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[DoE] Guide to: Moving

Day 2,174, 19:04 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

As a new player, knowing how to get the most from your limited wealth is very important, especially when it comes to moving to fight in another country. Depending on how far you travel, moving can cost you anywhere from $20 to $100. If you’re not careful, it is very easy to lose a lot of money for no good reason. As citizens of the eUSA are often called upon to fight for other countries, it is paramount to find the most cost-efficient ways to travel.

The following are some good methods of determining the cheapest route to your goal of fighting in another region, based on the type of war in which you wish to participate.

Note: For the purposes of this article, an “allied country” refers to a country with whom the eUSA shares a Mutual Protection Pact (MPP), NOT a country with whom the eUSA shares an in-game alliance (i.e., a CoT member).

Traditional Warfare

Fighting for allied countries is quite simple, as you are allowed to fight from any of your home country’s regions.

Example: Let’s say that you live in the USA, but you want to fight for Japan. Can you fight for Japan without moving? No. But you CAN fight for any country with whom the USA has an MPP (like Mexico).

Furthermore, any player (regardless of citizenship) can fight for the allies of their current country of residence. This rule becomes especially important when you need to fight for a non-allied country. If you want to fight for a faraway country with whom the eUSA does not have an MPP, you’ll want to move to one of that country’s allies possessing a region closer to your residence in order to achieve your goal at the lowest price.

Example: Let’s say that you’re a citizen of the USA, but you live in Mexico. Mexico has an MPP with Japan, but the USA does not. Can you fight for Japan without moving? Yes.

Example: Let’s say that you live in the USA, but you want to fight for Japan. Should you move to Japan? No. It is cheaper to move to an allied country (like Mexico).

You can find a country’s allies from the battlefield by clicking the small icon underneath the country’s name. You can also view a country’s current MPPs by visiting the “Military” tab on its country page, which can be accessed by clicking the appropriate link in this list:

To move to another country, navigate to your homepage and find the country on your map. Choose a region and press the “region info” button to bring up a sidebar that will allow you to move there.

Resistance Wars

Resistance wars are a bit tricky, as you cannot move to an allied country to fight for your friends. In these battles, you are forced to move to the country that owns the region in which the resistance war is active. Try to choose the region of that country that is closest to your current residence.


Some military units will reimburse you for costs incurred by moving to complete the daily order. However, this is not always the case.

Fortunately, the eUSA Department of the Interior offers an assistance program designed to help offset the costs of moving from one region to another.

Oh yes, it’s free!

To obtain DoI moving funds, simply submit a request via their moving cost form to receive your daily allotted amount ($20). Please note that you may only submit a request once per day.

I wish you all the best in finding the most efficient ways to travel!

Respectfully yours,

Secretary of Education

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L.D.W Day 2,174, 20:31

Nice! Super Good Info! Thanks, ill pass it on.

crashthompson. Day 2,175, 05:42

Move Smarter, Fight Smarter

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