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Day 422, 09:04 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

The New eAmerican University! Signups and information below

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.
Theodore Roosevelt

The Department of Education is proud to announce the return of eAmerica’s Premiere higher learning center,
The eAmerican University !

Just in time for the New Year, the first permanent AU program has been created to educate our nation’s youngest in their early days in the game. While the Department of Education has always ran an on and off University Program in past, nothing has been done to the scale of what is soon to be used. This program, building off tens of source material documents and great personal experience, is an approximately two week long course. Unlike all past courses, all mentors are now given specific block lessons to teach to their mentees. This is a welcome improvement over the helpful, though ocasionally rough guidelines that were used in past and served as a great partial outline to the current program.

This chapter of the University focuses primarily on the key concepts that must be understood to sustainably enjoy one’s game world. Those being the importance of Training Grounds, Gold mangement, the low return rate on many factories, the importance of levelling up at a slower pace and how to balance one’s fighting, alongside various meta-game encouragements and related information. The goal of our University is to create a smart, sustainable young player.

Furthermore, the University in this run now goes beyond basic mentoring, so to speak. Regimented tests have been implemented alongside financial rewards for tasks completed and questions answered properly. Overall, a new player can earn up to 170 USD worth in goodies (No tanks, of course) in this 2 week program if they do well. Quite the amount for simply filling out tests and some basic meta-tasks.

This chapter of eAmerican Uni. will also be implementing our new set of Continuing Education Policies. These policies include outreach into the various eAmerican communities to better work on the filling of leadership or work positions that arise in various Military Units or Parties. If a graduate is especially intelligent or able, by all means we will force encourage them to find a fulfilling place in eAmerican Society through good work in any of the fine Military Units or Parties in our nation. Other policies will be the 70% requirement for passing so as to fully understand concepts, hall of successes and various other prestige raising elements and the ever important personal check ins done by mentors to see how their mentees are faring up to 2 months after the program ends.


Additionally, if you yourself are interested in having your Military Unit or Party in collaboration with eAmerican University please shoot me a Private Message.

I look forward to the great work our excellent team of mentors and mentees will be able to accomplish in coming days.

On the note of regular updates, I must thank our wonderous past Secretary of Education and Vice-Dept. Head Tanishq for keeping the Welcoming Committee in good shape. Welcoming Committee is still happily sending out messages to all the nation’s newbies on the first day of their e-existence. Always good to see vital ATO, Government Aid and Community information being pumped out.

At risk of horribly unsafe sleep loss, we’re onto our final update !

After an initial poor handling , Tellurgrlthnx and myself have finally brought eNASA back on track.

Every day for the rest of the month the Department of Education will be sending a representative to all parties involved in the competition. For reference, eNASA was a program initially founded under Secretary of Media Civil Anarchy. It involves voting up Erepublik on popular voting sites. In the most honest sense, I believe we can all claim to have been awake at an unsightly time on account of some horrible ailment scrolling through Miley Cyrus pictures and online game voting sites. Well, THAT’S WHO THE DOE WANTS IN OUR GAME !

Back onto the topic, here are the voting sites for the respective parties and voting sites in general;

Priority Sites
Vote LAP Vote AMP Vote Fed Vote USWP Vote WTP Vote Vote

Non-Priority Sites
Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote

The current scores have been “reset” so all parties are at zero. The Department of Education would like to thank all parties that kept up the competition after the brief update hiatus, but in the interest of proper competition and fairness we must reset the votes.


That’s all for this first and final update. If any of the programs mentioned have piqued your wonderous interest please shoot me a PM. As always, please vote/comment/shout this article for the newbs.

eUS Secretary of Education

Website: Free information!
Visit our official website here!

American University: Free mentor!
Sign up to receive a mentor here!
Sign up to be a mentor here!

Open to citizens under level 30.

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Methodone Kitty
Methodone Kitty Day 422, 09:47

Now this is the kind of article that a new eCitizen like myself appreciates. Subscribed and voted. Thanks for doing this.

VonHauer Day 422, 10:17

Very, very helpful. Thank you very much.

Subscribed and voted.

NeilP99 Day 422, 10:54

This will help a lot of citizens who want to get in to politics. I wish I had had something like this when I ran for Congress. I would like to offer one additional suggestion for people running. When you are PMing the citizens of your state you should also friend them. All of them. This makes sure that they see your shouts, plus if they only have a few friends (something true of a lot of citizens) then they may feel more inclined to vote for you if you're one of their friends. It worked for me.

Ownage184 Day 422, 14:10

Very, VERY good article. This is very helpful for those who don't know the eRepublik system. Thanks!

PrincessMedyPi Day 422, 19:26

Wow, this is the greatest "how to" I've seen done on congress! Well done!!!

John C
John C Day 422, 19:33

This is the best article ever. Except for mine 😛


Kyle321n Day 423, 12:53

Voted, agreed. Nicely done DoE. It stole my campaign ideas to the T. Now I'll have to find some other niche to do...

maxpayne50 Day 423, 13:13

Thank you for writing it its very informative

Boss_Khamzi Day 423, 20:19

Fun rating +2. Why so high... First any article that names my unit in the NG gets a +1. Also, this article will spawn many articles to be rated -1.

Good job DoE

Tidalus Day 424, 22:55

amazing work as usual.

HistoryInAction Day 425, 20:08

Very nice, thanks for the suggestions.

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