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I'm sorry I have not published for far too long, but the trolls and bullies owned the media module in the run up to, and after the elections for a while. PWNAGE sequence completed.

Breaking News: Mofs Asleep and Cordis Die

39 Dia 2,464, 07:32 Irlanda Entretenimento e interacções sociais Entretenimento e interacções sociais

My friends I recently learned of Cordis Die who had an Irish org. According to senior members of Cordis Nogin had nothing to do with it . But in the ultimate piece of irony Daniel Plainview aka L I G H … ler mais »

Poor man Poor man :Understanding the current economy.

41 Dia 2,463, 07:05 Irlanda Análises de guerra Análises de guerra

I would say for COB. But Cob is so touchy these days since she became Country President. Brooklax Misses President Relax!

Ok for the benefit of governments with plenty of money and who gives little … ler mais »

Lets think a bit!

26 Dia 2,462, 01:30 Irlanda Negócios financeiros Negócios financeiros

Secret Treasury v Full Financial Reports

Secret Treasury

The argument is that our "enemies" will assess our strength.

What … ler mais »

Where Loumann is failing

28 Dia 2,461, 03:41 Irlanda Negócios financeiros Negócios financeiros

Loumann is of course the current Ireland MOF

From our current Full Financial report some thing looked a bit odd to me. Yes my friends indeed the Monetary Market has returned to full profitability.

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Krakkens Full Financial Report August 2014

44 Dia 2,460, 10:52 Irlanda Negócios financeiros Negócios financeiros

You can verify the links yourself. Besides this a org was handed to Nogin's MU

[img][/img] … ler mais »