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[CP] Country President Half-term News (Part 1)

Day 1,920, 11:42 Published in Belgium Belgium by

It is two weeks that i'm elected, so i think a review of the activity of my government should be made. As it seems this article is going to be longer than expected, I'll publish in two different parts.
Second Part

First Part

Personally, I partecipated to 3 CoT summits and I helped the Ministries to to their work.
A summary of the summits: In the first summit, CoT elected his two new Supreme Commanders: chukcha (Switzerland) and seascifi (Mexico). The second summit was mainly about military issues, whereas in the third one we considered the application of Brazil to enter CoT.
Here some links to CoT activity:
February 2013 HQ

Foreign Affairs
In foreign affairs BrunoCND, our BNA commander, was chosen as Bank Governor of CoT and continued in this position. Kaad, who is leaving for Mexico, helped us with his advices.
Alexandross did the most of the activity here.
First, he made known to the eWorld our government and he made a nice database of foreign governments that you can see here: The Belgian Government - Foreign Governments
Second, after a very long negotiation, we arranged for a Training War (friendly war) with the United Kingdom. As they fear to get too many attacks on them, they will let us start the Training War when there will be temporary missions which need patriot damage. This arrangement was chosen so that we will able to do patriot damage and at the same time fulfill the missions.
We couldn't tell so much about that before because we needed for the British government to ratify the agreement, which took a lot of time.
We started also a talk with Poland in the event of the United Kingdom agreement will not work.

The Ministry of Defense has been mainly involved in coordinating our State Military Units to get the damage where most needed.
BelgiumGeneral started and mantained a pm-based MoD Orders Alert for all State Commanders and Captains, in order to give them updated orders. Being a Regiment Captain is not more merely an honorific title, but an Officer integrated with the National Defense. Moreover he was appointed assistant-Military Commander of CoT and he defends Belgian point of view to the CoT's Military Commander.
Nihil.sine.deo provided a translation to use a script-based tool for our citizens , in order to be updated on the most important battles. (Here: the Tool)
Programme Tvvince is mainly responsible to keep the orders updated and he does well this job every day. Moreover he helped to run Citizen Packs in the eBelgian official forum ( register to get free food and weapons!)
I'd like to see these tools working properly when we will have a Belgian war!

Finances have been run by JdlF, who was substituted by SX80 when he couldn't be online.
JdlF kept updated the Belgian accounting sheet. In the last two weeks we had a slightly decrease in tax revenues, but nothing worrying. A detailed report on our finances will be publish by the end of the week
In the last erepublik promotion, he delivered three loans to citizens for 2 training centers and one company, publishing an article explaining which buildings are better to upgrade (Here: Make money: upgrade your training grounds!.

That is for the first part of the activity of my government.
Tomorrow the second part.

Second Part

By Tony Clifford
President of eBelgium



Minino. Day 1,920, 11:55



Alexandross Day 1,921, 07:44

Mininuns :heart:3

Minino. Day 1,921, 10:56

Alexandross :heart:33333

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Day 1,920, 12:21

The best government ever. o7

nW0lf Day 1,920, 14:03


Kaad Day 1,920, 14:18

Thanks for the report!

Jofroi Day 1,921, 23:23

Well done, keep the job going 😉

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,921, 03:48

good work

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