Interview with the president of Croatia!

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Hi everyone i going to bring u an interview with the president of Croatia - antwone. Maby we are on war but this is just a game and we need respect them and know them better.
So here is the interview with the person who lead one of the strongest countries in this game.

1. Hello Mr. President of eCroatia, antwone thank you so much for agree to make this interview with me and talk for the eUS citizens and the rest of our readers would u agree at first to introduce yourself and tell about ur self?

thank you for your interest. Considering I am CP for the first time – although I play since 2009 – this is most likely my first interview. I think this few words already tell a lot about me but I will introduce myself in more detail.
I have been a two-clicker – civilian tank combination for most of my e-life. I am 2nd Commander of I. Civilna Brigada MU (an elite civilian brigade military unit) whose most members are not very active players but we were and still are a significant group of players in eCroatian community. They needed someone somewhat active to set DO so unit commander Baranac1 (after most active players left the game and brigade) picked me for this role (this was I believe many years ago). I am an active member of Outsiders Syndicate political party from its beginning (middle of 2014), which party was established by a group of non-active players mostly from I. Civilna Brigada MU with the main purpose to allow two-clickers like myself opportunity to get in eCroatian Congress. We are very successful in this regard but for obvious reasons rarely participated (before 201😎 in Gov. of eCroatia because most of us (which included myself as well) due to RL reasons did not have time to participate in more time-consuming roles within eCroatian community. However the events that recently happened and which are the main reason why you wanted to interview CP of eCroatia at this time have found a way to pull me more in the game and to become substantially more active member of eCroatian community than ever before. Since last few months I was considered by most members of eCroatian community as one of the most active player this brought me wide support for CP nomination. I am therefore the first member of Outsiders Syndicate political party to ever be elected as president of eCroatia and that tells you a lot about our community and how it has changed this year.

2. Can u tell us about ur daily job as the president of eCroatia?

My daily job consists of coordination with my cabinet and advisors how to run eCroatia resolving various daily military, diplomatic and internal situations. My team of advisors is consisting of most active players in our community with previous CP, MoD and MoFA experience, so maybe I am green in this role, thankfully my advisors are not.
I was in MoD team last month before my term as president started so I am more familiar with military and internal scope of my duties (which I already had in our community for couple of months as active member on our Telegram channels). eCroatian community is very complex and recent events from January brought significant old group of players back to life (which is why I call myself the President of the Walking Dead) and also just before last CP election a CrOmega MU consisting of mostly Croatian players who played abroad but with significant group of international players joined our community. It is this combination of support from my I. Civilna Brigada MU, my Outsiders Syndicate political party, CrOmega MU and these zombies that returned mostly to ZNG MU and ZNG political party that brought me to position I do now.

3. What is the most hard at ur job as a president?

finding time to write an article as president - I just cannot find time to do it 😃
I had to organize myself to be available constantly to others (Gov., community, allies, etc.) - it takes a toll on my RL.
You can't just log off normally when you are a president - at least I can't.

4. Let's talk about the war, eCroatia lead coalition that contain the countries eEgypt, eThailand, eIreland and ur country eCroatia against eUS can u tell us what is the purpose with this huge strike?

Purpose of joint strike attack by eCroatia and group of its allies consisting of eEgypt, eThailand, eIreland but also eVenezuela and eUruguay that at the same time attacked Sweden as ally of USA is payback for Pfeiffer’s unprovoked decision to airstrike eCroatia in January this year. You need to understand, this proposal by the President of the eUSA was unexpected and the fact it passed with such a big majority in eUSA congress was a shock to our community and me as well. I was still not very active member of the community when it happened. Since most members of our community were not active players, for us it was unthinkable that USA (our ally for many years) would just attack us for the lulz or to be cozier with Asteria alliance. Our joint strike was also followed by other countries that have their own grudges against eUSA and its community which make eUSA situation very complex indeed.

5. What can u say about ur country ground/air forces?

Ground forces - no comment - this picture shows it all
Air forces - obviously we still have a lot of work to make them better.
We are very organized at war, but we can always be better.

6. There is any date to end this war or maybe some conditions that you place for the eUS government?

Situation is complex and I cannot say when this war will end, especially not under which conditions. You need to be aware I am running a country where zombies run wild and these zombies are back to wage war against those who wanted to kick a deadman’s corpse (which eCroatia was when Pfeiffer attacked us).

7. What are the responses u got from ur citizens country and from ur cabinets?

Entire our community was eager to unite and perform retribution on eUSA for events from January 2018. There are different stances in our community what should we do now and I am trying all I can to get as much support I can within our community that we continue to be united for whatever we as community together decide to do.

8. How long it took to make this coalition and lead such strong move and strike eUS and shock the eWorld?

As soon as eUSA with their Pacifica allies succeeded in deleting eCroatia after our successful counter-airstrike to USA in January 2018, we started preparations for a second strike with the goal to erase eUSA from the map and to keep it deleted as long as it takes for eUSA community to realize that their actions against us will have dire consequences for eUSA community and to really start asking themselves was it worth the lulz. Preparations took us more time than we initially thought (more than two months) that we would require and many of us and our allies were impatient, but our zombies (which are now our main military strike force) needed time to recover and regain supplies necessary to perform our goals stated above.

9. How do evaluate the resist of eUS with the RW we make?

In general eUSA resistance to our strike focused on our allies more than us and therefore we had to provide support for our allies in order for them to successfully land and help us erase USA together with other countries that attacked soon after our strike. Even after deletion eUSA’s resistance was focused more on our allies. The fact that eUSA has regions can be thanked more to the fact that we wanted to quickly end war initiated by eRomania which in regions of Canada borders the “free” NorthEastern States than to any real power of eUSA’s resistance . Our zombies are eager for a real fight and I need to find satisfactory solution for their eagerness soon.

10. Before we end, do u have any message u want to send to eUS and the rest of our readers?

I am personally a big fan of eUSA community and during many years of playing it was my favorite community outside my native one, but events that caused our recent strike on eUSA created a void between our communities which will not be easy to fill or surpass . I do not want eUSA community to leave the game and I am glad that Gnilraps, who we consider to be eUSA’s main tank, is back. \o/ We respect him a lot and we though that it was very unfortunate that our strike happened during his term as President of the eUSA. Keep playing and I hope you also enjoy this period in your e-life as much as we do. Finally after so many years of boredom eUSA community has a difficult task to solve and the eWorld eagerly awaits what will happen next.
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