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Pre Election UK Bashing Designed to Get Me Votes

6 Dan 884, 17:44 Irska

Hello fellow citizens. It is good to be back in Ireland after being deployed to the far corners of the world in an effort to help our friends and allies keep their homes free. With the upcoming election on Sunday, the first thing I did, even

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One More Time With Feeling

8 Dan 882, 18:42 Irska

Well another month has passed, or four years in eRepublik time, and it is time once again to vote for members of congress. I will once again try to gain entrance into that group of distinguished Irish citizens known as Dáil Éireann. I will be

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Ireland April 17, 2010

7 Dan 879, 08:23 Irska

Hello Ireland. Today I am writing from Jharkhand, India having been deployed with the Irish Tank Division. I am the newly appointed Executive Officer of the 2nd Brigade. We do not have a unit name as of yet but I am sure the lads will come up

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UK Propaganda

12 Dan 870, 17:35 Irska

Just uncovered is this bit of blatant propaganda spread by the UK.

Obviously it is a fake since the redcoats are using green lightsabers. Everyone knows

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UK Logic ?

8 Dan 870, 15:12 Irska


Yesterday the order was given for two divisions of the IDF to deploy to Norway to aid in the defense of our friend and ally. I am proud that Ireland is doing what she can to help a fellow nation in these troubling times.

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