[CP] Resource Wars - Epilogue

Day 4,734, 17:59 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Dear citizens,

My tenure of 2 months is almost coming to an end, awaiting the presumptive succession by the worthy Shawtyl0w currently running for election. In these months the eNetherlands has increasingly shown its stature in activity, strength and diplomacy. The organization of Hydra and the relationship between the different countries of it have never been stronger, we have increased our military presence by the gaining of several Legend ranks and most notably, we have done extremely well in the Resource Wars. Time for a final and short conclusion to this term.

Resource Wars – The Epilogue
While we ourselves have been done with the ‘Resource Wars’ for some time, the dream team of Mavericks of Shawtyl0w, Weekstrom, Fmcv and myself went on a mission to help our friends in Australia. Both to find a very rare Neodymium to get us 100% in Aircraft Weapons, as well as to make sure they have 100% food bonus themselves. We succeeded in both! This means that we are looking forward to a 100% bonus in both food and air weapons production. After the resource reshuffling (2:00 Day 4735) we therefore will not only concede our limestone resource to Poland, but will also receive a concession on Neodymium.

Please note that it is time to move your companies, hopefully with the factory relocation tokens you have earned with the Weekly Challenge during the last couple weeks. From tomorrow on you will be able to produce efficiently in the Netherlands on food and air weapons – the latter of which will soon be updated by eRepublik. This makes sure that one never has to be afraid of losing the ability to produce (in case of TW) and that the taxes you pay are not funneled to foreign countries but stay in NL instead.

WAR: Halloween & Training Wars
Just look at the damage done during the Halloween event last week! We have motivated our people to make use of the extended Weekly Challenge and free pumpkins as much as they can and this has no undoubtedly helped people in raking in ranking points, pumpkins and True Patriot Money. We now, for example, have a second Legend XX in the country besides Weekstrom.

The reshuffling of resources will mean a significant change to our table of Training Wars. Due to our concessions, we will/have lost our partnerships with Poland, Indonesia, Australia and possibly Belgium. We have recently landed in Denmark to engage in a full TW (both direct battles and resistance wars), and are looking at future options such as Spain, Colombia and Egypt to maintain the current balance.

Upcoming Events – Black Friday, Anniversary and Christmas
After Resource Wars and Halloween – in which undoubtedly many resources have been spent – it is time to stock up and prepare for a string of events that occur in the end of the year. Events such as eRepublik Anniversary and Christmas promise to be an event with extended weekly challenges and free goodies such as candies/pumpkins. Especially eRepublik Anniversary and its usual bonuses given on energy replenishment promise to heavily inflate the prices of food and weapons.

Black Friday is nearing for you to spend on companies and Energy Bars with a heavy discount. With the amount of Training Wars we have and the lucrative production coming up from tomorrow on, make the best of it and save some gold in the following weeks. Similarly to last year, a healthy and even greater amount of Gold has been saved to aid those seeking to expand their production and Energy Bars during Black Friday. An ideal time to expand upon our thriving food and air industries!