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L’Italia chiamò!! E Bad li ti mandò

76 2,583 jour, 06:13 Published in Italy Italy Débats et analyses politiques Débats et analyses politiques

Io non vorrei insultare a nessuno, ci mancherebbe che un partito come anche una MU non cerchi gente in giro per aumentere il proprio numero, ma … en savoir plus »

[MC-CO] CO ALLIANCE Day 2569 Orders

23 2,569 jour, 08:51 Published in Italy Italy Consignes de combat Consignes de combat

Oh my dear soldiers, we are called for a great work today , there are a full of CO for us

I remember to all the only rule we have:

take your war,

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Bad Injector THE ONE

19 2,495 jour, 09:13 Published in Poland Poland Premiers pas dans eRepublik Premiers pas dans eRepublik

Today, day 2.495 of eRepublick, finally there’s the demonstration that i’m the number 1

I receive this special achievement

and now i’m the only whit all 14 achievements in profile page


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[BadInjector] #BabyBucketChallenge

15 2,481 jour, 05:58 Published in Poland Poland Interactions sociales et divertissement Interactions sociales et divertissement

My friend FiliposB have nominate me for the #babybucketchallenge in this article and i decided to help these players:


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