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Jour 2,922

8th Anniversary of eRepublik

Dear Citizens,

We hope you marked your calendars, for Day 2,922 will be one to remember! The eRepublik Team is, as always, forever grateful to your constant support and dedication. We have experienced many epic moments, but many more are to come. The 8th Anniversary launches a series of celebratory events lasting until the end of 2015!


But what kind of an anniversary would it be without some celebratory incentives?

If you take a look below, you will have a peek of what’s in store for you:

Anniversary Specials

On Day 2,922 only, starting from Day Change, you will be able to buy these special packs in exchange for Gold:


The 5 Gold pack comes along with a unique Decoration.

Please note that purchasing the pack twice will not give you 2 Decorations. The same logic is applied for the +20 Energy recovery for 8 days; this means that if someone buys the pack twice, the +20 Energy recovery for 8 days will not be added twice.

Moreover, a new special type of bomb was added to these packs. Here is the Cruise Missile:


The Cruise Missile deals 1,500,000 damage regardless of your Division and it expires after 30 days, like all the other bombs.

Epic Battles All Day Long

With great packs come great battles! To be more explicit, we present to you the Epic Day, which is literally a day full of Epic Battles. For 24 hours, every Battle will be epic! As you could see a few hours ago, the epicness has already gotten out of hand with all the anticipation.

Prestige Points are given as follows:

- 3 Prestige Points per hit

Please note that all of the above mentioned additions are available only for 24 hours, starting Day 2,922, 00:00 eRepublik time.

This is, however, only an appetizer of what’s to come. Even if you’re not a big fan of fairy tales, you know that the really cool parties last for 3 days and 3 nights. We’re even cooler than that, we’re going to party all year long! We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet, but stay tuned for updates and follow our Facebook page for a chance to win great prizes in the upcoming contests.

These being said, we are ready to party with you. Are you?

If you have questions, please let us know! Happy 8th Anniversary, Citizens!

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Jour 2,903

Tales of the New World: Headless Horror - Reward Information

Dear Citizens, we have some exciting news to share with you regarding the prizes of the Headless Horror Event!


The “Monster Grinder” tank skin

As Plato was investigating his brand new “Monster Grinder” tank skin under the moonlight, he stumbled on a red button. Not caring about the cats killed by curiosity, Plato pressed the button. Nothing happened. However, later that day, as Plato was completing his Daily Order set by Lana, he noticed something odd! Plato was gaining back 1 Energy for every hit he made! So basically he was only losing 9 Energy per hit, instead of the normal value of 10!

With the “Monster Grinder” tank skin players can save 1 Energy for every hit made on the battlefield. This feature is available starting Day 2,906 0:00 eRepublik time, until Day 2,932 23:59 eRepublik time. After the feature expires, players get to keep the tank skin, just without the Energy boost.

Changing between tank skins

As requested by many players, we’ll soon introduce a possibility to change between the tank skins you own. The feature will be available in the following weeks.


There are 3 Decorations up for grabs in the Headless Horror Event. All of them will be added after the end of the Event.


- A Decoration for players defeating the Headless Horseman
- A Decoration for top 1000 players; determined by the amount of Prestige Points gained during the week
- A Decoration for players who receive rewards from all the 6 different military objectives

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Jour 2,899

Tales of the New World: Headless Horror - Details

“ You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' “
- Eleanor Roosevelt, politician, diplomat and the longest-serving First Lady of the United States

Halloween has arrived to the New World! Plato got himself in a bit of trouble with the Headless Horseman and he needs your help! Complete the brand new Halloween Missions to restore peace and balance to the New World!

If you’re a fan of the military objectives introduced in Operation: Burning Base, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a new set of spooky Halloween themed objectives available for your Regiment!

Tales of the New World: Headless Horror starts on Day 2,899 0:00 eRepublik time and lasts for 6 days, until Day 2,904 23:59 eRepublik time.


