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[DoE] Begin The Hunt!! Go Go Go!

Day 2,176, 16:47 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

The time has come! Welcome to the eUSA Department of Education Scavenger Hunt! A brief overview of the rules:

1. You must be in Level 30 and Under to receive awards for completion of this event.

2. This event will run from the issue of this article, until about 2330 today, so a total of almost 7 hours to complete the hunt.

3. You are required to complete the entire hunt. There is a checkpoint set up in the hunt to make sure you are going everywhere. These articles have all been chosen because they are a fragment of the political module, and its important to crucial to understand the political campaign process.

4. If you ever get stuck, come by and PM Alexandrer Coin and you can ask TellUrGrlThnx for another hint or clue as to where to look. None of the clues should be that difficult and I have personally checked to make sure they are there.

5. Prizes will be passed out after PoTUS Elections. Prizes will be done through a random drawing of all participants who are Level 30 Under, complete the scavenger hunt, and have met all requirements of the event.

6. Have fun and learn what you can! This is a DoE event, which is meant to educate you and help you enjoy this game!

There are the rules and guidelines, if you have any issues, I will be on IRC throughout the duration of the event, with the exception of being called away on occasion due to RL stuff. Just ping me and I will get back to you ASAP!

Respectfully yours,

-Alexandrer Coin
Deputy Secretary of Education

Without further ado, here is your first clue:

Your Journey unfolds, as the Campaign Trail unravels, go to the newsletter in which the owner has the initials of N.A.!

Website: Free information!
Visit our official website here!

American University: Free mentor!
Sign up to receive a mentor here!
Sign up to be a mentor here!

IRC Incentives Program: Free food!*
Visit our IRC channel (#eUSA-DoE) and answer the question of the day to receive a reward of 5 Q7 food!

Open to citizens under level 30.

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Go Go Go Go!!

Indigodavo95 Day 2,176, 17:41

This look's interesting o/ Go Go Go!

Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 2,176, 18:14

Go/ Go/ Go/

Tanishq Day 2,176, 21:53

Go, go, go!

emdoublegee Day 2,177, 07:00

How was it?

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,177, 16:16

Successful 😃

emdoublegee Day 2,178, 00:07


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