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[DoE] New Leadership and New Opportunities

Day 1,813, 14:12 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Today marks the day of victory against terrorism! As Cerb has won the election I, Dr Heisenberg, am more then happy to be writing this article as your new Secretary of Education.

Leadership and Staff

The current Department of Education Team is as follows:

Secretary of Education: Dr Heisenberg
Deputy of Education: Ramilas
DoE Comms Director (On Hold): PappasXXV
American University Headmaster: Alexj1890
DoE Writers: Enterawesome, RebelBlood

We are currently hiring anyone willing to do a little work! We need more mentors and more people willing to work in the Department of Education. This is a great place to get started on your political career and a great place to get your name known. If you are trying to win a seat in congress or just love the community and want to help new players get accustomed to it please fill out the link

We have positions open in the AU Administration, Mentorship Program and Writers Department.

We have some openings in our leadership as well! We need a Vice Principal for our American University. So if you believe you can fill the shoes of ruling these halls then apply for AU in the link above and prove yourself dedicated to the community.

Also if you are a new player who is wanting to attend the American University and receive education on game play mechanics and community norms then apply here please copy and paste the url as erep kills the link . You will be given an exam and tested at the end of your teachings in which with a passing grade or higher will be given a reward!

The DoE Irc channel is currently inactive and is used by myself and my staff members. I would like that changed. So I decided to create some initiative for people to join the channel.

New Players Join the DoE IRC channel and one lucky question will win the reward of 5 q7 tanks! This will be awarded daily depending on amount of questions being asked

Older Players Join the DoE IRC channel and answering that same lucky question will reward you with 5 q7 tanks! Idle in the chatroom even when no one is asking questions so you do not miss your chance at getting the reward.

The chatroom is #doe on Rizon net. The DoE Irc guide can be found right here IRC Guide

Help spread the word and get your friends to vote this article and join the #doe irc room! Together we can be united and educate our growing youth! Together we can block the horrid brain washing of ignorant players.

Articles to consider
Also be sure to check out this helpful article for new players:

Its players like this that change the community for the better! Keep the new ones educated so that they will grow!

Here is cheers for a bright month! Cerb is War!

Dr Heisenberg
Secretary of Education

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Teachers are my favorite fetish

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,813, 14:13

Hot teachers please send ingame messages to me first.

EnterAwesome Day 1,813, 14:19

EnterAwesome's Approval of Awesome.

emdoublegee Day 1,813, 14:19

Go Heisenberg!!! Glad to see you kicking it up a notch!

Waruda Day 1,813, 14:20

Voted for the cool Newspaper, too!

fingerguns Day 1,813, 14:21

Comin' out swingin!

I love it.

RebelBlood Day 1,813, 14:34

For hot teachers the Reb votes xxx hard xxx!!!!!!

HannyaTR Day 1,813, 14:50

Jetsmets Day 1,813, 19:31

DoE needs to write more articles

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,813, 19:39

We have been and are working on it now. Interested in joining the Writing department Jetsmets?

RebelBlood Day 1,814, 06:35

Articles to consider
Also be sure to check out this helpful article for new players:

Hot off the press, the new and improved, revised and revitalized 2nd edition for your viewing pleasure:

DokJon Day 1,814, 08:59


Kryptic Klown
Kryptic Klown Day 1,814, 14:37


Candor Day 1,814, 18:45

Great format, good work!!! Hard vote!

AlexJ1890 Day 1,814, 19:31

Alexj1980? Wat. But anyway, let's get rolling! Pass this to any new players you know and help them get started!

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