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A more definitive good-bye

10 Nap 2,234, 21:18 Hollandia Bulvár és szórakozás Bulvár és szórakozás

Two months ago I decided to go into 2-click mode.

The respite didn't revive the enthusiasm for the game, political bricking in e-Netherlands stay as usual ( … több »

I can't take it anymore: going into long-term 2-click mode

25 Nap 2,187, 07:46 Hollandia Bulvár és szórakozás Bulvár és szórakozás

I have been playing this game for 16 months already. I quickly find the game to be entertaining, if buggy sometimes, but more importantly I've found an awesome off-game activity related to it: forums, websites, tools etc.

I've seen several

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Negative effects of permanent wipe-out of small countries

45 Nap 2,144, 06:53 Hollandia Bulvár és szórakozás Bulvár és szórakozás

One of the greatest assets of E-Republik as a game are its real-life national communities that were created around the game, with numerous external forums, chats, IRC channels, RL meetings and so on. This is what makes this game fundamentally

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About last article

8 Nap 2,143, 12:29 Hollandia Bulvár és szórakozás Bulvár és szórakozás

I had written an article titled "Broken promises".

Normally, I'd not be in favor of erasing an article due to negative reactions. However, as there was a misunderstanding and the permanence of the article as publish could jeopardize

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New Defense Shield protection AFTER Epic Warfare contest

8 Nap 2,129, 00:43 Hollandia Hadügyi elemzések Hadügyi elemzések

I thought of doing a quick data dig and compile a ranking of countries according to their available defense shield protection, considering the new shield strength that many countries got after the last tournament (Epic Warfare)

So here they are (

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