Halloween Missions

Plato is waiting for you at the nearest airport. Meet him, prove your worth and experience an adventure of a lifetime!

Sumptuous rewards wait for those who choose to help Plato and successfully defeat the Headless Horseman! The rewards of all the missions include, but are not limited to:

- Hundreds of Gold
- Over 200 Strength
- A unique Decoration

In addition, if you perform well this week, you will earn yourself a special “Monster Grinder” tank skin!

Good luck!

Military objectives

Co-operation is important on this Halloween, as a new set of military objectives make their way to the New World. Completing objectives will reward the Regiment members with new items called “Prestige Boosters”. They can be activated on the battlefield from the same place as Damage Boosters. When activated, the Prestige Booster gives you a temporary Prestige Point boost for all the opponents you defeat on the battlefield.

Like before, objectives can be deployed by Commanders and Captains when they become available. Once deployed to a certain Battle, each objective is available for 5 minutes. If your Regiment destroys the objective, all members of your Regiment will get a reward. If you fail to destroy the objective, you have one less attempt for that specific day. Your Regiment has a maximum of 6 attempts per day. Please notice that your Regiment can only complete one objective per day, and as a player you can only get one reward per day. Each reward level can also be won only once during the Event.

Once your Regiment has destroyed an objective, the next one can be deployed on the following day. The “Headless Horror” Event features 6 different objectives. The more objectives your Regiment destroys, the harder and more rewarding they become.

Please find an example below:

Day 1: You and your Regiment complete the 1st objective on your first try. All the Regiment members will get a reward. As your Regiment completed the objective, you’re done for today.

Day 2: You and your Regiment fail to complete the 2nd objective on your first attempt. Luckily you have 5 tries left. Eventually, after a couple of hours, your Regiment completes the 2nd objective. Even though you were offline at that time, you still get the reward. As your Regiment completed the objective, you’re done for today.

Day 3: Despite 6 attempts, your Regiment fails to destroy the 3rd objective. After the maximum of 6 attempts your next objective can be deployed tomorrow.

Day 4: Your Regiment co-operates well today and after a few attempts finally manages to destroy the 3rd objective. Rewards are once again sent to all Regiment members. As your Regiment completed the objective, you’re done for today.

Day 5: Before Day Change you changed the Regiment and entered a Regiment with some strong friends of yours. They were able to destroy all objectives on previous days, but knowing that the 5th and 6th objectives will be very hard, they invited you to join. It took your Regiment 6 attempts but you finally destroyed the 5th objective! Rewards according to the 5th objective are sent to all Regiment members. Once again, after destroying one objective, you’re done for today.

Day 6: Unfortunately, despite 6 attempts, your Regiment was unable to destroy the 6th objective. No rewards will be given to the members.

Please notice that:
- Changing Regiments after the Day Change of each day will not allow you to fight for the military objectives of other Regiments. In other words, the Regiments are locked when it comes to fighting.
- The rewards for destroying an objective are given to all members of the Regiment who are in the Regiment at the time the objective is destroyed. So if player X has left the Regiment before the objective was destroyed, despite being in the Regiment at Day Change, he’s not eligible for the reward.

The whole eRepublik Team would like to wish you a wonderful and action-packed Halloween!

If you have questions or feedback, please visit our Forum!

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Jour 2,898

Tales of the New World: Headless Horror - Invitation


Dear Citizen,

The New World is in danger! The Headless Horseman has been creating problems across the New World and we must put an end to this!

For those who were worried, we have some good news! Plato managed to escape from the vile Shaman! Your help is still needed, though. Plato is waiting for you at the airport lounge on Day 2,899 0:00 eRepublik time.

We also advise you to get organized and get to the same Regiment with your friends. Co-operation is important this week!

Pack for warm weather, you’re going to India! Oh, and don’t be too late or you’ll miss your flight. Thanks for your help!

