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Day 1,825, 02:14 Published in Australia Australia by Aussie Blokee

Health Program

Don't forget about our Health Program, to sign up please fill out this short Google doc.


- Proud eAustralian Citizen, meaning you must have eAustralian citizenship not just live in one of our regions.

- Level 28 and under.

Helpful guides by ronnyjnrjnr

- First Day of eRepublik
- Second Day of eRepublik
- Military Units and Fighting
- Energy and what is it?
- Weapon Types
- Food Types and Resoursces

NewsPapers to Watch

Department Of Defence NewsPaper

Prime Minister Ranger Bob's News Paper

Minister of Foreign Affairs Tim Holtz News Paper

Thanks for your time,
Aussie Bloke.


Lonely Fighter
Lonely Fighter Day 1,825, 02:23


Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,825, 02:27

The power of colour lines compels me!!


argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Day 1,825, 11:19


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