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[DoE] Announcing Scavenger Hunt and PoTUS Candidates!

Day 2,174, 19:00 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Today we’re going to be announcing for the first time in long time, DoE's very own Scavenger Hunt! This hunt's theme is about Political Campaigning-- addressing the introduction to the newer players about political campaigning in the eUS.

Everyone who completes the Hunt will be included in a drawing for a number of cool prizes such as gold, food, and tanks! Which was donated by the DoE, and various others. This event will begin Monday, 11/4/13 at 15:00 eRep time when a DoE article will announce the first clue, and end at reset 8 hours later. You will need to follow the clues throughout eRepublik and other to get to the end where we will be to enter you into a drawing for the prizes.

Everyone whose is level 30 & under who reaches the end will be entered. We hope you have fun, however we want to ensure that you enjoy this educational experience, so in order to play safe, you will be ask to name all the clues that you encountered in a checkpoint, before you are entered in the drawing. These clues will help guide you along the Campaign Trail, and its crucial as a new player to not only identify them, but to understand the concept of the political module, while experiencing it first hand.

We hope to see you there!

As the campaigning for PoTUS is underway (and near to completion), we were able to ask a few a questions to some of the candidates during a meeting we held the previous day. Four of the candidates--Aramec, dmjohnston, NewAzazel, and WildOwl--participated in the meeting that was held, and all four responded with excellent ideas and ways to better eAmerica from this point on regarding with how they will lead the nation if they were elected as PotUS.

NewAzazel responded first: "I want to become PoTUS because I want to help the country... I want work and progress." He wrapped up by adding, "I am capable of leading the country and pushing the team forward.. keeping our parties strong, bringing recruitment and retention, and focusing on our stability in arms and allies."

Next was dmjohnston. He said, "My focus for this term would be domestic... I've chosen people... for the experience... in those departments with their strengths, initiative, and creativity." He added, "Being the POTUS isn't about one person fixing the country. It's about putting together the right team for the job... I'm the right man to lead that team in completing the necessary tasks to make our country once again not just good, but great."

We continue forward with Wild Owl. He responded by saying, "November needs to be about rebuilding ourselves as a country and a community... Domestically, we need to improve communication from the Executive... have successful outreach programs both for new citizens joining our community and the disgruntled segments of our population." Wild Owl suggested, "Whether it is improving the state of our nation’s military-both state funded and private militias, or seeking to consolidate relations with our allies in CoT while seeking out new partners, we need to let this November be a month of rebuilding."

We shift our attention to Aramec, who had been waiting patiently to respond. He began by saying, "In many ways, we are coming to the twilight times of this game... fewer people log in every day, older players turn bitter and jaded, and those who are new... engage like we once were able to offer." He paused for a moment and then said, "It's time to put on our working clothes and seek to make... allies and reforge bonds, be helpful and promoting to those who come to us, and try and once again find the reason we continue to log in each day. Though the game has changed, and our world is different than it was, we still have time to regain what once made us great."

Each candidate respectively responded with their goals and will do the best they can to lead the nation if elected as PotUS. Remember to vote on the 5th of November. I wish you the best in joining in this ‘race of the century’ by casting your vote.

Respectfully yours,

-Alexandrer Coin
Deputy Secretary of Education

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megacarnage Day 2,174, 19:00


First for New Players!

DylanBAS Day 2,174, 19:18

can people who are exactly level 30 and Literally JUST GOT THERE participate?

Level 30 & Under-- You may participate.

DylanBAS Day 2,174, 19:32

ya hooooo!

dmjohnston Day 2,174, 19:30

John Largo is running for POTUS too.

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,174, 19:40

yes but he wasnt part of the meeting.. pm me if you want to talk about it mate.

Squantoo Day 2,174, 20:11

First comment fail.

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,174, 20:12

yeah.. who knew there was bad timing.. O.O

Squantoo Day 2,174, 20:24

😃 Bad timing OP need a nerf

Utat Day 2,175, 14:41


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