[Dio] Rainy4CP

Day 2,571, 04:05 Published in USA USA by The Mike

Dioism is still alive!

Dioism is an international movement/religion in eRepublik that has been around since the beta version of the game. Even Plato has been unable to destroy it so far! And despite the progressive apathy that we have been witnessing in the game in the past few years, this week Dioism has brought life back to eRepublik. An action project to endorse and elect Rainy Sunday as President of the eUSA tomorrow!

You can read more about Dioism in the eRep wiki if you like. It shows us the way out of the boring and leads us to success. Dioism is based on a true character - Dio Brando. Would you believe me if I told you that Pakistan ruled the world back in the old days? No Serbia. No Loland. No Croatians. Pakistan. The Sands were everywhere.

What Dioism stands behind is that we shouldn't be always bound by the rules but sometimes create them ourselves. Because the path to success isn't laid down for us but we shall be the first to walk it. Because other people's successes ain't our successes. And if you want to succeed, you gotta risk it. As far as I am concerned, this is the core and all the rest is about fun.

Now Dioism's mission is to elect Rainy Sunday as PotUS. We have been witnessing one-sided races ever since NewAzazel won that Battle of the Five Armies (except that Largo vs. Molly thing in June) a year and a month ago. Oblige is the first PotUS since then not to have a double-term. There is no battle from the sixth parties to enter Congress. Party President elections are decided few days earlier. It's boring. This doesn't help us stop attrition! PotUSes have been fairly inactive during their terms due to lack of pressure from the crowd. Secretaries even more - there aren't many people who are waiting on the doorstep for them to fail and to replace them. Real competition is what Dioism has given us this month!

It all started with Aramec's article. And then a Sand Storm came upon us:
Aramec: #Rainy4CP
Paul Proteus: [GBM] Why I am voting Rainy Sunday
dmjohnston: I've got rainy's back, so should you!
Dr. Walter Bishop: America's Butter Cup, Rainy Sunday.
Kemal Ergenekon: cCc rainy sunday cCc
Hekter: Rainy Sunday Finally Runs for President
Paul Proteus: [GBM] #Rainy4CP: What's Done Cannot Be Undone
Tenshibo: #MakeItRain for CP
Aramec: When it rains, it pours
Dr. Walter Bishop: Taking Back Sunday, You Got Me. (Rainy4CP)
LordRahl2: #Rainy4CP A Thoughtful Consideration
Delyruin: [Rainy4CP] We Believe in Rainy Sunday
dmjohnston: [rainy4cp] Here comes the rain again...
George Griffin: What Do You Wish For?
Garmr: One more rainy endorsement
Glove: Glove: Make it Rain, Rainy Sunday for PotUS
Custer & The Old Fu-ks: [OhFu] Custer for President ? Seriously?

Aramec's Summary: もののあはれ
OhFu PP Custer speaks out: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-ohfu-old-fu-ks-presidential-endorsement-2473868/1/20

Talking about rainy sunday, she is the one and only person, the best choice, to be the face of this campaign this month. She has done pretty much everything in this game so far, except from being a PotUS. This is why I enjoyed the sarcasm in her Cabinet article. The biggest motivation for public officers (incl PotUS) is when they receive such an enormous support. You can count on her that she won't allow herself a minute of sleep and will be the perfect Santa in December!