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[EDEN] On the eCroatia-eIndia situation

Dia 1,876, 12:19 Publicado em Greece Grécia por Greek Ministry of Health

Salutations House of EDEN,

After the last Q&A article we received a lot of questions about the how and why behind the eCroatia-eIndia conflict, and what the position of EDEN is in the situation. Currently there are huge sentiments of animosity and outrage of the people on both sides, due to, for the most part, lack of information and exposure to high-level propaganda. As most other countries could only read part of all articles via the shouts, which are by nature biassed, we feel the need to adequately inform the Brotherhood about the situation. We will try to give you a neutral perspective on the story, starting with trying to give an unbiased approach as to why and how this situation developed:

eCroatia and eIndia have been long-time friends and allies, both being EDENminded. For well over 2 years, there never was any conflict worth mentioning and when Croatia moved to eIndian regions about 5 months ago, it was in good understanding and with mutual consent. Even though India has impressive funds and no need for the regions, eCroatia initially offered a fee per region of 20,000cc, later to be reduced to 80,000cc for 5 regions altogether. As a brotherhood, we think it is a sad case to see that a substantial amount of ~750,000cc was used to win the Jammu & Kashmir battle against eCroatia. Especially since eCroatia’s only intent was to simply have what was agreed upon, and signed off by both governments.

The rental agreement between eCroatia and eIndia
eCroatia and eIndia had a renting agreement for 5 regions. After new missions from Plato, they had some Training Wars and after that the region of Karnataka, not needed by both sides, but also not under the agreement, remained eCroatian. In last months CP term eIndia asked eCroatia to return the region of Karnataka. Problems started when the eCroatian government tried to return it a few times but failed due to TP hunters and some independent MUs. Though eCroatia got words of understanding from eIndian side, their CP, understandably, was not very happy because of this.

How eIndia chose to leave GEA (Garden of Eden)
India had been in GEA for some time. But over time their situation grew more and more difficult (also due to enemies gaining both in strength and numbers) and they were more and more influenced by several antiEDEN elements. When Indonesia put an NE on eCroatia, eCroatia had obvious problems with containing the Indonesian/CoT armies and in the end, eIndia lacked trust in EDEN for their protection. After a referendum they decided to leave pro-EDEN side. Some proCoT elements in their government started talks with the opposing block (this became abundantly clear when later some high level CoTWO players showed great knowledge of ind-cro problematics), which led to expiration of all pro-EDEN MPPs except Argentina.

How eThailand and eIndonesia got involved
A new problem occurred when their neighbors in eThailand decided they wanted eIndia's cattle resources, and eThailand used its influence to stop eIndia from getting closer to CoT. During these events, the Cro-Indo war progressed to a point where Indonesia was removed from the eIndian subcontinent, and eCroatia was left with Gujarat, Madhy Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Thailand NE'd eIndia and advanced south in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where eIndia showed some measure of success against their longtime enemies.

The need for NE to carry out the agreement
As per eCro-eIndia rent agreement, eCroatia still had rentrights on Maharashtra and should have been given the possibility to take this region. For this to happen and follow through on the agreement (which was unbroken by any side at the time), it was necessary that either or both sides would NE each other. Logically, it is unwise for a country in this position to go sign MPPs that clash with the MPPs of the other country, since you lose them the minute you NE. India unfortunately did this. Probably to go to war with Thailand, however, their timing was off.

How eIndia declined and relations turned rightout hostile
From what we know, eCroatia repetitively asked for this NE to happen. Even before, when the war with Indonesia was going bad, they went through diplomatic channels to ask India to NE them in order to escape north. India declined, time after time. Even Croatia understood that India wanted to secure their regions. However, the mere fact they had talks with both sides, left pro-EDEN side and were not open to any kind of negotiations, made talks and relations turn more and more hostile.

Where do we stand now, in terms of relations?

eIndia signed MPPs with ePoland, eFYROM, eBulgaria, eSlovenia and eSpain, what effectively means they are strongly moving towards CoT/TWO. There are some people in eIndia advocating returning to the table for serious talks, as they see that the situation was drastically overblown. There are others in eIndia who welcome the new situation...

