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Day 1,797, 14:15 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Day 1797

Dear eAmericans,

Today we have special edition of HMS related to situation in AFA and in eUSA. Few things happened and this is my public statement as AFA party president. So let's start...

- eUSA inner/foreign affairs

Our beloved PotUS and his Government showed once again what they are capable for. After signing CTRL contract and making problems just few weeks latter, with giving ultimatum to ePL about MPPs with eSerbia and eHungary, while we are signing MPP with eCroatia, now we have new, even funnier situation. eBrazilian CP proposed this law. 3 of 4 CTRL members crearly showing disappointment with eUSA and this is proof for that. In my previous article about situation in eUSA, i asked eUSA Gov why we always need to be only partybreakers. But as usually, they said that's someone else's fault.

This is official eBR statement. Guess what they said who is guilty this time too 🙂

Now, i have question for you, eAmericans. Why do you let them doing this constantly, last few months, years..

eUSA having problems becouse of what? or maybe it's better to say, becouse of who?

I don't wnat to repeat same old story, you have enough proofs and material to ask yourself what to do in future. To choose same old guys who didn't do anything but made more troubles, or to make fresh start, with new capable leaders. IT'S JUST ON YOU eAMERICANS !!!

AFA will continue to fight for CTRL, because that's only aliance we have. If we join another, we will fight for that new alliance.


One of AFA congressmans proposed Poland as NE. We want to say this is not official AFA proposal, and we will do anything to make this proposal rejected. Takakak is French player, and we all know eFR is big CTRL enemy.

Once again, we are sorry becouse of this. All our rogue proposals in future will be related to inner affairs, never to foreign stuff like this one. We don't want to spoil relationship with our allies.

Takakak is no more related with AFA and his political career here is over. AFA takes all responsibilities about this act, but as i said, i'll do my best this never happen again

this is how our CP doing diplomacy.

-eUSA inner politics

After i offered to current eUSA Gov and PotUS new start, fresh and fair, he rejected that and now he even calling on open war between them and AFA. As i can notice, PotUS made this proposal. Im here to spread words of every AFA member. We are ready on any challenge, but first ask yorself are you!

I fairly talked with Pfeiffer about me stoping all rogue proposals in fitire, but only they need to do is to stop all PTO attempts in AFA. All of you willa greethis is fair offer. Why? This is why...AFA don't have anything from this. PotUS himself said nobody can't kick AFA from T5, and thats fact. With this offer i wanted to show good will and to make something we all have benefit from. But just a fool can reject this. As they screwing all for a long time, they screwed this too.

But ok. he reject that, and i still stoped rogue proposals. But you must know nobody can't control all people around him. AFA made just 4 proposals in last month, and thats great success. I wanted to get on 0 rogue proposals per month, but our PotUS proposed law i mentioned above.

So, this is public statement related to that proposal. AFA have full capacities to fight against this. If this law pass, AFA will propose laws on daily basis. We wanted to play fair, but this is game for two. So if other side don' want to play nice, why should we?!

Also i want to call all eAmericans to report that proposal as insult and flaming.

-eUSA inner politics 2

eUSA DoE published this article. In this article you can find how Department which should be objective saying how is bad to be AFA member. DoE on first place is not here to interfere in politics, but to educate new players about game mechanisms.

Another proof about capabilities of our Goverment.

-dirty propaganda part 2125346525

In last period, you noticed more and more stories about AFA having army of bots. Last two days, many AFA ( and only AFA ) members got FP ( forfiet points ) without reason. Im one of them. WE recieved message with FP, but without explaination. Also, many AFA members got penalties becoause 2-3 FPs which they should have with 7-8 FPs. Many saying this is another eUSA Gov dirty job, cuz we all know there are few moderators from eUSA Gov. This is just assumption for now, but we will investigate this more.

