[DeptEd] All About Houses

Day 3,829, 18:45 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Howdy eUSA! Want to maximize your daily food fights or increase your daily income? Then buy a house, or two houses. The following video explains the pros and cons of owning Houses, focusing heavily on the wage to cost ratio.

The official recommendation of the Department of Education is to purchase and activate a Q1 and Q2 House if you reside in a Town region - 42 of our core regions are Towns. If you reside in a Large Town or City region, purchase and activate a Q1 House as a minimum. If you are a high income tank, purchase all 5 to maximize your daily fights.

Keep watching the DoD daily orders and shouts by our military commanders. An organized resistance is the path to freedom. Hoorah USA!

Chris Stanwick
Secretary of Education