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My Qualifications for the Dail

17 Dan 1,217, 17:58 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

My fellow citizens.

In four days we will elect the representatives to the Dail which will help lead Ireland into the future. A future where … čitaj više »

Reason, Patience and Unity

41 Dan 1,215, 14:18 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Lately in Ireland there has been a lot of name calling, accusations, and fighting. Not that this is unusual for Ireland but this has reached a level not seen for some time. I will NOT name names. This article is not to lay blame for any actions

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Say NO to the IRA

54 Dan 1,193, 05:17 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Fellow eIrishmen and women.

You may have recently seen a newspaper article written by Maddog Jones proclaiming the creation of the IRA. This IRA as he calls it is the Irish Reunification Association an organization and future political party

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Real Life or Just a Game?

20 Dan 1,189, 19:05 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Good Evening Ireland.

We have all heard the arguments time and time again. Are real life arguments meant to be included in eRepublik. " It is just a game." "Don't bring real life issues into the game." We have all heard them said. You may

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Obligatory Dail Campaign Article

10 Dan 1,188, 13:51 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Hello Ireland.

Today I am announcing my candidacy for the next Dail term. This term will by my 12th term in congress. I am running to represent the good citizens of the Northeast of Ireland. The Dail has been moving in the direction of more

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