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formerly titled Where Eagles Nest and other things

and yes trolling for tots was one of them...

The Guy with George

2 2,241 jour, 15:54 Suisse Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

Moved to Canada but can't apply for citizenship (what a library;P). Was hoping if I published, that when I edited the article I would Have a box larger than 1/2 inch by 3 inches to work in, but alias. Dill, please email me at RichmondSchoolofArt@

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Still waiting, And still missing my e-friends!

7 2,240 jour, 14:00 Suisse Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

Without getting into details, my computer is in the process of getting fixed (ha ha), a case of where real life is taking it's cue from this game, what I mean is players here ( insert any stinking elite from the eUS)figure the are so much smarter

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As I Fade Away

6 2,087 jour, 12:05 Suisse Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

The library's computer system is allowing me even less access to features; sorry Darth will not allow me to click work button, nor can I move to fight. I haven't been able to PM anyway,[IMG]http://i.imgur.[/img] … en savoir plus »

chukcha for your consideration and other ideas

6 2,085 jour, 15:38 Suisse Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

And I voted for him

The computer problem may work itself out sooner than later, though patience is a virtue so I have heard.

I have recentily moved and am in the process of moving my junk, if I haven't

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53 and going on...

6 2,082 jour, 10:05 Suisse Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

August 1st 1960, I was born in a University hospital, I have always wondered what experiments they might have been conducting at the time... And if you are as dumb as Emerick/gagah/Emerick, know being over fifty does not immediately make one's self

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