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[CP] Asgard is perfect for eNL and eNL is perfect for Asgard!

Day 2,075, 09:55 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis
[English Version Below]

Beste Canadezen, Finnen, Nederlanders, Noren en Zweden,

Nederland heeft enige tijd geleden zich uitgesproken er veel voor te voelen lid te worden van de Alliance Asgard. Iets wat mij persoonlijk ook verheugde. Nederland zoekt geen Alliance om vrij te komen van de Polen. Nederland zoekt geen lidmaatschap van een per definitie grote Alliance, maar zoekt haar goede bondgenoten. Een goed bondgenoot ziet Nederland als haar gelijke. In Asgard zitten landen waar Nederland met grote regelmaat militair voor heeft ingezet. We zijn misschien geen groot land, maar we zijn zeer een betrokken volk, die graag de schouders onder een echte broederschap wil zetten!

Kortom, Asgard is de perfecte Alliance voor Nederland en Nederland is een perfecte toevoeging voor Asgard!

Daarom was Nederland ook erg teleurgesteld toen bleek dat het niet door kon gaan, doordat de Zweden de aanvraag niet zagen zitten. Er is veel onduidelijkheid in Nederland over deze stemming.

Een kleine periode terug werd ik aangesproken door de Zweedse President om te kijken of de relatie tussen onze twee landen te herstellen was. Natuurlijk ben ik daarop ingegaan. We hebben sindsdien een aantal gesprekken gehad en over en weer hebben we soldaten voor elkaars battles zien vechten. Ik denk dat dat we al mooie stappen hebben gezet, maar we moeten ook niet ontkennen dat er in beide landen nog groepen mensen bestaan die twijfelen aan de situatie. De Zweedse President Alfons Haschberg heeft in de Zweedse media al een statement gemaakt over onze relatie:

Ik twijfel niet aan Asgard, ik denk dat Asgard zeer goed past bij Nederland en andersom.

Noorwegen heeft aangegeven of Zweden een nieuwe vote over Nederland wil organiseren, omdat ze denken dat de uitkomst van de eerdere vote, niet correct de gedachte van Zweden weergeeft.

Nederland houd deze ontwikkelingen goed in de gaten en ik hoop op een positieve uitkomst! Laten we niet teveel terug kijken, maar laat ons kijken naar de toekomst!

Hail Canada
Hail Finland
Hail the Netherlands
Hail Norway
Hail Sweden
Hail Asgard

Met vriendelijke groet,

President van eNederland

Dear Canadians, Finns, Dutch, Norwegians and Swedes,

The Netherlands has requested Membership of the Alliance Asgard some time ago. This is something I really supported. The Netherlands isn't looking for an alliance to get liberated. The Netherlands isn't looking for a per see big Alliance, but is looking for solid Allies. A good Ally sees the Netherlands as their equal. In Asgard there are all member countries, where we fought hard for. We maybe are no big country, but we are a very commited country. We want to work hard for a real brotherhood!

In other words, Asgars is the perfect Alliance for the Netherlands and the Netherlands is a perfect match for Asgard!

Therefor the Netherlands was very disappointed when the request was declined, because of the outcome of the vote in Sweden. Much isn't clear on this in the Netherlands, as the reasons were not shared at that time.

Some time ago, I was contacted by the Swedish President to see if we could fix the relations between our two countries. Of course I agreed on that. We had multiple talks since then and we fought in eachother battles since then. We have made good progress there, but we cannot decline there are groups of people in both our countries who still have doubts. The Swedish President Alfons Haschberg already shared his opinion on the situation in the Swedish media:

I am not doubting on Asgard. I think Asgard is a very good match for the Netherlands and vice versa.

Norway has requested Sweden to organise a new vote on the Netherlands, because they don't believe the Swedish vote is correct on what Sweden thinks on the Netherlands.

The Netherlands will have a close look on that and I hope for a positive outcome! Don't look back that much, but let us focus on the future!

Hail Canada
Hail Finland
Hail the Netherlands
Hail Norway
Hail Sweden
Hail Asgard

With best regards,

President of the eNetherlands

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Arcanic Mindje
Arcanic Mindje Day 2,075, 10:10

Come on yall Swedes, vote yes :3

If you do vote yes I will make you all rich by buying all those tasty Swedish Meatballs!

Ely.nea Day 2,075, 10:45

I hope the best for your country in any choice you are making !

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,075, 16:30

merci :3

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Day 2,075, 16:46

Would have been nice if Sweden wrote something like this. Or our MoI from last month, who got the assignment of our CP Van Spijck. Was it a political decision of RikW, as he's a close friend of the ape?

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,075, 17:09

Let's be ositive okay. RikW told we he forgot because he was busy RL.

What concerns me is that we still haven't recieved any explanation by Sweden why they voted us down last tine. And without such an official explanation there's simply no use in applying for membership again.

Weekstrom Day 2,076, 06:56

That Ape is called ElGorro.
And making a political choice while you're in gov shouldn't be possible. If you step into the gov you represent what the gov does and don't follow personal agenda's. If I know of someone that will be neutral in matters like that it would be RikW.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 2,075, 18:10

eNetherlands is perfect for ePoland and... eNetherlands ignores the fact they are their b*ttsl#ves..
eeNL joining Asgard should be purely for fun and honour, eNL getting free from ePoland with or without Asgard is a PURE ILLUSION, but that shouldn't be a problem. So go on with your daily life and have some fun in the meanwhile!


Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,076, 11:34

What are you trying to prove?

Are you really just attempting to add insult to injury? Poor taste.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 2,076, 16:27

Like the Swedish president says: "We can't help you with Poland". I'm making a point that getting a region or two should be found in diplomacy, because military there is not alot of chance. And being in Asgard doesn't change that. I'm just saying this because probably in 1 years time after joining Asgard eNL will just be disillusioned again as when they joined EDEN.

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,076, 17:53

We don't expect them to liberate us.

Girlpower Day 2,075, 20:20

We'll see. o/

WhiteTemplar Day 2,075, 23:03

"Lo there do I see my father, Lo there do I see my mother, my Sisters and my brothers , Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever!"


bATRA Day 2,076, 01:55

the 13th warrior! 😃 Pretty okey movie!

Akashaton Day 2,076, 06:59

The Norwegian re-vote in progress! 😃
48H V & D to Sponsor the Dutch Asgard membership.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,076, 13:37

Ill vote yes once I have access, should be soon!

Cozza Day 2,077, 03:58

Come on Asgard. Open the flood gates and let Netherlands in.

Netherlands. DON'T open the flood gates or you'll float away into the North Sea.

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