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Hello to New Zealand

4 Dan 1,058, 17:15 Objavljeno u New Zealand New Zealand


I would just like to introduce myself to my new neighbors and fellow citizens. I have been playing for a while and have experience in the way the game works and would like to be of assistance in any way I can. I have been a member … čitaj više »

Random Thoughts

15 Dan 1,040, 06:14 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

No not from Stuart Smalley.

The Dail

It seems strange to me today watching the election because I for the first time in a long time I am not running for Congress. As Party President of the Economic Free Thinkers Society I am watching

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Winner of the first Neart ár ngéag contest.

3 Dan 1,035, 17:25 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

I would like to announce the winners of the first contest that I held to help fund the Neart ár ngéag - The Strengh of our Limbs series of fights. The purpose and details of the fighting has just been released in the latest MoD article. Read up.

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President of Ireland orders UK out of N. Ireland

3 Dan 1,035, 14:07 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Today President Nogin the Nog of Ireland ordered the eUK to end the occupation of what Ireland considers sovereign territory. For far to long the eUK has kept our fellow Irishmen and women under their oppressive yoke. Talks have been held and have

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Unofficial Official MoD Article.

12 Dan 1,034, 08:21 Objavljeno u Ireland Ireland

Hello Ireland.

Today I write this article as MoD but as it is not official MoD business I am using my own paper to publish it. That is why it is an unofficial official article.

I am using this article to announce a contest I am holding to

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