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[CP] Cabinet Reshuffle, CP Elections

Day 1,835, 11:26 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Talon Karrde

My Friends,

Today’s news is added in with my usual announcements. Make sure you read and vote this article!


I recently asked everyone in cabinet to sign a no party politics pledge, in which they agree to stick to their government role only for the last week of term. This was mandatory and each minister had the option of signing or resigning. I felt this was a necessary step after speaking with Count Drakula and Madacaion, in light of the recent acidic party politics plaguing our nation. I’m not talking normal party politics, I mean the kind that is really discouraging players right now, with baseless attacks, slander, spin and outright lies being bandied about all over. I’m sick of it, and I’m sure most of you are too, and so I decided that government needed to take a stand.

Government needs to be above reproach, needs to stand aloft and not be brought down with partisan struggles. It needs to be a shining example to the nation of the best we have to offer, and needs to model the characteristics we want to see in everyone. And so it was with a heavy heart that I forced cabinet to do this, full in the knowledge that I would have to fire some good people, good friends, if they wanted to help their parties. I did so to give you a symbol: Of a government that will serve the people above all, rather than serve themselves; I think we really have that now.

All ministers except three signed the pledge and agreed to put party politics aside for the remainder of my term. Those three were:

Iain Keers.

I count each of those three as a friend, and I hope there are no hard feelings for my decision; there certainly are none from me and I totally understand each person’s decision to focus on their party. I know each will continue to help the country in their own way and do their utmost as always, and I want to thank each of them for their service.


The CP election is hotting up with both Wayne and Count Drakula throwing their names into the hat thus far. I count both as friends and wish them both well in the campaign, and the best of luck if they do end up being elected- they’re gonna need it!

I am sure each would welcome your scrutiny and your questions about their campaigns; our politics are at their finest when we engage with candidates and are constructive, and I encourage you all to do exactly that with these two. Likewise our politics are at their worst when we attack candidates and go negative- I want a clean election this time please, be supportive to them!


Did you know, oh young players, that you can receive free health every day, courtesy of the NHS? Simply send a private message to Madacaion and he’ll sign you up! If you want more info on it and how it works, he’s your port of call. The latest NHS article can be found HERE.

Did you know you can receive your NHS supplies while staying in any military unit of your choice? Being in the NHS unit is not compulsory! So, you could receive supplies from both sources!

AND THIS JUST IN- THE CAP FOR THE NHS IS NOW LEVEL 29! So, if you're level 29 or below, message Madacaion and sign up for your free food!


If you are new to the game or just need a hand or some advice, our mentoring system is up and running and as strong as ever. If you need some specific help, please fill in THIS MENTORING FORM GDOC THING . Likewise, if you would like to help out the same form is what you need.


Beta will be releasing a MoE article tonight, and Kravenn will be releasing MoFA news.

The latest MoD orders article is HERE - well worth a read.


Here’s a brief report on what each minister has been up to in the last few days. Some of these guys have a consistent portfolio of work so what you read here may be similar or the same from article to article.

Count Drakula- Managing the MoFAs and MoDs, recording a podcast with me as guest, running for CP

Madacaion- Managing the MoH, MoE, Governor and MoLA.

Kravenn- Managing relationships with many countries and ensuring MPP renewals are negotiated smoothly

Jamesw- MoD orders and guidance, a review of how we do our orders to be the most useful possible

Boer Charel- Continuing exactly as before, running strikes

Carlini- Keeping the finances ticking over, and using the MM for profit

Betafoxtrot- Writing and mentoring- taken on NHS work


The MoD would like to inform you all that we’ll, for the time being, be continuing with our Wednesday and Sunday strikes, all taking place at 8pm GMT (12:00 Erep time) in #MoD . All UK citizens are welcome to attend and get free supplies.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for more announcements in the future.

We will do what is hard and we will achieve what is great.

Talon Karrde
Country President

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sandavid Day 1,835, 11:29


Gucio Day 1,835, 11:29


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,835, 11:50

Mistake in the paragraph on the NHS (it says to message BigAnt). It's not going to be easy to run for president if you aren't allowed to get involved in politics.

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,835, 11:52

Thanks for your effort so far! I like the idea of the no politics thing, I hope to see it more often in the future to avoid people abusing their positions.

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,835, 12:07

Well Danie, CP election IS the government so I have no problem with that- it's promotion of parties while in government which is too sticky.

MaryamQ Day 1,835, 12:11

A good move. I wish the government the best of luck in its final week.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,835, 12:45


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,835, 12:58

Thanks for your effort so far! I like the idea of the no politics thing, I hope to see it more often in the future to avoid people abusing their positions. x2

Brave move Talon and a great one to be honest.

BigAnt Day 1,835, 13:08

We need a war!

helpmeslack Day 1,835, 13:33

all this time and only now the call for no party politics in gov, meh

Niemand Day 1,835, 15:53

Clean sheet. 🙂

lancer450 Day 1,835, 16:08

Thanks for your effort so far! I like the idea of the no politics thing, I hope to see it more often in the future to avoid people abusing their positions. x3


mwcerberus Day 1,835, 18:06

Wish RL politicians were like this. Talon would make an interesting RL PM.

Meghan Day 1,837, 09:18

GO BIGANT AND IAIN KEERS! Way to stand up for what you believe in guys! ❤

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