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Wake up AURORA!!!

10 Dita 2,465, 23:25 Zvicra Analizat e Luftimeve Analizat e Luftimeve

Comrades of AURORA it's time to wake up!!!

Since the starting days of AURORA I always was fascinated about it's cohesive nature and brotherhood!!!

But since in the recent past it seems that it has

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Seeking some responsible position!!!

12 Dita 2,463, 03:22 Zvicra Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

Hello guys,

I have joined swiss almost a week ago. I appreciate small countries as they have very less citizens and it feels great to interact with them. With an experience of working as the CP of eIndia i want to find myself useful for the

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Hello eSwiss!! 100 energy giveaway!!

24 Dita 2,457, 00:47 Zvicra Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese

Hello friends,

I am the recent addition to eSwitzerland. Let me introduce you myself. I am Real Steel 4. I hail from real life India where the name of switzerland rings in the news channels for almost once in a day(Black money heaven). :P:P:P

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Apologies and aftermath!

30 Dita 2,451, 06:13 India Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

P.S: I did not use Voters club for this article, someone else did it :/

Hello friends,

Today I stand in front of you and speak in a "silent" tone. At the start of my term I was very enthusiastic and "active", owing to which we ran the

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Cabinet announcement!! Where there is a will, there is a way!!! [RS4CP]

31 Dita 2,418, 04:07 India Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

Hello eIndians and the rest of the eworld,

Today I would like to announce the upcoming cabinet of eIndia which is going shape our policies in the upcoming days. :)

Before I begin, I would like to thank YUUVA INDIA and Communist party
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