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[AMP] Passing the Midway Point ...

Day 1,687, 16:52 Published in USA USA by John Killah

Gimme some of dat MOOD MUSIC!

Rebuilding a country teetering on the edge of the unknown … one brick at a time …

That’s what AMP has done today in my opinion, and today’s address is two fold.

The Results are in!

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, we at AMP held our CP Primary, same as any other serious party, and I can now officially reveal the results of the poll.

The winner of the AMP CP Nomination is Evry!

Evry pretty much decimated the primary, holding a landslide of the vote throughout the entire process.

So to all AMPers, remember to vote Evry on CP Elections, 5th July! (if you’re not too drunk/hungover)

Already halfway through!

18 days have passed by extremely quickly in my opinion. 18 days ago, I was being elected (albeit difficultly … THANK YOU FOR THE PLATO!) to the position of Party President within the American Military Party, THE Premier Party of the United States in terms of talent and potential.

In those 18 days, i’ve had my head down most of it, constantly speaking to my directors and other honorary leadership members (See: Haliman, Cleveland Fleman, Israel Stevens) about all manner of subjects pertaining to the party and its direction.

I’m honestly pleased with how the term has progressed so far. The high point was the morning after congress elections. I walked into the leadership channel and the first I said was, quite simply “Results?” … When Potato told me we won 18 (That’s including the 6th Party member that later left) seats to the USWP’s 16, I think I repeated the same 2 words roughly 10 times in quick succession - “F*** Yeah” … Our PAC Department delivered to me some of the best news of that day. Potato has finally proven to me (Ask Israel, I LOVED to rail against potato) that he’s maturing and becoming a better player

Retention has been rebounding recently. Not gonna lie, under Israel’s term last month, it languished in a state of disuse. We’d hear of how a games night would be happening, only for no body to turn up and lead it. We’ve changed that … or more correctly, Eric Vanderberg has, through blood, sweat and swear words, turned all that around in a great successful feat. He’s proven he certainly has a bone network of fun in his body, and his generousity (he gives Gold prizes instead of tanks … and all from his own pocket!) knows very few bounds. He’s brough legitimacy back to that department. I don’t think I can find words in all honesty that explain how much gratitude I have towards Eric, nor how proud I am that he has proven himself in such a short amount of time.

Communications has also been rebounding. Rixx has done a great job of getting a new MMer and making sure timely MM’s are going out to members. He’s also been shoving a rocket up recruitment’s backside and I’ve heard news that we’re getting in better shape. I give my heartfelt thanks to this man for revitalising the department and stepping up when there was nobody else I felt was qualified to do this.

Remember, while I may be the Party President, It’s not just me that makes this party tick. Without this amazing team that’s been assembled, my term would not have been half as good as it is shaping up to be … But we’re not resting …

None of us will be resting until AMP is where it belongs … #1 in the Nation, just like it should be #1 in all your hearts!

Great Term so far, and this is only the beginning OF THE EVOLUTION!
✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

John Killah - American Military Party, Party President


John Killah
John Killah Day 1,687, 16:53

Hey USWP, you quaking in your boots? AMP's coming to get ya!

ErrOrka Day 1,687, 16:55

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

AlmightySo Day 1,687, 16:55


MakisSafosTsetsenoglou Day 1,687, 16:58

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,687, 17:02

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

SavageWatson Day 1,687, 17:07

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

potato134 Day 1,687, 17:09


Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,687, 17:16

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

Jorge Salazar
Jorge Salazar Day 1,687, 19:11

It seems I have been living under a rock!

I missed primaries...

Congratz Evry!

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,687, 19:21

Brief Apologises about the Primary, I wasn't aware an MM hadn't gone out for it.

chickensguys Day 1,687, 21:12

USWP is supporting Evry too, failed to mention that

chickensguys Day 1,687, 21:12

Vote Glove

Tute Cabrero
Tute Cabrero Day 1,687, 21:42


Tony Rumor
Tony Rumor Day 1,687, 23:06

✯✯✯ Feel The AMPs ✯✯✯

mvcakir Day 1,687, 23:06

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

Rose Gargiulo
Rose Gargiulo Day 1,688, 00:10


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,688, 01:30

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,688, 08:27

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

Jr128 Day 1,688, 18:08

✯✯✯Feel The ****ing EVOLVING Amps!✯✯✯

Aersidius Day 1,688, 19:12

Glad you passed the halfway point, I hope the rest of your bowel movement goes equally as well.

Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Day 1,688, 20:37

Learn about Pfeifferism and why the AMP is becoming the new USWP -

Lex Talbot
Lex Talbot Day 1,689, 03:02


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