Kind Regards,
Lana & The eRepublik Team

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Jour 2,896

Announcement regarding the old battle page

Dear Citizen,

It has come to our attention that the Headless Chicken in charge of maintaining the old battle page has gone missing. As a result, the old battle page will go offline after Day 2,897 23:59 eRepublik time. After that, only the “new” battle page will be available for the Citizens of the New World.

In case you were still enjoying the retro looks, we’re sorry for the inconvenience!

As for the missing Headless Chicken, at this moment we don’t have any concrete news to share. It is believed that the Headless Horseman is behind the attack.

The one(s) responsible must be brought to justice and your help would be greatly appreciated! We’ll contact you soon with more details, and keep you updated as things develop. Thanks for your time!

Kind Regards,
Lana & The eRepublik Team

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Jour 2,894

Tales of the New World: Headless Horror - Prologue

During Plato’s visit to the distant lands of Asia he learned about a mythical elixir called “Pumpkin Potion”. Story has it that if you enjoy the elixir from a golden cup under the northern lights (aka aurora borealis), you will be able to cast an ancient spell, bringing you unlimited wealth and prosperity. Plato, curious in nature, wanted to find out more about this elixir. For scientific purposes, of course! :)

After some research and plenty of intrusive questions, Plato found out that this extremely complicated elixir is boiled under special conditions. It can only be prepared once a year, during the full moon of October. The rumour has it that there’s only one person who is brave and skilled enough to make this elixir: an Indian shaman called Sham Po, located in New Delhi, India.


In the beginning of October, Plato set his course to India. After 9 hours of business class comfort, the plane finally landed in Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi. Wasting no time, Plato rushed towards Chandni Chowk, one of the oldest and busiest markets of the capital. According to the stories, that’s where the shaman could be found. Plato only knew that Sham Po owns a small and obscure booth where he sells dubious objects and liquids. The booth could be found somewhere in Chandni Chowk, but its exact location was unknown.

After strolling through the busy market streets for hours and hours, Plato was getting hopeless. It was like finding a needle in a haystack! He had not seen any sign of Pumpkin Potions or elixirs promising wealth and prosperity. Every time he asked about the shaman, people looked confused, scratched their heads and pointed towards the closest store with cosmetics. But none of these stores were selling potions! Plato felt that perhaps his pale skin and distinguished white beard were dazzling the Indians and they didn’t even understand what he wanted.

Growing frustrated to senseless wandering, Plato started to shout hysterically, trying to find the shaman.

- “Pumpkin Potion? Sham Po? Anyone?!?”

But it was all for nothing. His yelling just blended in with the voices of the other salesmen, each trying to sell various books, electronics, jewelry, food and everything you can imagine. Except for the Pumpkin Potion, of course. Suddenly, Plato’s heart jumped! Someone was shouting something about pumpkins! But it ended up being a disappointment, as the whole trip so far. The salesman was just offering some delicious-looking pumpkin pie. Not wanting to leave the market with an empty stomach, Plato chose to buy a whole pie and sat down to enjoy it with a glass of “nimbu pani”, a lemonade-tasting local beverage which Plato used to drown his sorrow.

As Plato was finishing his pumpkin pie, he experienced a magical moment. One of those moments when a light bulb gets lit on top of your head. A moment which called for shouting “Eureka!” and jumping up and down like a toddler. Having his mouth full of pie, shouting was a bit hard, but Plato was still thrilled. “Why didn’t I think of this before?”, he pondered. “Contact the local acquaintances, I must. Get help from them, I will”, Plato thought with a voice of some green little creature.

Plato knows many powerful Citizens across the New World. Luckily for Plato, some of them are located in India! Pizzarayne, the Dictator of India, is one of them. Plato decided to give Pizzarayne a call. If anyone knows how to find the shaman, it must be the Dictator of India. Skipping the conventional small talk, Plato went straight to business.

- “Oh mighty Dictator of India, tell me, how do I find a shaman called Sham Po? He possesses an elixir I’m eager to obtain.”

