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[DoD Orders] (Day 2074) Molise and Western Serbia

Day 2,074, 05:08 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Orders


My Fellow Americans,

Please vote for these articles daily, a simple act which makes these orders easier for new players to find and follow.

if the eUS is winning a battle by 55-60%, please save your damage for another mini or another battle where needed. Do not waste damage over hitting the wall!

MU Captains and Commanders please set your orders to Western Serbia.

If you are (mobile, in the USA or an allied nation) fight for Italy in Molise!

If you are (mobile, in the USA or an allied nation) fight for Bosnia in Western Serbia!

Supplies for this battle are on in #strike.ebih


Paul Proteus
President of the United States of America

Secretary of Defense

Deputy Secretary of Defense

Sarah Killah
Deputy Secretary of Defense

Deputy Secretary of Defense

Chairman of the National Security Council

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The Mike
The Mike Day 2,074, 06:06

Courage Honour


Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,074, 06:07


dmjohnston Day 2,074, 06:49

For 'Murica!

CaseyJ Day 2,074, 07:54


samdoo Day 2,074, 16:57


Tanishq Day 2,074, 21:37


Un Foullon
Un Foullon Day 2,074, 22:01


Geronimo100 Day 2,075, 00:07

✯ ✯ ✯ GO ROGUE! ✯ ✯ ✯

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 2,075, 16:07


Mumbly Day 2,075, 19:33

instead of telling american to fight for other countries because a battle wall is too high, how about starting an extra resistance war in the U.S. so we can get our country back!!!

tired of fighting for everyone else when the U.S. is basically dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samdoo Day 2,075, 20:56

mumbly we are currently bringing our allies back onto the map. They have been down much longer than us. Crotia is actually regaining regions that arn`t india. Italy is actually winning RW`s against serbia as is Franace. Bosnia is just full on MPP attacking serbia. along the way we are hurting our aggressors and slashing their bonus regions and the more regions we take now the harder it is for them to retake them later. Regaining the US isn`t the current prio, hurting the enemy at their homes in europe is(helps our allies along the way), its working a bit slowly but will pay off if our invaders ever do get aggressive again. fighting our enemy directly and having them be obviously stronger than us and pounding us to dust time and time again isnt a way to win a war.(that was proven when we attempted to have regions for congress and it clearly didnt work)

hope this clarifies the Current DoD`s being outside of america and why our attention is focused there.

Weapon Frayer
Weapon Frayer Day 2,075, 21:59

Serbia's colonies in America and France are cut off via Italy, while at the same time, BiH, Albania, France, ourselves,Italy, Croatia, Montenegro.. it goes on and on.... while at the same time, Serbia's allies are occupied in their own battles. Ukraine and Hungary are dealing with Russia's and Finland's RW's, while Poland is going to duke it out with Belgium; on the other side of the globe, Austallia and UK are trying to hold down Indonesia; Bolivia, Argentina, Columbia, and Uruguay have to deal with Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, and now, Bulgaria. My point is, the same tactics TWO used on us during the invasion, we're using against them. So, who's going to win?

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