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Tis ours, the dignity they give to grace
The first in valour, as the first in place;
That when with wondering eyes our martial bands
Behold our deeds transcending our commands,
Such, they may cry, deserve the sovereign state,
Whom those that envy dare not imitate!

[Congress][ATO] When You Go to Vote Today - READ THIS FIRST

168 Dan 1,861, 09:28 ZDA Prvi koraki v eRepublik Prvi koraki v eRepublik

Merry Christmas eReppers!

Besides wishing you the best for the Holiday Season, I've put digital ink to article today to write about something that's been … preberi več »

Oblige for Congress with "We the People"

13 Dan 1,855, 12:24 ZDA Politične debate in analize Politične debate in analize

Dear America:

I'm running for Congress again.

This term: I will be running with We the People.

My platform is simple.
★ Lowest … preberi več »

SUMMIT: The New Map Module

82 Dan 1,852, 09:26 ZDA Družbeni stiki in zabava Družbeni stiki in zabava

Previously in my articles about the summit we've seen the statistics and also had a brief [url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/preliminary-recap-

preberi več »

Summit: The Statistics & Award Winners

66 Dan 1,850, 07:14 ZDA Družbeni stiki in zabava Družbeni stiki in zabava

Photo shamelessly stolen from: the eRepublik Facebook Page.

Summit 20212 Award Winners:
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Preliminary Recap from the Summit

147 Dan 1,845, 11:09 ZDA Družbeni stiki in zabava Družbeni stiki in zabava

I'm headed out to dinner and then the after-summit party, but before I went I thought I would jot down two quick notes about the summit.

For those that didn't read the agenda, today's … preberi več »