Pizzarayne had never heard of the shaman, but promised to make some calls. He pledged to send an SMS to Plato with all the information he would find out. Since the hour was late, Plato decided to call it a day and went to his 5 star spa hotel to get some sleep.


The next morning Plato woke up to a beautiful sunrise. An astonishing view greeted him from the balcony. India definitely has some stunning landscape! As Plato was sipping his morning coffee served by the friendly room service, he received a text message from Pizzarayne:

“Hey Plato, I have some information for you. It seems that the shaman is out of business. I found out where he lives, though. There’s a small alley across the local Q7 weapon factory. Go there and look for the residential building. He lives in apartment 23. But be careful, it’s a perilous neighbourhood with a lot of dangerous people. Good luck! -Rayne”

The previous time Plato felt as excited was when Lana had her last birthday party. And boy was that exciting! Plato wasn’t discouraged by the warnings from Pizzarayne. “Courage is knowing what not to fear”, Plato told his reflection in the mirror while dressing up.

The limousine ride to the local Q7 weapon factory went fast and Plato doesn’t remember much from it. All he could think was the wealth he’d get with the Pumpkin Potion. All that Gold and an unlimited amount of Energy Bars.. Now that’s life!

As Plato’s private driver cruised around the weapon factory, Plato started to understand why he was warned about the area. The streets were swarming with dark characters. Eventually the driver found his way to the alley Pizzarayne mentioned in his message.

“This is not a place for handsome men like me”, Plato thought. But after a few deep breaths he got out of the car, entered the alley and started to find his way through the crowd.


According to the text message, Plato had to find apartment 23. None of the shacks in the beginning of the alley looked habitable so he kept going. One thing was clear: Plato stood out and gathered quite a bit of gazes from the locals. Regardless of the extensive staring, which Plato thought to be admiration and respect at that point, he kept going and walked as fast as his old fashioned sandals allowed.

After some 10 minutes of strolling and pushing people aside, Plato finally found the residential building. He took the squeaking stairs to the 2nd floor and quickly found the apartment 23. With shaking hands, he rang the doorbell. For such an old building, it was surprising that the apartment even had a doorbell. The walls were filthy and stained. It was hard to breathe as the air was very stuffy. Every second of waiting felt like a lifetime. This was the first time Plato actually started to doubt the stories he had heard. What if the potion was a myth? What if something would go wrong with the spell? For a moment he was considering to turn back and go home, but the promise of a wealthy future convinced him to wait a bit longer. Plato knocked the door gently and rang the doorbell again.

- “Sham Po, are you there? This is Plato, please open the door!”

The whole building was like a haunted house: quiet and, well, spooky. Plato decided to try the doorknob and, to his surprise, the apartment wasn’t locked. Showing thumping courage and a slight lack of manners, Plato opened the door and marched in.

A thick layer of dust was covering the floor. The apartment looked deserted. Apart from a sofa and a small table, there was no furniture at all. It didn’t seem like a place where anyone could live in. Nonetheless, a man was sitting on the sofa. He was wearing a cloak and his face was hidden by a hood.

A raspy voice greeted Plato:

- “I’ve been expecting you, Plato. Sham Po, the most powerful shaman of the New World, at your service.”

After a moment of hesitation, Plato greeted the shaman and started to explain why he was there. The nervousness made Plato very talkative and he was talking non-stop for at least ten minutes. During the monologue he explained the stories he had heard about the Pumpkin Potion and told how his trip to India went so far. After Plato had finished, an awkward silence took over the room for a minute. The silence was finally broken by the shaman:

- “Tell me Plato, what would you do with all the riches and wealth?”

“What an easy question”, Plato thought and started listing all the things he would need Gold for. The list featured many things: expensive holidays, Q7 factories and jewelry for Lana among them.

- “Very well. I have a bottle of Pumpkin Potion for you. But you must follow my instructions carefully.”

Sham Po explained that Plato must drink the whole bottle of the Pumpkin Potion and immediately say certain words to activate the spell. The shaman wrote the words on an old piece of paper and poured the liquid to a golden cup.