You are all witnesses many eUSA player calling AFA members facists and terrorists. Those are very disturbing insults. Also, these players dont use prefix "e" when saying stuff like this, so many nationalities can be insultet with this. Im calling you all to report every simgle comment, shout or stuff with insults in it. We must stop this and start playing game, and game is not insult.

Few nonAmerican moderators accpeted to investigate this, and i must say, so far we noticed that many players recieved penalties without any reasons. All penalties are removed now, but everything will be investigated even more, to determine who did that.

I must call all AFA members to be smart and to be careful. We expect even more dirty attempts of eUSA Gov to kick AFA from T5.

Also, i would like to call every player who got FP without reason to igm me or to write ticket

You should read this article too writen by Nueveocho


For shout:


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The-Comedian Day 1,797, 14:20

where is the version in serbian language?

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,797, 14:25


BarnicleStinson Day 1,797, 14:27

AFA Fail

Ralph Kline Day 1,797, 14:31

Comment deleted

The-Comedian Day 1,797, 14:33

i trust ralph's yeah, what he said.

N.D.Tobias Day 1,797, 14:34


Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,797, 14:34

Keep crying, Hanibal.

ilphen Day 1,797, 14:34

love the pic : D

Matracuca Day 1,797, 14:35

what big Pfeiffer does ( is crap

Publius Day 1,797, 14:39

Are you drunk or mentally handicapped? Your English and grammar is terrible.

OhioSSniper Day 1,797, 14:41

"Also i want to call all eAmericans to report that proposal as insult and flaming."

Says the friend of RGR, who said that he can't respect US servicemen and the US Army after DADT got removed, which, I might add, was a great thing (the removal of it)

You guys are just complete idiots and assholes.

Please go die in the hole known as Detroit.

DokJon Day 1,797, 14:41

AFA = enemy of state

Norbengo Day 1,797, 14:47


This is mentally handicapped diplomacy... Elites, what have you accomplished?

eUSA has no friends, no real allies... no one respects us..

AFA is here to change all that, to make our eNation great again o/


K1tho Day 1,797, 14:57


Specii de la SKH
Specii de la SKH Day 1,797, 14:57

impeach that f... CP

Artela Day 1,797, 15:03

I suggest you go buy a tin foil company... you're gonna need to make a lot of hats!

Gant tommy
Gant tommy Day 1,797, 15:07

Challenge, not chalenge.

streetfightersbl Day 1,797, 15:08


B.D.JOE Day 1,797, 15:10


SEP II Day 1,797, 15:13

Romanians supporting TOvers... lol!!!

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,797, 15:17

Rise up eUSA, there is a better path.

Join the AFA!

olivermellors Day 1,797, 15:27

If the current President screws up royally, we will survive quite nicely. If AFA continues to give citizenships away to players who want to hurt us, we won't. It is a simple calculus. You don't need to make a deal to stop hurting us. That is your choice. But I see that is off the table now. ohhh well....

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,797, 15:31

olivermellors if curent US Gov stop with PTO attempts maybe we will stop with breaking IES procedure. for now, thats only way to defend our policy in eUSA

olivermellors Day 1,797, 15:38

IF you want to bring healthy political change, the president's recent performance gives you an opportunity. The opportunity is to demonstrate:

1. You have concrete healthy proposals
2. You are ready to have citizens discuss them and fight about them and finally agree or disagree about them
3 You are ready to stop bringing in outsiders to help win the argument
4 you are ready to distance yourself from Reagan until he tempers his ambition and rhetoric and demonstrates he can contribute

olivermellors Day 1,797, 15:40

Or just carry on with AFA = hurt america

It is YOUR choice. You control your destiny. You don't need permission to do the right thing.

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Day 1,797, 15:40

Hannibal LA - You, Ajay and Sidarta, form the core of a party built on hate. You will not do anything more than ruin a community, the eUSA. You and Sidarta are obviously rejects from you own communities, why did you think it would be any different here, especially when you teamed up with eUSA's most hated individual?
You do nothing but harm and promise what you can never deliver, anyone who trusts or believes in you is a fool.

