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[Presidential Address] Training War, the Tournament, and Reelection!

6 Tag 2,803, 20:41 Veröffentlicht in Canada Canada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Yesterday I approached my good friend and our ally, VyC ARG, the President of Argentina about releasing an Irish … mehr »

[Presidential Address] Sacrifice and the Community

41 Tag 2,800, 19:41 Veröffentlicht in Canada Canada Finanzgeschäfte Finanzgeschäfte

This is my response to this article.[mehr »

[Presidential Address] Taxes, War, and a Domestic Agenda

15 Tag 2,794, 19:57 Veröffentlicht in Canada Canada Kampfaufträge Kampfaufträge

My fellow Canadians, I would like to thank you for an exciting ten days in office. I would hope that most of you are … mehr »

[Presidential Address] Victory in Europe

34 Tag 2,790, 16:37 Veröffentlicht in Canada Canada Kriegsanalyse Kriegsanalyse

Well folks it looks like we have successfully ended the war with Germany. We have liberated our friends in the Netherlands, and have an agreement to stay there and help them remain intact … mehr »

[Presidential Address] Constitutional Crisis or Congressional Treason

41 Tag 2,790, 03:33 Veröffentlicht in Canada Canada Politische Debatten und Analysen Politische Debatten und Analysen

Today Canada finds itself in an unprecedented position, our Congress has violated the Constitution and ignored an Executive Order. They did not overturn an … mehr »