Plato hesitated.

- “Are you sure about this? The stories I heard were very explicit: you must cast the spell under the nordic lights.”

The shaman told Plato that the stories are correct. However, his new improved Pumpkin Potion would work with the spell regardless of your location.

Plato took the Pumpkin Potion assertively and drank it all in one go from a golden cup. He then took the paper and read the spell out loud.

- “Dlrow wen eht gnitnuah pots reven thgin eht fo redir eht yam. Desruc flesym eralced ybereh I, sdrow eseht gnitats yb.”

What happened next was unclear. For all Plato knows, he was drugged or poisoned. As soon as Plato had drank the potion and read the spell, he blacked out. For how long, he doesn’t know.


When Plato woke up, he was tied to a chair. It was dark and he couldn’t see anything. He must have been held in some sort of a basement, as it was very cold.

After waiting for what felt like a lifetime, a sound finally broke the silence. A door squeaked open somewhere in the distance. It was still too dark to see anything concrete, but some sort of a glow could be identified from far away. You could also distinguish a cadenced sound that resembled clattering. It sounded like stepping with heels on, just with an unhuman pace. The sound got louder and louder. Someone, or something, was getting closer.

As the glow was getting brighter and brighter, Plato heard neighing. It was a horse! An imposing character was riding it. But who? At first Plato couldn’t see his face, but the closer the horse came, the harder the reality hit him. There wasn’t any head to be seen!


An illustration

A cold voice echoed from the rider and sent shivers down Plato’s spine.

- “Send my regards to your chickens. The Headless Horseman is coming for them!”

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Jour 2,877

Rewards of Operation: Burning Base

Dear Citizens,

Thanks for taking part in our latest Event, Operation: Burning Base! It turned out to be 5 days full of co-operation and strategy! At eRepublik Labs we’re delighted to see players getting together and coordinating their military actions. Well done! o7

The players who contributed in destroying at least 10 objectives will receive a unique Decoration in the following days. A private message will be sent to everyone who participated in the event and it will state the number of destroyed objectives you contributed to.

We have also decided to reward the top 5 Regiments with Currency! The Currency will be placed in the account of each Military Unit as follows:

1st place: Lavovi, Regiment 3 - 200 000 Currency
2nd place: - GAMA -, Regiment 1 - 150 000 Currency
3rd place: DREAM TEAM, Regiment 1 - 100 000 Currency
4th place: T O R I N O, Regiment 1 - 40 000 Currency
5th place: Terrorist Squad Tuljani, Regiment 2 - 25 000 Currency

The Currency will be added to the Military Units in the following days.

We received a lot of feedback from players during the Event. Thank you! We’ll take it all into account and see how we could make the military objectives more appealing, more fun and perhaps turn them into a permanent feature.

Unfortunately we also experienced some technical problems during the week, and for that we’d like to apologize. Thanks for your continued support!

We’d love to hear your feedback on the Event! If you want to share your opinions, or perhaps to send some suggestions, please contact us by writing a ticket. You can also use the Forum and write a post there. Thank you!

Kind Regards,
The eRepublik Team

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Jour 2,874

Issues with Burning Base objectives

Dear Citizens,

We have identified a bug in the deployment of objectives for the Regiments that managed to deploy all 10 objectives during a day. Our records are showing that 32 Regiments were affected on Friday (Day 2,873) and 22 on Saturday (Day 2,874).

For those Regiments, the level 1 objective did spawn twice on the following day, allowing those Regiments to complete it twice and potentially complete 11 objectives in one day.

The bug should now been fixed. The Regiments that managed to deploy twice a day the respective objectives will not be allowed to deploy them in the following days, and the first deployable objective of the day will be the level 2 one.

If the Regiment did deploy the level 1 objective both on Friday and Saturday, it will start from the level 2 objective on Sunday (Day 2,875) and Monday (Day 2,876) - a total of 9 objectives will be available for the Regiments on those days.