Red Tornado
Red Tornado Day 1,797, 15:48

voted ! o7

ErrOrka Day 1,797, 15:53


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,797, 16:02

olivermellors u want to say we should be good complying citizens while our Gov proposing anti-AFA welcome mssg ?!

one thing must be clear, we wont stop fight agains elitism here. when we win, and we will win, we will set new policy here. normal, democratic and trnsparent. thats our final goal.

i said that million times. im not interested in power and politics. jsut want to bring some new guys who will lead this conlty properly !!! i offered that to john Largo, he rejected.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,797, 16:03


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,797, 16:04

Ralph Kline we are most ahted few of u:)

adn think again. r we only guys here doing harm to eUSA...or there are some other guys too ?!

Iamnameless Day 1,797, 16:05

I choose same old guys who didn't do anything but made more troubles

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,797, 16:09


olivermellors Day 1,797, 16:09

The great soul found a way to actively and ferociously help his country. So did Petain and Quisling. So did Jinnah. There is a pattern. It involves collaboration. All were well intentioned. It is simple.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,797, 16:12

olivermellors some calling that revolution xD

Norbengo Day 1,797, 16:15

Oliver, why are you still defending the elites?

They have sold France to Poland and Spain and you were our allies... They have done the same thing with the Canada and Germany...

olivermellors Day 1,797, 16:21

elites: I have written tw0 nice little newspaper article about that. It expresses my view. They are here and should be read together:

olivermellors Day 1,797, 16:24

Hanibal: of course some would call SOME of those revolutionaries and great men; some of the others just collaborationists. That is the point. Choose. Please make a different choice.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,797, 16:26

i want to shoose, but those guys dont letting me....

i want to work fine with them, they rejecting that constantly. now they attacking us..what should i do ?!

Marcomannius Day 1,797, 16:33

Go Hanibal!! One day America will rise again from the ashes of stupidity of the elite. Support!

DokJon Day 1,797, 16:35


olivermellors Day 1,797, 16:49

"i want to shoose, but those guys dont letting me...."
the other guys won't let you choose????
well then you are a weakling and not worth my time. ......

Epita1997 Day 1,797, 17:09

Best to have a idiot POTUS than a TOer one, the first is going to destroy the country reputation externally, the latter is going to destroy the reputation and prestige of US externally and internally.

I would choose the idiot one, even with my country being target of racism from the POTUS.

Epita1997 Day 1,797, 17:12

The point is that US choose a completely innapropriate POTUS, i truly hope that you guys can choose better next time, just don't choose the AFA guy.

Shermain Day 1,797, 17:29

Thanks for the article. AFA keep in mind, you need to watch what you say. Stay above the foolishness and keep work to build our party.

I call on all members of congress who represents the AFA to hold on all proposal.

@oliver, AFA congress members do not have rights to eus forums. Now, I ask is that fair? I say it is not. They can not debate and follow the rules so what do you suggest. Let me know what you think?

olivermellors Day 1,797, 17:39

Shermain: isn't it obvious??? work with the population; stop collaboration with players from the other teams; see yourself as being a legitimate option; distance yourself from Regan; articulate concrete policy and explain it openly; hope that there will be bitter discussion about it; etc etc etc.

Or put it this way: accept that the party and the country are better served by foregoing collaboration with adversaries. Strong and honest will get you far. Choose.

olivermellors Day 1,797, 17:44

Marko: you want know who are friends? spend week in wet tent.
Marko: today he lie to help you, tomorrow he lie to hurt you.
Marko: you want know how he treat you tomorrow, look how he treat others today.

Bit of balkan wisdom gets you far too. 🙂 now back to my sarma

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,797, 19:02

epita you were born in the same year as my youngest brother.... you are not mature enough to understand this. oliver...afa does not leave soldiers on the battlefield

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