[BHPR] America Needs New Leadership

Day 1,604, 11:22 Published in USA USA by Dru Blood

Yesterday I made the move from the American Military Party (AMP) to the Bastards of Liberty (BoL). I have been with the AMP since I first returned to eRepublik back last year and they twice sent me to Congress. Some will think I am crazy to leave the AMP since it is the #2 party in America for such a young party as the BoL. There are two main reasons and then the final straw, 1) the AMP has become simply a branch of the USWP, 2) the BoL believes in honest up front game play; but the final straw came this morning with the White House Press Room (WHPR) article, [WHPR]The Return of the White House Press Room in which the newly elected Administration tells American citizens that they are stupid. They made a ‘joke’ about America having elected a RL British citizen who in the past was Country President (CP) of the United Kingdom (UK) in game, Americans took exception to being associated with waffling losers such as the UK; they began to ridicule the joke and agitate against the association and declaring we were headed for ONEdom. To use their excuse, ‘It was a joke, dude.’ Instead of realizing their ‘joke’ had backfired terribly they declare that America is stupid, America saw the joke as insulting ‘role play’ from a group who claim to not ‘role play’; IMO had they not received such universal condemnation the ‘role play’ would have continued through Artela’s Administration/s. I made this move because the BoL doesn’t think I am stupid, they want me to join in no matter how crazy my ideas may be; not to buy a Congressional Seat in order to be rubber stamp.

Last night I had considered joining in on the eNPR broadcast to talk about the BPPR debacle, then Henry ‘Pfeiffer’ Arundel called into the show. It took all of a few seconds and he reverted to his natural way of debating, ridicule and name calling; saying that ‘John Killiah sounded like a q****’to begin his conversation. That is when I hit the X in the upper right hand corner and went to bed, I had thought to debate ‘Pfeiffer’ over the Buckingham Palace Press Room debacle; but how do you debate someone whose only method of debate is to act like a child and start calling his opponent names? Since I went to bed and did not join into the live show, let me address the ‘joke’ that wasn’t a joke. When I joined eRepublik back in 2009 the United Kingdom had just back stabbed America and we were beating the monkey muffins out of them every chance we got, they have been our enemy ever since and the laughing stock of eRepublik; the ONE Alliance only using them as a shield to protect themselves. Then ‘Pfeiffer’ decided to associate America with a backstabbing country that has waffled back and forth from one alliance to another, a country who can not even stay on the map; the supposed joke of changing the WHPR to the BPPR was a insult to America. Personally I refuse to be a member of a party which thinks I am stupid, or a party who trolls you to death for an idea (shuttering OMS) which they then steal several months later; nor a party run by a ‘Pfeiffer sock puppet’ such as Chickensguys over at the U.S. Marijuana Party. America got the joke, ‘Pfeiffer’, it just wasn’t funny, worst of all when America reacted unfavorably you accuse America of not getting the joke and of being stupid; Americans are not stupid and yes it makes me ‘butthurt’ when our own Government Leaders belittle the very citizens who elected them to office.

One of the principles I try to live by is honesty, I always tell new friends that if they don’t want to hear my answer don't ask me a question; I am going to give you my honest opinion and most times you won't like it. I have been told that I grate on citizens, mostly it is memebers of what I think of as ‘Pfeifferism’ that accuse me of that trait; the Leader of this group of ‘meta gamers’ most Americans agree is an egotistical jerk; who stated on the after show of the March 20, 2012 broadcast of eNPR radio that he has never made a mistake -now that is egoistical. Many see me as a conspiracy theorist, seeing the boogeyman in every shadow; once again from this same set of ‘meta gamers’. Citizens whose avowed Leader stands always in the shadows of eRepublik, the only place ‘Pfeiffer’ even takes part is outside the game on a forum controlled by the ‘sock puppets’ of the USWP; ever notice ‘Pfeiffer’ himself never responds in game it is always one of his ‘sock puppets’. The last thing I will point out about ‘Pfeifferist’ is their cowardice, say something to disagree with them in game and they will barely respond; disagree with them on the eUnited States Forum and they will troll you to death. Here in game they are like cockroaches hiding in the dark, only in an area where their butt hurt ‘sock puppet’ buddies control who can post and even then they censor it before it actually shows on the forum. It is time for America to make a choice, underhanded, back stabbing Leaders who never tell citizens anything, who hide everything they do behind the closed doors of Congress; or transparent honest Leadership from citizens who care more about America than themselves.

I am Dru Blood and I may be crazy, but I’m just saying....

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