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I'm sorry I have not published for far too long, but the trolls and bullies owned the media module in the run up to, and after the elections for a while. PWNAGE sequence completed.

The Legendary Pizzarayne

18 Dia 3,118, 05:46 Publicado em India India Negócios financeiros Negócios financeiros

I want to personally congratulate eIndia for placing 3/17 regions or 17% or avaliable resources.

At the beginning of a financial renaissance for most nations you eIndia entrusted your country to a legend of a woman

Pizzarayne who in her own

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Final gasps of the resource war

9 Dia 3,118, 02:07 Publicado em Serbia Serbia Negócios financeiros Negócios financeiros

QUICK SUMMARY : There was at me starting the article still 36 resources available comprising of fish, fruit , sand and iron. 62 Countries have completed the event. 12 Countries have not completed the event. There is only 4 available resources

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Fishmonger Medal

16 Dia 3,117, 02:18 Publicado em United Kingdom United Kingdom Entretenimento e interacções sociais Entretenimento e interacções sociais

It takes a "special" very "special" kind of president to take 3 fish by accident ON PURPOSE in a resource tourney .

So after careful consideration of just how "special" Aaron Mark Daniels is I think everyone should petition Plato to introduce

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Plato Please remove countries that have completed the tournament

11 Dia 3,116, 02:22 Publicado em Ireland Ireland Análises de guerra Análises de guerra

Yesterday i was watching nations roll in as Cattle was available. It seems very likely that Cattle may become the first uncommon resource with extended air time. Well the first 6 nations that would cross the line had completed the tournament

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A big thank you to the unnamed Masses

7 Dia 3,115, 15:12 Publicado em Ireland Ireland Entretenimento e interacções sociais Entretenimento e interacções sociais

Well since our CP wont acknowledge other people than a few people let me just thank everyone who HELPED to create feasible regions to place my factories and for the commune account John Snuggles to place that factories. This whole tourney was

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