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5 Reasons to join the Airborne!

20 Giorno 2,305, 18:30 USA Svago Svago

5 Reasons to join the Airborne!

Its not a countdown if you don’t start at the bottom.

Reason Number 5:

Q7 Tanks! OMG!! I know its amazing, but we provide Q7 Tanks to all of our commune workers!
[img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-[/img] … leggi di più »

Meet SilentSurfer

15 Giorno 2,257, 05:45 USA Svago Svago

Meet SilentSurfer


You are one of the newer members of the Airborne. What can you tell us about your leggi di più »

Airborne Contest: First Round

22 Giorno 2,248, 17:40 USA Svago Svago

Airborne Contest: First Round

This past week’s contest saw a HUGE jump in activity in Airborne, as nearly every soldier stepped up and fought hard to bathe their platoon in glory. Sweet, bloody glory. Four platoons competed, but only the … leggi di più »

Meet Christopher L Ripple

20 Giorno 2,244, 00:47 USA Svago Svago

Christopher L. Ripple

This week, I sat down with one of our newer members, Christopher L. Ripple (aka Rippen) … leggi di più »

New Airborne Contest

21 Giorno 2,235, 19:21 USA Svago Svago

New Airborne contest!

Airborne’s next competition will begin this Tuesday, on eRepublik day 2240. The four platoons will battle it out to see which is the strongest and most active, in two week-long heats. During the first week, all four … leggi di più »