[Debate] Black Friday Fund

Day 4,332, 10:54 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by UNL Congress

Greetings, citizens of Netherlands,

a new debate has been started at the request of Government regarding Black Friday.

Dear members of Congress,

over the past year the Governments of the eNetherlands have been engaging in a long-term plan to collect funds from our budget surpluses and the Monetary Market to aid our citizens during the very lucrative 'Black Friday' discounts, which includes company discounts, energy centre discounts and a variety of cheap goodies (the exact details vary every year). This aids individuals citizens but, perhaps more important for the rational of the Government doing so, aids us all collectively by having stronger players, more tax income and more fighting activity.

So far at least 3000 Gold has been collected by the previous Governments for this purpose. For legal reasons we'd like to request Congress to approve the Government on the Black Friday to be able to spend this sum (3000 Gold) on aiding citizens in purchasing Black Friday-related purchases, provided they are the most 'rational' pick for said players (to be overseen by the Ministry of Finance during Black Friday). Initial Guidelines can be seen here:


Please remember, these guidelines are dependent on the actual discounts are they are during Black Friday 2019.

The proposal has been accepted.

Yes: 18
Neutral: 3
No: 7

Janty F and Shawtyl0w
CoC Team