If the Regiment did a double deploy of the level 1 objective only for one day, it will start Sunday with the level 2 objective (with a total of 9 objectives deployable) and with the level 1 on Monday (10 objectives deployable).

We are sorry for all the inconvenience caused and we wish you a nice weekend!

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Jour 2,871

Opération: Incendie de caserne

"We citizens don't need to know every detail of every military operation in this new kind of war. Nor should the media tell us and hence our enemy."

- David Hackworth, American veteran

Dear Citizens,

Operation: Burning Base gives Commanders and Captains the possibility to start military operations on the battlefield. If your Regiment manages to destroy the target and therefore complete the objective, you’ll have a chance to get prestigious rewards! In this Latest Updates post you will find the basic information about the Event.

Operation: Burning Base starts on Day 2,872 0:00 eRepublik time and lasts for 5 days, until Day 2,876 23:59 eRepublik time.


In the Event Commanders, 2nd Commanders and Captains of Military Units can deploy military objectives on the battlefield. Once deployed, each objective lasts for 5 minutes. During this timeframe the members of your Regiment are encouraged to join and fight in a certain Battle, determined by Commanders or Captains. The more Regiment members participate, the easier it will be to destroy the objective.

Once the objective is destroyed, the members of your Regiment can loot up to 4 extra Prestige Points for each hit dealt in that Battle, during the time left from the initial 5 minute window.

Players who help their Regiment to complete 10 or more objectives during the Event will earn a unique Decoration. The Decorations will be awarded after the end of the Event.

Below you will find some important information you should keep in mind:

- Players are locked down to a Regiment once per day. Changing your Regiment after that won’t have any effect. So basically you can only contribute for one Regiment per day.
- Objectives can be deployed by entering the battlefield and clicking a new icon near the Combat Orders.
- An objective cannot be deployed into a Battle which has been ongoing for more than 60 minutes.
- An objective cannot be deployed into a Battle which is already Epic.
- Many Regiments CAN have an objective in the same Battle.
- All Regiment members, regardless of their Division, are targeting the same objective.
- All players, regardless of their Strength, deal the same amount of “damage” to the objective’s structure.
- The more enemies you defeat during an active objective, the less “damage” you deal to the objective’s structure. Please notice that this applies only for the objective; you will still be dealing the normal amount of damage against your opponents.
- All kills done while the objective’s timer is active will give you 10% more Rank Points. After the 5 minute window has passed, you will no longer gain extra Rank Points.
- Once the 5 minute window has passed, the objective will remain on the battlefield until the end of the Battle. However, it will not bring any benefits to the Regiment members.
- 10 different objectives are available during each Event day. The more objectives your Regiment completes, the harder they become. The progress of your Regiment will reset daily. However, if 10 objectives haven’t been deployed during the previous day, the objective left in the queue will have to be deployed first for the reset to happen.
- If you fail to complete the objective, your Regiment will still progress and the next objective will be harder and more rewarding.
- A cooldown of up to 2 hours is required between each deployed objective.

For questions, comments and feedback, please visit the Forum.

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Jour 2,842

Reverting the changes to Epic Battles

Dear Citizens,

Earlier today we published a Latest Updates post explaining certain changes to Epic Battles. eRepublik is a unique game with an incredibly passionate and active community. At eRepublik Labs we’re extremely thrilled and proud by the fact that the Citizens express their opinions and show their passion towards the game week in, week out.

The change stirred up a lot of discussion and many Citizens presented their opinions. This encouraged us to reconsider our decision in the interest of the community. Therefore we have decided to revert the previously stated change regarding the Epic Battles. In the following days we’ll have several discussions about the Epic Battles and try to find different ways to improve them. Our goal is to work with the community in order to determine and decide the best ways for improvements.

The eRepublik Team would like to thank all Citizens for your continuous love and support. We look forward to hearing more feedback on the exciting changes we do! o7

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