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The path is clear... John Largo

21 Giorno 2,388, 20:15 USA Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

Many times you have seen Country>Party>Self spouted in the media. Put the country first. Well if they truly believe that, then it is time to put John Largo in the Big Chair.

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5 Reasons to join the Airborne!

21 Giorno 2,305, 18:30 USA Svago Svago

5 Reasons to join the Airborne!

Its not a countdown if you don’t start at the bottom.

Reason Number 5:

Q7 Tanks! OMG!! I know its amazing, but we provide Q7 Tanks to all of our commune workers!
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Meet SilentSurfer

15 Giorno 2,257, 05:45 USA Svago Svago

Meet SilentSurfer


You are one of the newer members of the Airborne. What can you tell us about your leggi di più »

Airborne Contest: First Round

22 Giorno 2,248, 17:40 USA Svago Svago

Airborne Contest: First Round

This past week’s contest saw a HUGE jump in activity in Airborne, as nearly every soldier stepped up and fought hard to bathe their platoon in glory. Sweet, bloody glory. Four platoons competed, but only the … leggi di più »

Meet Christopher L Ripple

20 Giorno 2,244, 00:47 USA Svago Svago

Christopher L. Ripple

This week, I sat down with one of our newer members, Christopher L. Ripple (aka Rippen) … leggi di più »