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[Blue] Fancy a Bluejob?

Day 1,577, 05:31 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Mr Woldy

Everyone loves getting bluejobs.

And believe me, there is nothing better than getting a bluejob from a member of the Royal Family.

These two facts alone should be enough to persuade you into getting a bluejob, and you know what? Getting one is easy.

Step 1. Sign up to the forums (If you do anything after reading this, do that - it’s where the fun is!)
Step 2. Make some posts on the forums, get to know one or two people, maybe buy a boat
Step 3. Read this article on the Red vs. Blue Conflict
Step 4. Find the blue sub-forum
Step 5. Receive a bluejob from King Woldy.

That’s right, you are just 5 simple steps and one boat away from the explosive satisfaction that only a Woldy-Bluejob can bring you. What are you waiting for? They’re great.

’They’re Great!’ Say adamant blue supporter, Tony T.

Bluebloists Unite

As well as having any title you want available to you, the bobloists of the blue team now have the unique option open to them of running their own parish, or holding a bishops seat.

This comes following an announcement from true patriot and ex-Pope Digby IV, who has reformed the Spamican Church and taken ecclesiastic rights from the Spamican and transferred it to the King.

In other words, I gots divine rights, b*tches.

SO, we all like fancy titles, comfy seats and a little bit of boyish roleplaying here and there. Ask Goku Jones, formerly Duke of Rhyll. He’ll tell you.

So in a world where everything is painfully mundane, join the blue team and swan around with fancy titles and new land. If you are a bobloist, then you should certainly join the blue team.

Staying red makes you a heretic now, as well as apolitical agitator.

Better dead than red.

Stay tuned for our next article, where we’ll be announcing the new members of our political and religious aristocracy. It promises to be a corker!

A Blue Team party

Thanks for Reading,
HRH Woldy I,


To apply for the ‘Woldy’s Young Achievers’ Scheme, simply pop your name in this thread on our external forums:



Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,577, 06:10


T1nk3r Day 1,577, 06:18


Fat Codpiece
Fat Codpiece Day 1,577, 06:51


Dishmcds Day 1,577, 09:07

It's amazing how many articles you're writing these days. ^ _ ^

Amun Nefer
Amun Nefer Day 1,577, 09:11


Also, dishmcds: Check your memos on IRC. :3

Ullok Day 1,577, 09:12

How else is he meant to let people know Lilly's assasination attempts keep failing?

Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar Day 1,577, 09:21


Huate Allapies
Huate Allapies Day 1,577, 09:26


Amun Nefer
Amun Nefer Day 1,577, 09:35

Oh, so that's a digby.

@Ullok: Indeed! I have proof that Lily has attempted assassination of Woldy:

bozli Day 1,577, 10:20

tony looks like a Red supporter..

Lionbeard Day 1,577, 12:39

Bluebloists Unite!

Orinocco Day 1,577, 13:53

What a load of b*ll*cks.

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,577, 18:07

classic Woldy o/

Karacticus Day 1,578, 16:57

Only if you take your teeth out...

Snugz Day 1,579, 15:13

im totes woldy's bitch vassal for titles forever
*slurp slurrp slurp*

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