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[Education] Update on eUP

Day 1,828, 22:34 Published in Philippines Republic of China (Taiwan) by Al Raposas

As Minister (or Secretary) of Education, I have published three articles to help younger citizens know some of the features of Erepublik. You may have some time to read any one of them:
* How to fight (improved article)
* Benefits of higher EXP
* The Energy Bar

Last month, I have served as the Vice Minister of Education. I have published some articles for the Ministry and they are the following:
* What is your daily task? (in a nutshell)
* How to fight (in a nutshell)
* How to vote for Congress (in a nutshell)

Here's my own video of Gangnam Style, though be aware that I'm a bit novice here. You can watch it.

eUP has now received many donations from both the government and private citizens. As of today, 210 Q5 food and PHP 550 from the government, through the Ministry of Education, remain in reserve in eUP. The students are performing well, as much as the scoreline for their quizzes suggests.

You can help by donating here. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Yours truly,
Al Raposas
Minister of Education



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