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Formerly the Allied War Report

Days 35 & 36 - Serbia Invades! Hungary Keeps Losing! Spain Failing!

18 Hari ke 1,343, 14:29 Diterbitkan di USA USA Analisis pertempuran Analisis pertempuran

Shameless plug: I would love to have your vote for Congress. I’m running in Utah, under the American Military Party. Send me a PM for lebih lanjut »

[AMP] Preparing to win the Congressionals!

23 Hari ke 1,342, 10:58 Diterbitkan di USA USA Analisis dan debat politik Analisis dan debat politik

Click that big, sexy banner. You won’t...

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the month! Congressional lebih lanjut »

Day 34 - Brazil Continues to Dominate Spain, USA Prepares for Invasion

12 Hari ke 1,341, 13:31 Diterbitkan di USA USA Analisis pertempuran Analisis pertempuran

Day 34 -

North America

Montana has been liberated by American freedom fighters, as the United States continued their success against Spain, via the Resistance War. There is already a Resistance war in Kentucky, as the United … lebih lanjut »

Day 33 - Hungary Continues to Lose, Serbia to Attack America?

15 Hari ke 1,340, 21:20 Diterbitkan di USA USA Analisis pertempuran Analisis pertempuran

Day 33 -

North America

After a series of rousing victories yesterday, the Americans lost the newly liberated region of North Carolina. Now that the United States is the natural enemy of Hungary (and vice versa), the Hungarians … lebih lanjut »

All These Things That I've Done.

33 Hari ke 1,340, 14:12 Diterbitkan di USA USA Interaksi sosial dan hiburan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan

I am a dynamic American, often seen traveling to foreign lands merely to have lunch. I have built buildings that have scrapped the sky. I have been known to make wine out of cucumbers. I am motivated, and dedicated.

Occasionally, I run on the

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