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Currently running Historical events in Irish History

Vote Colby

11 Dan 1,160, 12:04 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

I won't write a big long article about how you should vote for me and what I have done. I think my career speaks for itself. You can read my articles and forum … čitaj više »

Bolivian Exodus

42 Dan 1,157, 12:35 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Today is a sad day in eRepublik. The destruction of a nation that I considered my eHome for six months is no more. Bolivia, the proud South … čitaj više »

Birth of the Irish Army.

10 Dan 1,156, 14:52 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

I am glad to read today the article by our CP CelticTiger announcing the creation of the Irish Army. I agree with the premise that to constantly update and revise something leads to an "Frankenstein" like creation of many different parts that don't

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New Players Read This Article

15 Dan 1,155, 17:24 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Hello to you all.

I was noticing in the press lately a bunch of articles that were written to aid new players. Guides to teach skills and the hows and

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My Intent to Run...

16 Dan 1,153, 13:05 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

I would like to announce my candidacy for the Dail for the upcoming term. I will be running as a member of the Fenian … čitaj više »