Could we have done things differently?
The fact eCroatia made a diplomatic mistake is notable and they apologized for that. If eIndia was serious about repairing their long-time good relations with eCroatia, this would have been an opening into new negotiations and the current war could have been avoided. Even now, the current eCroatian government are open to talks again. However, it seems eminent that India isn’t.

From EDEN perspective, we still consider India a long-time friend, but we support eCroatia whatever the turnout will be of events. Even in a brotherhood, there is room for doubt and if eIndia decides to move pro-EDEN again, we are more than willing to offer the help of our new EDEN FA team to work out this conflict. EDEN deeply regrets the events that occurred between our brothers, and we have faith that both sides can and will come to a reasonable solution of the current situation, and hopefully one day, side-by-side, fight like the brothers they were for years.

Victoria aut mors!

EDEN PR team


TheYakuzini Dia 1,876, 12:21

Victoria aut mors!

Zeeuwsmeisje Dia 1,876, 12:24

Victoria aut Mors!

WhiteEagle1950 Dia 1,876, 12:27


klop123 Dia 1,876, 12:28

Victoria aut Mors!

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Dia 1,876, 12:31

True story (:

Victoria aut Mors!

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Dia 1,876, 12:31

Victoria aut Mors! o7

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Dia 1,876, 12:32

Victoria aut Mors!

Didei Dia 1,876, 12:33

Victoria aut Mors! o7

nookie_hookie Dia 1,876, 12:33


SexyCicko Dia 1,876, 12:33


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dia 1,876, 12:34

This is neutral? Try this article then: Don't you understand the BIG PICTURE? There is an element in eIndia that are desperate to join CoT at all costs, but in order for them to do this, they need sufficient reasons to make their case. Luckily for them, Croatia have supplied all the propaganda they needed. So well done EDEN and well done Croatia, it was a hard enough job to give eIndians an informed choice, now you've made it a practical impossibility.

Arrlo Dia 1,876, 12:36

At the moment Croatia needs India more than vice versa, but that hasn't always, nor will it always be the case. I think we can work something out, but if India decides to cancel the agreement then I think we should respect it and leave.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dia 1,876, 12:38

cool spin

Thanatos the Magnificent
Thanatos the Magnificent Dia 1,876, 12:38

Victoria aut Mors! o7

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dia 1,876, 12:41

weather balloons

Ika Sense
Ika Sense Dia 1,876, 12:48

Victoria aut Mors!

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Dia 1,876, 12:49

Complete BS. First of all we didnt spend 750k cc we just moved it on the other acc. How you can allow to be so much disinformed?

This article is clearly in Croatia`s favour as you never mentioned the reasons why India left GEA and why Croats attacked us. Anyway here is it:

I`m mentioned here and very very happy:D Me gusta vote and shout

silvac Dia 1,876, 12:51


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Dia 1,876, 12:52

Another shitt article !!

Stolch Dia 1,876, 12:53

"Problems started when the eCroatian government tried to return it a few times but failed due to TP hunters and some independent MUs."

It was agreed that that region be returned, it was not. Deal broken, end of story. Start of hypocrisy, opan EDEN style!

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dia 1,876, 12:53

swamp gas?

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Dia 1,876, 12:53

whatever happened to F**KCOWS chat room detail that seems to have been missed out from this NEUTRAL account of what has happened.

galenaandrea Dia 1,876, 12:55

And nothing about #jeb**krave?

BoatsandHoes Dia 1,876, 12:56

lol, fail article, you cant just take something by force because you f****d up the talks by offending the Indians using 'f**kcows' as a chat room, also why no mention of the Croatian deals with Thailand to share all of India?

You guys have seriously failed both with your diplomacy and also your propaganda, how long before you now also fail in the War, I guess maybe 2 weeks and your removed from India and never allowed back

Stolch Dia 1,876, 12:57

Oh it gets better....

So India did not want to adhere to Croatian demands and thus things got hostile naturally. This is the most natural thing that happens between friendly countries that have been allies and friends for years I mean who doesn't know that!

