[Arfman for CP - May 2012] My Platform

Day 1,624, 07:02 Published in Australia Australia by Arfman

In my last campaign, I stressed about the importance of communication. I have been upfront about the fact that I have not given much media time, however I have preferred members of my cabinet to do the media fronting, and you have seen articles coming from the Ministries of Information, Education and Defence.

This coming term, the focus will be more on transparency. You have already seen our dealings with Brazil and South Africa, and we have chosen to keep the people continuously informed with these dealings and accepted input from the people.

I pledge to continue with this level of transparency throughout my next term, with the exception being only with matters of national security.

I have set a number of goals to be achieved in the next term, and this article will outline the direction I will take Australia.

My first goal is to organise a region for Australia to fight in so citizens can earn their True Patriot medals. We are currently looking at obtaining Chimor or Otago from Brazil, as well as entering into an agreement with South Africa about having a training war in the region of KwaZulu Natal. It is my aim to have this delivered as soon as possible. Australians deserve the opportunity to earn achievements, and I want to open the doors to this opportunity.

I would also like to expand our efforts in offering training and supplies to new players, to grow them and help them stay. The ADF started the term well recruiting new players but has recently been overlooked unfortunately. I will be directing my Minister of Defence to make recruitment a priority, as recruitment leads to retention. We are also looking at supplying food to our younger players to ensure that they can fight and work every day.

Our progress in building relations with our neighbours has been good this term and I would like to continue the good work done in this area. We have had a minor hiccup in attempting to reach the Brazilian CP but have had the opportunity to build relationships with a number of Brazilian cabinet members and influential citizens in the process, so there has still been good coming from the unfortunate situation. Building our relationships with our friends and allies this term is a must.

The fourth issue dear to my heart is having a budget surplus as it allows us to save for a rainy day. You never know what’s around the corner; things in this game change so quickly that it’s vital to save up a sizable fund for emergencies. We have had a massive rise in our tax income recently and I have also increased investment in the war fund by ten times (50k to 500k) so a reasonable amount can be put away to be spent if Australia should ever be attacked. It is important that each Prime Minister build a solid foundation so that future Prime Ministers are not left short.

Finally, I have heard the public’s concerns about communication. It is a problem that I have already moved to address, immediately. My Minister of Defence has been assigned the duty of opening dialogue with the Australian public explaining our efforts to secure a war for them to fight in. We have been completely honest in our dealings with the Australian public, discussing both our successes and disappointments. While some citizens have used this as an opportunity to attack the government, the majority of citizens have expressed their appreciation for the efforts we have gone to for Australia. Through this, I believe we have proven ourselves to be a team that works to get the job done, rather than one that sits around speaking empty words. I intend to continue delivering greater transparency next term.

In short, these are the five main goals I have in my plan for the next term. I believe that hard work and ambition together will see these things achieved for the continued benefits of Australia, and I hope that you share this vision with me too.