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The Official Newspaper of Iranian MoFA

Turkey, We'll Stay Brother Forever[Iranian GOV]

40 Ziua 1,111, 18:24 Turcia

Selam ve Merhaba To Turkish Nation & Government,
This is the last Iranian government message to you in this month. In your last battle, Resistance War in Cyprus, Iranian, as an old friend came
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[Ir Gov] :Official letter to Turkey !

56 Ziua 1,100, 00:10 Turcia

Selamu Aleykum to eTurkey government and eTurkey Nation

Firstly, I should say that in the whole of the eRepublik’s history, our countries were friend together for along time and all of the Iranians will appreciate this kind of relationship which

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Ambassadors of eIran !!

14 Ziua 1,084, 10:03 Iran

با سلام

1-انتخاب سفیر ها :

کسانی که فکر میکنن میتونن سفیر باشن ،لطف کنن فرم زیر پر کنن.ște în continuare »

[MoFA] : کمک به متحدان ایران در مقابله با پی‌ تی او

14 Ziua 1,080, 11:01 Iran

با سلام خدمت دوستان عزیز،

هدف از این مقاله کمک رسانی به متحدان خود در انتخابات ریاست جمهوری در روز ۱۰۸۱ هست.

همونطور که احتمالا خبر دارید کشور روسیه و پرتغال چندی قبل از انتخابات مجلس از روی نقشه پاک شد … citește în continuare »

[eIran] : Welcome Back Mother Russia

20 Ziua 1,074, 12:47 Rusia

Dear members of eRussia community
It was so tough to see how our beloved "Mother Russia" kept being invaded. But finally, at the end, we showed last night, that we may be outspent, but our brotherhood is not a case we may lose during the time,

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