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I'm sorry I have not published for far too long, but the trolls and bullies owned the media module in the run up to, and after the elections for a while. PWNAGE sequence completed.


0 2 horas atrás Publicado em Ireland Ireland Análises de guerra Análises de guerra

I wrote this today with no intention to attack the admins.(some days one doesnt have any fight in one left ) Yesterday was launched the Manticore project.

It requires a massive gold burn to achieve the required 40000 . Tomorrow the new updates

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The truth about the admins

2 23 horas atrás Publicado em Serbia Serbia Entretenimento e interacções sociais Entretenimento e interacções sociais

I recently saw Azure butthurting over the admins calling him a propagandist in a tactless moment.

Wowie. Lol that must have hurt right / no wrong.

Lets travel to my earlier years in The West I had the best account there and had the most

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Where to place and what to place where

8 2 dias atrás Publicado em Ireland Ireland Negócios financeiros Negócios financeiros

Ok 2 people asked me where i will place the holding companies. At that stage I just logged in to the recent changes.

Some reflection can be find in these articles by me:

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Pavlov's Dogs and the Resource Wars

2 3 dias atrás Publicado em Serbia Serbia Negócios financeiros Negócios financeiros

Well I am not gong to much into Pavlov's Dog but this has more to do with an expected reward in the design phase.

So we saw that we all fought for 30 days to allocate resources. We thereafter waited another 30 days for the changes to be

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Will Plato screw us over

7 3 dias atrás Publicado em Serbia Serbia Negócios financeiros Negócios financeiros

Total Productivity = 100%(base_productivity) + 100%(country_bonus) + 18%(region_bonus) + 0%(individual_booster) - 25%(pollution) = 193% (93% productivity bonus)

So I am not certain Plato said our country bonus will be based om resources … ler mais »