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[CoT] A message from the new HQ

Day 1,970, 05:47 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Greetings citizens of CoT member states,

On behalf of myself (Stoich) and EBM, the new SCs of the alliance, we would like to say, that it will be an honour to serve you and the alliance this month. This article is our inaugural speech of sorts and unique in itself, the PR of the alliance will assume her functions afterwards as should be.

For the past few months, as CoT has became a constant factor on the international scene and not only a fleeting alliance to be ridiculed, it has naturally lost some energy, drive and determination which categorized the alliance in it’s infancy and early days. In addition some problems, inevitably would say some, started to appear both internally and externally.

There is nothing wrong, worrying or unnatural with those events, every alliance will have it’s better or worst moments, and it’s share of misunderstandings and/or small conflicts internally and larger externally. What discerns one form the other is how it handles those in general and each particular case. More importantly the ability of the alliance to adapt and continue to fulfill it’s main purpose to be the derivative of it’s members and not it’s members to derive from it.

Having said this there are a few things that we will strive to achieve at the helm of the alliance this month:

1. Communication with the general population, has not been up to the levels we should expect from CoT. We have the pretense of being the “different” alliance and so we should live up to it. This is not necessarily a criticism to previous administrations of the alliance, but rather the realisation that we need to increase our efforts in this regards to achieve the higher standards we want to strive for. For that reason we will attempt to increase the transparency of the alliance structures by providing more information on all subjects in regards to the dealings, both official and on an everyday level concerned with the alliance and not only. In short, expect more article and more information about CoT dealings this month and hopefully in the future as well.

2. As the alliance has grown, both in size and maturity, and as the situation changes on the world arena, there has been some need for adjustments to the charter of the alliance and so there are some issues that need to be addressed. This is not happening for the first time, however it has mostly remained known to those involved in the past, we will strive to inform you better in the future.

3. Political influence and ATO efforts. As the premise of the alliance has always been that of equality and non interference into the sovereign dealings of not only its member states but all other countries as well, CoT (particularly it’s smaller members) has become susceptible to foreign political movements. While we do not consider this to be an immediate threat we do need to have the ability to respond as needed in the future and it is better to be prepared than sorry. For that reason we will work to propose and start a ATO structure which will assist if needed member states. To some extent this has already happened with the aid we have been offering the USA in it’s effort to combat it’s PTO threat, however those have not been structured yet.

4. Over time every alliance goes through more passive and more active phases, it is time for CoT to move from one of it’s more passive phases in it’s young existence to a more active one. Rather than waiting and reacting to events, CoT should as was for a long time set the fashion in the world. We will strive to inject the energy, motivation and drive for CoT to once again become the driving engine behind the change in the world. This means a more active diplomacy and more staunch position on events of interest to the alliance. We will not let go internal or external conflict, or attempt to solve or mitigate alone, will work from the front and solve them with the force of reason.

5. A structural task that we have to work is to know the problems and aspirations of each member of the alliance, then, with the sum of that knowledge, build the reality of the problem, aspirations and long-term global vision of our alliance. We must always remember that, without knowing the realities of each leg of the entire table, we won't really work as a single structure, like a net.

6. Last but not least strive to continue the successful track record in terms of military conflicts, defense of all our members and work towards the strengthening the alliance from within. Incorporate more people into being active and taking a part of those to increase our ability to fight better and more efficiently. Put into active duty the now ready CoT mobile force. As well as start a discussion of how to best aide BB efforts of our member countries to strengthen them from the inside, both against political threats and militarily.

Not all will be brought to end in this short 1 month, however putting down the first brick is essential to building any house.

Lastly as it is an event of great interest, we would like to inform you that a summit for the voting of USA permanent membership into the alliance has been scheduled for this friday april 12 2013, eday 1970 at 10 erep time. It is hard to say the exact time the summit will continue however expect an article with all pertinent information to both this special summit and the regular first summit for the month from the PR of the alliance on the following day.

Be different, be yourself!
In CoT, we Trust

Stoich, EBM

SC team of CoT,
April 2013



AquariusSG Day 1,970, 05:48


Simonymous Day 1,970, 05:56

Comment deleted

Dimow Brando Day 1,970, 07:35

Comment deleted

Arcelven Day 1,970, 07:43


m0stwant3d Day 1,971, 10:20


AquariusSG Day 1,970, 05:50

I can't find Stoich, but I find Stolch
trololololo :DDD

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Day 1,970, 05:51

stoich is death. funeral tomorrow at 12 erepublik time.

