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{CPF} Update, Jan. 24

Day 1,892, 17:42 Published in Canada Canada by Funky 24

I am getting really tired of this funking thing happening over and over again.

People give me a job, and then run me right off the rails just as I start getting on a roll. NOT THIS TIME AUK!

I don't care if you wrote an update just under 24 hours ago, I'm writing another because that's my job!
Also, you should read Auk's update for his first week as PP

stpolar welcomes our Spanish overlords with a proper eCanadian greeting

And going back a bit, chriswen gives us all an important monetary update.

Now, since I don't feel there as been an appropriate CPF response to Pazvante's little escapade with his old party, here's a little rant for you to digest. First off, the reason Pazvante lost his spot is because the region he was in when he placed his candidacy was conquered by eSpain, which delists him automatically. Regardless, having never heard of this guy before he started tramping around claiming that just because he deserves the top slot just because he signed up first, I seriously doubt he would've kept his top slot when Leo set the roster today.

Now that I see he's here in the CPF, let me be very clear: This party honours the mechanics of this game more than we do our own party and we value activity and loyalty from our Congress members just like every other party. Pazvante has shown no understanding of Congressional game mechanics. He has shown no loyalty to his former party or this one and I seriously doubt he's much more of a two-clicker when he isn't thinking he's on a quick way to an easy 5 gold because he thinks he was faster than everybody else. He’ll have to prove himself and learn from his mistakes if he wants to compete with other players for a Congress spot.


Moving on, I have a special treat for everybody. I sent out a quick set of 6 questions to a trio of CPF veterans. Serious questions of course. Enjoy.

Exalted Druid, Wilhelm Gunter, klop123

Question #1: What is the sexiest thing you can think of?

Question #2: If you had a moose, what would you name it?

Question #3: What's the deal with your avatars?

Question #4: Give me an approximation of what you think Rylde's height is?

Question #5: Where do babies come from?

Question #6: If the IPC is run on clones, what do think about taking that concept and cloning me for new party members?

ED: 1. Well this story taught me a lesson about beauty. I was at work and the most beautiful girl I had ever seen comes in. I mean she is drop dead gorgeous, take your breath away. So I am dealing with her, when she says. Do you remember me?

I look at her I don't have a clue. I figure If I had ever met a girl like her, I would remember.

So I say, Sorry No.

It is me Paul from the neighborhood. Well of course my face drains and turns bright red. My dreams of beauty forever destroyed.

Paul was a goofy looking guy but one hell of a good looking women. lol

2. Hubert

3. Well there is this MU called TCO. They make me wear this cog thing because Eric thought it was a good idea and Homer agreed. My monkey (which you probably cannot see) I just thought it looked cool and fun. Monkey, Gun, bullet holes. What's not to like?

4. 5'11"

5. Ask your Mom.

6. Indeed.

WG: 1.

2. Mark

3. It's the originally Addy Praetor avatar. With a small subset of a tough looking guy - some random picture I downloaded.

4. 5' 8"

5. God.

6. One of you is all I can handle. No.

k123: 1. Clearly Alina Vacariu...

2. Elliot

3. The border is from the days when I was poor and it was required for the extra tanks supply in CoI. The picture is Spy v.s Spy. Who doesn't love two crazy spies attempting (and failing to kill each other) in a comic strip.

4. 5'9"

5. Well when a man and a woman love each other very much...

6. If the conditions are correct...

Since those answers were all severely lacking, I came up with my own.
1. My reflection
2. Q
3. Who doesn't love portraits? Nobody.
4. Shorter than a laundry basket.
5. Even larger babies.
6. Most definitively, yes.

Alright, since this is an update I'll keep it brief by quoting Auk in his update of what we've done so far:

-An end to the mudslinging politics of a week ago

-Moose Calls sent out, to be refreshed shortly after the Congress elections

-A formal recruitment drive has begun again

-The cabinet is busy discussing issues within the party and country

-A new slogan was chosen! (Keeping the True North strong and free, it won with 58.3% of the runoff vote)

-Congress business taken care of

I'll see you out there.

The CPF is a party that welcomes all who care about a responsible, accountable and positive government to our halls. There are many opportunities available for newer players, so please, consider joining us!

IRC is #nCPF
New player? Ask questions! Send me a PM!
Send our Party President, Auk Rest, a PM!

Seven Tenets of the Canadian Progressive Front:
1. Uphold the equality of all active Military Units
2. Make the accounting of government funding more open and important
3. Ensure Canada is a reliable and selfless ally
4. To respect, recognize and uphold the supremacy of the mechanics of the game
5. Develop a positive political sphere
6. Bring in Canadians to eRepublik
7. To encourage growth and stability to the eCanadian economy

- Funky Hum24n, Canadian Progressive Front CongressQ and Media Leader.
- Praetor/CPF forum Administrator
- #nCPF Administrator

Cabinet Members
Party President: Auk Rest
Vice Party President: Michael 23
2nd VPP: stpolar
Councillors: Randall Flagg 1999, klop123, Wilhelm Gunter, Bryan Alexander, Yano Chichelin
Caucus Whip: Sasha KammakitzJen
Other Congress Members: Donna Rush, Acacia Mason, milestailsprower, Dozzer_x, Jaffle

Moose Vault
The Truth About the CPF (Day 785, 04:25)

Is it the truth if it comes from a bad individual, or did the individual become bad by lying to himself?


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,892, 18:01

Got Moose?

klop123 Day 1,892, 18:03


Those were pretty in depth interviews. ^__^

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,892, 18:16

o7 Funky

I'm not sure you mean with me running you off the rails though, but I guess there is no way of really knowing when faced with Q

crisfire Day 1,892, 19:00

Pazvante is gonna have a hissyfit over this


Michael 23
Michael 23 Day 1,892, 19:11

o7 Great article Funky. A great read with the questions you asked.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,892, 19:35


Rylde's height made me chuckle.
I've got a moose, it's branded Abercrombie.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,892, 19:39


Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 1,892, 20:25

Epic article is epic. Moar!

Pazvante Jr
Pazvante Jr Day 1,893, 02:48

I don't see how a 2 clicker could get my medals, to be honest 🙂 And I didn't "honor" my party due to the responses that I received from Rylde (and his bunch), which has/have a say in MDP...but I'm tired of discussing the matter. One could have just explaned it was a game mechanics thing and nothing else and it would all have been cristal clear.
No matter, I will have to prove myself.

stpolar Day 1,893, 09:57

Absolutely hilarious! Come on folks get this to the top!

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