
hey, Bomber.. o7, brother. hey, Bradley.. o7, sir! hey, ligtreb.. always good to see ya. Lord Krauser.. the model for honest and decent politics. redbirdusa.. another shoulder to shoulder soldier from way (way!) back. and Rainy.. my love.
and Hadrian X.. the man with a plan.
good plan, too-- challenge this generation of players to earn respect as quality writers.
make 'em work for it, boss.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,879, 23:30

< 3 Hadrian. I'm feeling almost inspired.

loftedraptor Day 1,879, 18:19

Big - Strong - Proud! = AFA!

Tiamati Day 1,879, 20:39

Excellent podcast; thank you for the opportunity to hear our recently elected PotUS in her own words. Looking forward to subsequent editions; V/s.

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