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An Irish newspaper with strong national values and pride!

Irish in Foreign Wars

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Ireland has settled her conflicts, our wars are over for now. So what should we do? Have a pint at a local pub? Well yes, but first, we should keep fighting, its we Irish love doing! Our boys are off to different parts of the world fighting for

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Ireland in the Middle

10 Dan 1,821, 13:00 Irska Politične debate in analize Politične debate in analize

There are always worldwide alliances, for protection and trade. Ireland for instance is allied with several strong nations such as Taiwan, USA, Argentina, and Russia. Other nations, like the UK, Poland, Serbia, Mexico, Chile, and Spain (Though

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The Power of Ireland

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Ireland may be small, but we are strong. Our people are determined and strong. We have proved it in past wars with the eUK and our current (and successful)invasion of Canada. Our brave soldiers have already occupied Ontario and Quebec. This just

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