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Obligatory Dail Campaign Article

10 Dan 1,188, 13:51 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Hello Ireland.

Today I am announcing my candidacy for the next Dail term. This term will by my 12th term in congress. I am running to represent the good citizens of the Northeast of Ireland. The Dail has been moving in the direction of more

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Tell Your TD to Vote Yes.

16 Dan 1,185, 17:09 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Hello Ireland.

Today in the Private Dail is a vote to allow the freely and fairly elected members of the Irish Dail to restrict or remove the Private Dail access of a TD who has been found to be a threat to the security of Ireland.


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Day 1169 of the eWorld. Around 18:12

12 Dan 1,169, 18:39 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Well not really.

Ireland has a new National Forum. Every Irish citizen, especially the members of Government, should register and read to their hearts content. … čitaj više »

Vote Colby

11 Dan 1,160, 12:04 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

I won't write a big long article about how you should vote for me and what I have done. I think my career speaks for itself. You can read my articles and forum … čitaj više »

Bolivian Exodus

42 Dan 1,157, 12:35 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Today is a sad day in eRepublik. The destruction of a nation that I considered my eHome for six months is no more. Bolivia, the proud South … čitaj više »