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[DoD] Instructions for future RWs

Day 2,039, 18:34 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Department of Defence

Citizens of Ireland,

Please read the following instructions very carefully:
+ The next Resistance War can be started in Wexford.
+ Only Wexford.
+ DO NOT start a Resistance War in Cork, Mayo or Shannon.
+ It is vital to our ability to defend ourselves and our allies that these instructions are followed. Please be thoughtful before starting a Resistance War.

For details behind these instructions please view this article.

Our ability to mobile our military forces and deploy to key battles, with strong and coordinated strikes at critical moments, will be key to Ireland's international reputation and continued success. We must discipline ourselves for the difficult atmosphere we face in the future, and prepare for a different kind of warfare - Department of Defense will aim to publish important battles, but if available, please visit #Irisharmy at 00:00, 12:00 and 20:00 eRep Time each day to assist in operations carried out by the Army.

Minister of Defence


CuFaoil Day 2,040, 00:08


Frank Dobbs
Frank Dobbs Day 2,040, 00:15


BOUD1CCA Day 2,040, 00:20

wtf I suppose so, if that's what u want : (

Endritt Zekka
Endritt Zekka Day 2,040, 01:43


Ming Jr
Ming Jr Day 2,040, 03:24


Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 2,040, 03:38

Irish Army- always in the fight!


James Keiller
James Keiller Day 2,040, 10:19


Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 2,040, 13:57


Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Day 2,040, 16:10


BiednyMis Day 2,041, 06:05


DavidandLisa Mc Glynn
DavidandLisa Mc Glynn Day 2,043, 07:52

what do you's mean by o7

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 2,046, 16:00

it's a salute, the o is a head, the 7 is a arm&hand

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,046, 23:06

So now you are giving 3 regions instead 2?

Yeah...i hear north korea is planning to invade us so better block them with all irish regions

Tom Crean
Tom Crean Day 2,052, 03:58

What's the story with the current RW in Cork?

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