Then again it is very much opan EDEN style, so no surprise there as well....

GregoryG Dia 1,876, 12:58


NueveOcho Dia 1,876, 12:59

Bullshit propaganda
f*ck ENDED
f*ck Cryatia


Stolch Dia 1,876, 12:59

and of course the best and most ingenious move of this article is to vilify the best and most respected player in India and one of the most respected Indian players in the game as a whole Ashwamedh.

You guys are amazing and will keep hitting your head into the wall even if there is no head left to smash.

Diplomacy opan EDEN style!

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Dia 1,876, 13:01

read comments and u can see they doesn't even want to sort it out

so who cares?

Vladimir Alexei ur serb, so get off with ur propaganda, poor india won't even get they are pto-ed until its to late

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Dia 1,876, 13:01

Croatia cannot defeat TP hunters... So much of a fail

Stolch Dia 1,876, 13:03

@Dubrovnik, delete it again and repost below it will surely make you look a lot smarter.

Greeks and Turks must be very happy however with this article as the EDEN HQ is busy with a propaganda war to secure Croatian resources when both of them are getting wiped clean of the map while tanking billions.

op op opan EDEN style!

BIagota Dia 1,876, 13:03

If Croatia does not want to delete India...
Thailand will for sure, no matter if they r in COT or Eden they r two faces traitors and traitors will be punished because no one like that kind of players!
Fail India!!!

NueveOcho Dia 1,876, 13:04

Cryatia is the house of fail

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dia 1,876, 13:04

Btw, who is the author of the article, please? I don't mean "the team", I mean the author?

XENOFON knight of Bel Sten
XENOFON knight of Bel Sten Dia 1,876, 13:05

what about greece guys???
the number one country in 4rth division in a few hours wont exist..
where were you???

Stolch Dia 1,876, 13:06

@Blagota are you still butt-hurt about the failed PTO of Canada? Deal with it already.....

Stolch Dia 1,876, 13:08


They're fighting to win a RW against the mighty power of India to save the route to their bonuses, that's where ; )

Arrlo Dia 1,876, 13:09

Dubrovnik I don't think that these clowns necessarily represent India, just hot air in an article comments. Let our governments speak. Croatia has no reason to want to wipe India, and moderate Indians should have no reason to want to wipe Croatia.

There, that's something for both our governments to work from, surely?

Makedonas GR
Makedonas GR Dia 1,876, 13:09

not voted

XENOFON knight of Bel Sten
XENOFON knight of Bel Sten Dia 1,876, 13:10

@eRichard Parker i think it is time to either regroup as an alliance either disband it..

NueveOcho Dia 1,876, 13:11

@arrlo, u sure? I don't think so

Nikaron Dia 1,876, 13:13

oust mors

off whisky
off whisky Dia 1,876, 13:15

To be mentioned by Greek Ministry of Health as "EDENminded" sounds like a nasty diagnose.NO?!
But there's a cure for it.NO?!
Invite Turkey!NO?!

Arrlo Dia 1,876, 13:15

I think it's something the Indian and our government can talk about, yes.

Stolch Dia 1,876, 13:15


To be honest I don't see how EDEN can reorganize, it has been trying for 1.5 years with no success, I mean at some point you admit you've failed and move on. However denial has become the main culture of EDEN and the main reason for the recurring like clockwork failures both on the diplomatic and war fronts.

mitsotakis 1212
mitsotakis 1212 Dia 1,876, 13:15

help greece!

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Dia 1,876, 13:15

and nueveocho another pto-er....

mitsotakis 1212
mitsotakis 1212 Dia 1,876, 13:15

Victoria aut Mors! eden o7!!!

eQuBit Dia 1,876, 13:16

EDEN is on the verge of extinction and HQ publish an article about croatian bonus...
Ok, let me keep this simple


Stolch Dia 1,876, 13:17

Basically put, it has become cool to be called a traitor by EDEN, it means you have integrity to stand by your convictions.

This is how low EDEN has fallen, there is no getting out of that hole.

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