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Day 1,970, 05:51


Simonymous Day 1,970, 05:56

Comment deleted

EBM Day 1,970, 12:51

we are here, stand up and without t-shirt XD

New Faustian Man Day 1,970, 06:05

Comment deleted

Stolch Day 1,970, 08:46

You've been reporting me for weeks, how did that work for ya.....

eDuH uDeoT
eDuH uDeoT Day 1,971, 03:57

еСтолч или Столче ?? : )

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Day 1,970, 05:50

In CoT, we Trust
you dont say>???

OVALNI REBORN Day 1,970, 07:50

ibis redibis numquam, peribis in bello xD

Squibeel Day 1,970, 05:52


AlexFran Day 1,970, 05:54

Hail CoT!

The Graverobber
The Graverobber Day 1,970, 05:54

too long, didn't read (: ололо пыщ пыщ

Simonymous Day 1,970, 05:56

Comment deleted

humbled Day 1,970, 19:59

Presidntial alert!

Kentavr Day 1,970, 05:56


Kentavr Day 1,970, 05:57

*место для рекламы*
*you can place your ads here*

Simonymous Day 1,970, 05:56

Comment deleted

AquariusSG Day 1,970, 05:59

Спами и чужденците бре, да не те е срам. 😃

Imoenbg1 Day 1,970, 05:59

Моля ви се, научете се как точно се пише its......

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Day 1,970, 06:06

ти да не си учител по английски уе?

Imoenbg1 Day 1,970, 06:12

Не, но мога да бъда, ако искам.... 🙂

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Day 1,970, 06:15

къде си бе англичанчето?? ааа 😃

humbled Day 1,970, 20:02

Here I am, watching the game, having a Bud ... sad, but true.

BeJIuKaH Day 1,970, 06:11

Hail CoT!

ardishabutaro Day 1,970, 06:12


bakalin Day 1,970, 06:15

Кой я е гласувал?? Кога, къде са изхарчени парите??
Мъгла майкааааа.....
Щото в Хартата на КоТ я няма, ПУКНАТ ОТЧЕТ за изхарчените пари пак няма.
Обаче КОЙ е бил в КоТ през Цялото време??
Стоича, Великана и Тотев.
Така че ПЪРВО ДА ВИДИМ ОТЧЕТА ЗА НЕЗАКОННО взетите Пари, после КОЙТО ги е харчил - да ги върне.
И тогава ми пишете БЛЯ, БЛЯ,БЛЯ статии.

Darriel Day 1,972, 01:53

Тоз па лудия : )
Таксата е за мобилните юнити на СоТ. Има я от над половин година.

nimnul Day 1,970, 06:28

Good luck to the new HQ!

AquariusSG Day 1,970, 06:36

И обяснето защо спирате кандидатурата на бакалина за банкер на Сигнално-Охранителната Техника???

Kauna Day 1,970, 06:50

Hail CoT anyway!

Aliss Wonder
Aliss Wonder Day 1,970, 06:54

Hail CoT!

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 1,970, 06:55


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,970, 06:57

Best wishes from myself and TWO HQ!

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,970, 06:59


Pan Xenonchik
Pan Xenonchik Day 1,970, 06:59

CoT is a puppet of TWO. The Polish attack on Russia showed it.

Stolch Day 1,970, 09:14

I look at Ukraine, then I look at Belgium, Ukraine, Belgium, Ukraine, Belgium, not bad to be part of that "puppet"..... good luck with being "free and independent" in EDEN

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,970, 13:40

Russia, PTO-ed Japan and so on and so on : )
ur just a puppet nothing less nothing more

Pan Xenonchik
Pan Xenonchik Day 1,970, 14:54

We are under erasing but we didnt forget about honor. But to speak with you about honor - its like to speak with blind man about colors of rainbow.

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,970, 07:00

CoT is safe!!
Stoich in the HQ!!
This is a good day for the alliance!

And with EBM, a long term prominent Peruvian citizen CoT will improve a lot.

Hail CoT!!

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Day 1,970, 07:02


FAIL Indo!!

Luciver Day 1,970, 07:37


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